100% unsweetened chocolate - Caraque

(Jo Lo) #1

Saw this and tried it at a store called Chocolate Man. Remarkably good tasting for “baking chocolate”. Very satisfying in small amounts.

They told me it contained 55% fat, so I suppose that the rest is carbs. Just wondering if anyone has more info. Might be a better dark chocolate option than those sweetened with malitol or stevia? Usually I eat the 90% Lindt (contains a few grams of sugar), but maybe 100% is better?

From their web page:
Cacoa Barry. Incredible, fragrant, almost floral. Wonderful, lingering aftertaste. No harsh ‘bite’.


I’ve used Lindt and some others, but those still use some sugar.

I’ve recently started using Choc Zero and I like it.


Chocolate can have up to 20% fiber in it. So 55 plus 20 is 75%. The remainder can be non-fiber carbs, protein and minerals.


So, what is the difference between the 50% vs 70% etc? If there is less dark chocolate, when takes up the difference? They all seem to have the same grams of carbs, etc.

(Sara S) #5

@Pilotbob Guess the only difference is the amount of sweetener used instead of the chocolate part?

Anyone ever tried these ones?

Jimmy Moore talked about them in his Vivin la vida low carb blog and made me curious… if they are worth it, I seriously consider to have 1 kg or 2 shipped to Switzerland :stuck_out_tongue:


I ordered some of the 70% from amazon to give it a try. I’m just too lazy to make my own. :wink:

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Post a review once you tried them :).

Don’t understand how Swiss chocolatiers still haven’t find out about about these new possibilities!
All over Europe actually we’re so far behind you guys in the US… should consider importing these innovative stuff #keto #new life #newjob?


Sara…is this a joke? I’ve been to Switzerland countless times. Are you saying they don’t gave a variety of chocolate? I buy Swiss imported chocolate in Canada, and find Swiss chocolate ranges from 70 percent to 100 percent.

I’m so confused now…need to go rest, I might faint.

(Sara S) #9

Sorry for the confusion, my shortage of description may have lead to
misunderstanding - of course they’ve tons of chocolate over here, they’re
all just sweetened with normal sugar which I’d like to avoid. I found some
varieties sweetened with stevia in some healthier groceries but they taste
awful. So I was looking for some nice alternative :wink:



Brenda has some fantastic and easy chocolate recipes

(Carol O'Carroll) #11

I have found 100% Criollo chocolate from the Maracaibo region in Venezuela is THE best I have ever eaten. Not sure if the supply is good any more because of the sad situation in Venezuela.
Criollo is a fruity variety obtained from South America and Madagascar. I can eat this on its own it is so good.
Viganotti in Genoa, Italy make a great bar with hazelnuts in it. Yes, I literally imported 5 kilos of it for my own personal supply. :smile:
Akkesson’s also make a good 100% version too.
The stimulant effect is on a par with coffee. So probably not good to have a lot of it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Sara S) #12


Thanks a lot for the great recipes! Have still to work on my pantry though, but once I’ll have all basic ingredients together these will be one of the first recipes for sure :yum:

(Jo Lo) #13

We’re looking for the high-chocolate chocolate because most of the usual chocolate has a lot of sugar in it. We refer to mass market chocolate as “chocolate flavored sugar”.
Even the 70% has 12 g sugar (3 teaspoons) in a four square serving, almost a teaspoon per square!
Would you sit down and eat three teaspoons of pure sugar? I hope not.
And if you fail at “moderation” and mow the whole bar, whoa that’s 2.5 tablespoons of sugar.
Just sayin. It’s an eye-opener to do the math, teaspoon-wise on this stuff.


“Squares” is not a standard serving size. Gives chocolate makers wiggle room to play around with it. I see large differences between brands when comparing against a standard weight, like grams sugar or carbs per 100 grams chocolate.


Got my delivery to the 70% dark chocolate from choczero. They taste really good to me. Especially considering I haven’t had chocolate since I started keto. I ate too many of them right when I got them. :wink: