100 Pounds Lost Since Dec 29, 2017!

(Zenjen) #21

Wow! congrats on your success:)

One question…how did you go from 3-4 meals a day (i don’t know how many meals did you have before, i’m just guessing) to OMAD? Was it hard? Did you go slowly or you just got up one day and
stop eating that 2 extra meals?
I am considering to try OMAD too, that’s why i’m asking.

(Eric) #22

@FatBomb I want to thank you again for posting details of how you lost the 100 pounds. This is a very useful thread. I’m 65 YO and have discovered that I have been insulin deranged for many years with my derangement showing up as high blood pressure since my late twenties, significant adipose weight and elevated fasting blood glucose.

IF 186/ (17/7) for two months has improved my NSV and helped the scale just a tad. Going OMAD several days a week the last two weeks has budged the scale and I’m now in the sloop of weight loss that has me smiling. I’m still losing weight in places that I don’t need and my belly is not budging much yet. But I’m confident that with continued strict keto, OMAD, IF and maybe some EF 48 hrs I’ll get the adipose fat to melt away.

The IF and OMAD fasting has improved, dare I say, woken up, my appetite control. I now understand what satiety means and I’m able to get there. Without IF 18/6 and OMAD I don’t think my appetite control would have woken up.

In terms of blood pressure, I have a way to go. But this last two weeks I have had spot measurements that have been lower than anything I have measured in many years (113/68 for example). Still mostly high but the highest ones are coming down a tad.

Thank You

(Jay Patten) #23

@daddyoh keep in mind that the belly is where nature wants your fat to be. In ancient times, when humans had to store fat to survive winter, belly fat was crucial for protecting internal organs. So its the last place you will lose fat (I had skinny legs and shoulders but a big belly at first). And you hit the nail on the head… keto doesn’t really work to fix metabolic issues without IF and/ or EF. Keto is the gateway… fasting is the destination (personal opinion here). Of course you can fast without going keto first, but its harder because keto is what gets you fat adapted.

@Zenjen Fasting is the destination, keto is the starting line. Everyone is different, but the goal would be:

  1. Drop the carbs and sugar. Eat keto meals and snacks as much as you need to not go crazy.
  2. Over time (weeks or months) your body will fully adapt to burning fat as it’s fuel source.
  3. As your hunger begins to decline increase the amount of time between going to bed and eating your first meal. Example: you eat a fat bomb at 8:00 pm every night and wake up at 6:00 am every morning. Start by eating breakfast at 8:00 am. Next week eat breakfast at 9:00 am. The week after eat breakfast at 10:00 am. The following week eat breakfast at 11:00 am.
  4. Once you can go all morning without breakfast, you’re ready to cut one of your meals out. So try cutting out lunch. Eat your bacon and eggs at 11:00 am and your bunless keto burger at 6:00 pm. Go ahead and eat your fat bomb at 8:00 if you need it. Do this for as long as you are comfortable.
  5. Eventually you will find that you’re not really that hungry for breakfast at 11:00 am (or you’re not really hungry for dinner at 6:00 pm). This is an exciting time because you know that your body is adapting to being in a fasted state. This is also when you can start closing the gap between a morning meal and evening meal. Now you can start comfortably experimenting with OMAD. Try to cut out that morning meal once or twice a week.
  6. Over time, you will get used to listening to your body’s cues. You’ll learn the difference between being hungry and just wanting to eat.

Now I’m not saying that it is super easy to eat just once a day. I get still hunger pangs from time to time that I have just learned to ignore. But eating once a day does wonders for your body.

You will notice that there are days when you go all the way to nightime without really getting uncomfortably hungry. On those days, feel free to skip your meal all together for an extended fast. If you can’t, that’s okay too. Not everyone can (or wants to) fast for extended periods of time. Don’t lose sleep over it.

Just as a note, when I eat one meal a day, I eat a large meal. Very large. I think that a large meal is key to keeping me going throughout the following day. Remember, OMAD isn’t about cutting calories, it is about keeping your insulin low for as long as possible.

Also, I don’t always do OMAD. It’s important not to get your body used to eating the same way every day because it will adapt accordingly. So every now and again throw in a lunch & dinner day or a no meal at all day to keep your metabolism going (feasting and fasting).

Most important is to do all this at your own pace!!

(Zenjen) #24

Thanks a lot:)

Just one more question. How much time did you need to go from starting phase of fasting (3 meals a day or 16/8) to OMAD?

(Jay Patten) #25

@Zenjen I would say about 2 or 3 months. It seems like forever ago, lol. I also did some 48 hour fasts in those first few months as well.

(Zenjen) #26

Are you drinking coffee or does coffee break your fast? I found so many opinions on this and now i’m not sure what to do.

(John) #27

Some solid science behind your choice to be very strict: Long term weight loss success seems to be highly dependent on people who use “instrumentalization of eating” and set rules and behaviors that they follow no matter what. That means they use eating as a tool for their health and weight maintenance and not as a reward, stress reliever, or source of pleasure.

(Jay Patten) #28

@Zenjen i still drink black coffee every day :slight_smile:

(Jay Patten) #29

@JohnH it can be tough not to reward yourself with food! But staying strict works! Thanks for the link!

(Ida) #30



You look great Jay! :+1:

I’d gotten a little lazy recently and let the Keto treats become too regular which resulted in my weight loss slowing down. I’ve gone back to OMAD/strict food control and the weight is dropping off again :smiley:.

(Jay Patten) #32


I would be “lying like a rug” if I said this hasn’t happened to me, lol

(amrit chhina) #33

wow, congratulations!
i eat same and i fixed my T2 diabetes.

(Jay Patten) #34

That’s awesome!

(Mike Glasbrener) #35

Nice! Good job.

(Scott Allen) #36

The way I reward myself is with “junk” food that’s still keto, i.e., I thought of it as junk food for a long time, and yes, some of it’s highly processed, e.g.,

  • Pork rinds and queso
  • Pepperoni rolls (which consist of pepperoni and mozzarella, baked and then rolled)
  • Macadamia nuts and mascarpone
  • Keto fudge
  • Philly cheesesteak salad (6 Steak-umms and homemade Swiss cheese sauce)

It feels junky enough to satisfy my Rebel personality type, but still doesn’t knock me out of ketosis or have so many calories that a 24-hour fast won’t offset it.

(Jay Patten) #37


I agree that if you’re gonna cheat, do a “keto cheat”!

I love keto mousse… heavy whipping cream with unsweetened cocoa powder whipped nice and smooth!

*Heavy breathing


Wow , great story. I think staying strict is key, to both consistently losing and maintaining. Developing the habits have kept you on the path. :tada:

(Albert Salcedo Jr.) #39

That’s awesome. I’m roughly the same boat as you but still short of that golden “100lb” finish line. I’m at 80 pounds lost and have hit a plateu. I started at 298 and have been hovering in the 215-220 range for over a month now. Did you got any pauses and if so, what did you do to Kickstart the weightloss again?
Thanks and congratulations.

(Jay Patten) #40


Yes, I did hit a couple of stalls, but to be honest, I think the best thing to do is just keep calm and keto on. I went about a month without really losing weight and then boom, the weight started dropping again. I didn’t do anything fancy.