Cheryl's 90 Day Carnivore Challenge: Started on Nov 01 going through to Feb 29, 2020


It’s a side effect of nutritional ketosis, in my opinion and personal experience. People can experience nutritional ketosis doing carnivore due to the very low carbohydrate intake. The urge to be active and moving is a beneficial effect.


Fangsy thanks for wondering. It’s great to see ideas documented.

Exercise and coffee can lead to an elevated heart rate. I have done repeated n=1 fasted coffee experiments on myself with looking at how it affected blood glucose (no change) and heart rate (no change). The combination might. It’s a failing of deconstructionist science to miss the consequences of combinations.

If I had bone broth and food it may not have happened because the rectifying factor seems to be electrolytes.

The autophagy of fasting is the central hypothesis for reverse remodelling of a misshapen heart caused by too many bouts of heart arrhythmia. It seemed to work initially when I had regular AF episodes over 6 months that resulted in an enlarged left atrium. It was normal size at my last CT scan (2018).

Next yoga session I’ll complement with salty bone broth. My other activities are pretty much all in the ocean, so I am bathed in minerals doing those.

No more palpitations since New Year’s Day. Continuing on carnivore (dirty) with attention to salt. Using 16:8 eating window. But having one coffee a day 4 hours before breakfast at the coffee van while doing a surf check.


Thank you ladies, for all your replies :slight_smile:

I would like to lose those few pounds I gained in September and I remember a link to a podcast, I believe it was Polly’s thread, where the woman said that even 3 pounds of fat up or down can disrupt our cycles. So before I start fiddling with too many variables, I will try Dr.Naiman’s P:E ratio in January and once I get to my comfortable weight, I will try carnivore.

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I wish you success, all of the pictures I have seen of you you look very slim and trim -I am sure that you can get off those extra few pounds easily =).


Thanks for your kind words, but I’m a little jiggly again :frowning: I know the scale isn’t representative of fat loss, but I’ve been stuck between 72 and 74 kg for about two months now. My clothes feel looser, but I find it harder to lose a few pounds this time around, as many have noticed. I’ll try changing my diet, more focus on protein, and see what that does. :slight_smile:


Some interesting ideas from Siobhan Huggins on the LowCarb MD podcast.

If trying the Ted Naiman approach of no added fat and higher protein diet (aiming for 30%) and finding a stall, rather than persisting, consider a KetoAF approach of higher fat keto carnivore to see whether after a few days, body fat starts to drop off your frame due to the changed glucagon to insulin ratio.

A few experiments to try within the carnivore approach with manipulating fat and protein.

#108: Siobhan Huggins - Part 2

Thanks @FrankoBear, I will listen to the podcast :slight_smile:


Surf check resulted in longer overnight fast.

10 am coffee with standard cream (35%)

middle day = surf at remote beach with hike in and out

3pm: 400g porterhouse steak
2 fried eggs
olive oil

hunger games: score 0/10
satiety games: score 10/10

Nobody remembers Hunger Games

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Canker sores are a symptom of celiac disease/gluten intolerance. Did you eat gluten containing food during the holiday? I’m curious.


remember also that that when the carbs are extremely low or you go into zero carb your body composition will change. You will be leaner and meaner without the scale dropping. So sometimes that scale is just not a good thing to live and die by that number. You know that drill LOL Clothes looser is always a good sign even if that scale doesn’t budge. One thing I love about carnivore, results without that stupid scale involved :slight_smile:


Sounds like you sure know you and work on yourself which is wonderful. So active in what can help you and more. All good!!

bathed in minerals from the ocean. oh you lucky dog you :slight_smile: This sounds just so relaxing, fun, ideal to me!


food yesterday was

1 lb. ribeye steak
1 chicken breast
1.5 lbs. snow crab legs with butter

I was hungry yesterday. I felt like I needed ‘catch up food’ from not eating well on my trip. So this handled me fine, I am back on my feeling good eating at home and doing my best schedule :slight_smile:

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I can’t recall eating anything with gluten. I’ve eaten a lot of nuts/nut butter the last 2 weeks and I realized a collagen I used in some treats I made had stevia in them, but I can’t think of anything I would have eaten with gluten. I’ve been gorging myself on processed meats/cheeses and fat bomb treats (all made mostly with coconut, nuts, butter and collagen powder) and have felt terrible eating so much lol.

Bob brought to my mind that I did eat gluten the Saturday after thanksgiving. Don’t know if that could have caused the problem a month later or not


LOL time too rein it in obviously…if ya said ya feel bad we always gotta remember that eating for our health always beat eating against our health. And if you were eating cleaner, just adding back in more junky stuff can easily cause who knows what…toxins come back full force with little effort when we eat off a bit. Toxins ingested show thru our skin and all thru out body. Worse thing is as we do that we have to detox from it all again. ugh. I know tho, I had to walk thru a lot of off eating and more before I found a firmer stance in this journey. People walk their path as they must. One which will become more straight and narrow for them down the line, they grow as they change and all of us grow in this WOE when we want it. But it is a very personal journey for all of us.


Scales are evil! :wink:


Darn right they are HAHA

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Food check in
30oz of coffee black
16oz rib eye
2oz goat cheese
1tbsp butter
72oz water
4 eggs
1/2 lb ground beef cooked in fat skimmed from bone broth
3 cups bone broth

This morning, I actually did some intentional “exercise”. Just some warm up things that lasted about 5 min but I’m actually feeling it. I know I shouldn’t feel embarrassed for saying I did 5 min of warm up movements, but there it is, my own mind trying to make value judgements around something beneficial. Damn trauma response!


Great post!

Nope on embarrassment. Doesn’t exist. We all journey as we must.
So this is you walking point blank to a better you and you are feeling it internally…that little voice saying you are healing and you are gonna move more and more thru your life and tackle it all as you see fit.

Hey you might not want ‘exercise’ as in lifting weights/gym type thing.
You might be like me…I hate ‘exercise scheduled’, I do outside stuff. Kayak, bike, ride horses, hike mountain trails, walk hrs and hrs sightseeing and more. So any way you move your body will never ever be a bad thing.

your 5 mins. now will bring you into so much good later :slight_smile:

You find what ya love and go straight for it. Lifting, cool. Jogging. Cool. Kayaks and hikes. Cool. You do you at all times, the crap ya love in moving and you will never be wrong!!! You are the key factor here, do you and nothing in life will be wrong ever :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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This was a great Podcast! I realized while listening that my story is eerily similar to Siobhan’s in some ways. I gained a lot of weight between the ages of 10 and 12 and was told by my doctor at age 12 that I was overweight and should eat healthier and exercise more. That wasn’t really specific enough to be helpful as I already ate a Standard American diet and was a pretty active kid. That year in health class I was told that girls my age should be eating 1200 calories a day and after doing a food log for a week I realized I was eating more than that. When I realized this, I finally had a solution. I cut my calorie intake and stopped eating breakfast to make it easier to eat less calories. I started exercising on my own too…doing sit ups in my room, jumping rope in the middle of the night. All this time I was hiding my new habits from everyone in my life for, idk, disordered eating reasons…I lost about 25 lbs between the time I was 12 and 14. I got to a weight I was happy with, but found it was very hard to maintain the calorie deficit. I was hungry all the time and very food focused. I continued looking for answers because I thought there was something wrong with the fact that I could only eat 1200 calories and it seemed that some women could eat upwards of 2000 a day without gaining weight.

In 2016 I read the book Grain Brain which I think is the first time I heard the term ketosis. My mom had done the Atkins diet so I was also familiar with low carb that way. Because I was kind of immersed in diet research in my spare time I eventually stumbled on the keto diet and then started listening to 2 Keto Dudes. I’ve now listened to every episode at least once and about half of them twice. I guess that because of my experience losing weight as a kid, learning about diet became inherently reinforcing, fueling a bit of an obsession. The especially eerie similarity between Siobhan and my stories is my experience at Ketofest. I went last year and it was literally on my birthday. My husband got me the ticket as a present and my mom paid for the Airbnb (for anyone who didn’t listen to the podcast Siobhan also went to Ketofest for her birthday). I probably looked a bit out of place as I was younger than the average attendee, but I was legit living my best life. I also ugly cried through Amy Berger’s entire talk about habits related to one’s relationship with food.

Getting back to the topic of cholesterol, I have a guess about why LDL goes up in response to inflammation. First, for me at least, I think metabolic dysregulation happens for three reasons, all having to do with things that raise insulin. The first is obviously carbohydrates. The second is an excess of polyunsaturated fat in the diet, which also causes more insulin production. The third is inflammation. Instead of saying inflammation, maybe I should say an overactive immune system in response to foods that the body does not recognize for whatever reason. I believe the reason this would cause higher insulin is that immune responses demand glucose and glucose demands insulin.

So, what does this have to do with LDL? If inflammation demands glucose and glucose demands insulin, this may flip a switch to cause you to store fat rather than burn it. This means that when fat comes in with food, rather than being used as fuel, it is immediately stored. It’s my understanding that a main function of LDL is to transport body fat from the liver to be used as energy throughout the body. So if you have high levels of insulin, the major way that your body will use fat is probably during the night when you are finally tapping into fat that was stored rather than being used as it came in with your diet. Someone who is insulin resistant due to a diet high in carbs, polyunsaturated fats and inflammatory foods will have high LDL because they are having to transport body fat for energy rather than using chylomicrons to transport triglycerides from food. I might be off on some of the technical terms, but I think my general thought process holds up.


Terrific post @jennasaurus