100 Pounds Lost Since Dec 29, 2017!

(Jay Patten) #1

I went from 287 pounds on Dec 29, 2017 to 187 pounds today. For those who tried to scare me off using the SAD lie, my total cholesterol is 160. Read it and weep, Carb Burners!!

Edit: I bought new pants yesterday. Size 30! I also bought 3 size large shirts. Last year I was a 40-42 pant size and a XXLT or even a XXXLT (depending on the brand).

Holy shit.

I should grab the fattest clothes I can find in my closet and take a reference picture.

(Chris) #2

Congratulations. Takes a lot of drops to fill that bucket

(Jay Patten) #3

Thanks! Yeah, the weight came off lightning fast at first, then slowed to a trickle. But I just kept on the path. Kept filling that bucket, lol.

(Bob M) #4

Nice! That’s an impressive weight loss.

(Eric) #5

What fasting strategy did you use if any? Thanks. Looking good.

(KetoQ) #6

Inspiring! Good for you! Be well.

(#inforthelonghaul, KCKO, KCFO) #7

Great results and you had a great attitude. There is a reason we say KCKO so much around here.

(Jay Patten) #8

Thank you!

(Jay Patten) #9

Eric, I eat OMAD and occasionally fast for 48 hours when I feel up to it.

(Jay Patten) #10

Thank you, I will.

(Jay Patten) #11

Yes, it works to KCKO!

(Eric) #12


(Jay Patten) #13

You’re welcome.

(FRANK) #14


Can you share any more details? Your Macros? Very impressed with your success and I am in a similar situation weight wise and have plateaued. Thanks in advance and congratulations!!!

(Jay Patten) #15

Thanks, Frank.

I guess that I can start by saying that I am pretty strict about what I eat, but I do not track my macros. I’m the type of person who can eat the same few meals over and over and over. So a typical week for me would be bacon & eggs on Monday, chicken wings with hot sauce on Tuesday, followed by two more days of bacon and eggs… keto meatloaf on Friday… back to chicken wings on Saturday… bacon and eggs again on Sunday… you get it.

The meals I eat the most:

Bacon and eggs
Chicken wings
Keto meatloaf
Keto bunless cheeseburger
Keto crock-pot chicken quarters
Keto pork chops

The sides I eat the most:

Cauliflower (mashed with heavy cream cheese sauce)
Bell peppers
Garden salad
Hard cheese

This is really about it as far as what I eat. I don’t track macros because I don’t eat things that need to be “closely tracked.” I do eat some nuts or lightly flavored pork rinds every and again, but rarely. Eliminating snacking has been crucial.

Also, I stay away from artificial sweeteners as much as I can. Not to say I never eat them, I just don’t make it a daily habit (no diet soda or sugar-free alternative food products).

The best advice I can give:

-Don’t snack
-Avoid “borderline” or “keto-ish” foods (like penut butter) because those carbs add up FAST
-Try to work up to 24 hour fasting, eating only one large meal a day (at least a few times a week)
-Cook your own food at home. Whole foods only!
-If you do cheat, jump right back on the horse. Don’t make excuses or rationalize it. Just eat a plate of bacon and eggs and move on.

I hope this helps!


Great job. I’m down 43 pounds since April 8 and eat similarly to you. Dont count macros because I know what I’m eating at all times. And, actually, your diet is pretty much varied.

Also do OMAD (22/2) and DO NOT snack. If I go off track with too much protein (real big steak and lotta veggies) I just follow up with an extended fast of varying length. 48, 72, 96 and even a couple of fivers. Depends on how I feel.

As for sweetners I, like you, steer clear of regular daily use. 2-3 packs of Splenda in coffee only on weekends; and a small squirt of Mio a few times week with my glass of apple cider vinegar and magnesium citrate. Nothing as to lo-carb sweets.

And all my fasts are only water, salt, some ACV and mag/citrate. Zero calories, protein and fat.

Your story is inspiring me to meet my 75-pound goal at one year.

(Jay Patten) #17

Thank you! It sounds to me like you have a very clear understanding of how and why keto works. Great job on the extended fasting, that is fanstastic.

(John) #18

Awesome advice! My own personal guidelines and food choices are incredibly similar to yours. No snacking, no sweets or replacements for them, gradually incorporating a fasting day here and there.

Strict seems to work the best for me rather than trying to figure out how I can cheat. I’ve been at it for about 7 weeks now and I think I have eaten maybe 3 meals in that time that I did not personally prepare from fresh ingredients.

I’d rather skip a meal than eat off-plan.


Jay, how old are you? Age makes a big difference in metabolism and rate of weight loss.

I am 68 and on beta blockers and antiarhrhymia drugs due to a 15-year-old heart attack. So it takes more than keto to drop weight. Daily OMAD and EF are my only alternatives.

What’s really sad is that the cardio drugs and significant weight loss is turning my once-firm man boobs into tiddies. Hoping a good bit of EF autophagy cures some of that crap.

(Jay Patten) #20

@JohnH I agree that just staying strict is better than trying to “replace” the things we used to eat. Almomd flour, while much better than grain flour, still has a lot of carbs in it. So eating almond flour cupcakes with cream cheese icing won’t do us any favors!

@GentleBen I’m 35. Yes, age certainly plays a role, but I think anyone looking to lose weight on keto should fast regardless of their age. Even if it is just 18-6. Fasting is so helpful for fixing metabolic issues.

And yes at one time I had a big honkin’ set of man boobs as well!!!