100% keto restaurants—will the future see them?

(Mike W.) #41

Our local Italian place has a “Keto/low carb menu”. They also make a meatza that is INSANELY good.

(Paul Melzer) #42

Mama mia, thatsa mighty gooda looking meatza!

There seem to be those in this thread who either see no need for LCHF focused restaurants, or who would welcome them. Who can say what the future will bring—in my 60 years so far, I’m surprised around every corner (and sometimes down the straightaway). Personally I would LOVE a restaurant with great quality ingredients whose recipes were all LCHF-based—'twould be nice. (I suspect even the naysayers here would frequent such an eatery.)


Well, diabetic-recovery cuisine is on the rise Paul, and I bet it can add a marketing reach to any keto restaurant. Like, “Anti-Diabetes Menus Here!” “Diabetics, We’ve Got You Covered!” :smiley:


OMG what city is this, what’s the name of the place? I need to know so that if I happen to be there I can have some!!!

(Thanks to a glass of San Pelligrino + Lemon juice, seeing this delish and aromatic picture as I am in the 22nd hour of my IF today is helping me steady myself, hahaaa).

(Mike W.) #45

Amorè Trattoria in Grand Rapids, MI. My wife and I got engaged there and having been continuing to go there ever since. The Chef is incredible. She can adapt to any dietary needs. We first went gf and then Keto and she just keeps delivering. I’ll include some more pics from other visits.


WwwOOw! Making a note of Amorè Trattoria in Grand Rapids, Michigan - in case I’m ever there or hear of a friend that’s visiting there. That’s a real chef/kitchen goddess!

(VLC.MD) #47

Well done !

Anti-Diabetes !

(Joe T) #48

Paul - I’m working on this as we speak! Stay tuned! I was inspired a few months ago and working hard to make the dream a reality!


@Paul_Melzer tagging Paul here so he’s sure to see the recent comments on this exciting topic :sparkles: :wink:


P.S. @KetopiaJoe and @Paul_Melzer this article by LCHF physician Michael Eades about his past venture into a fresh foods restaurant franchise and his love of top class kitchens may be of interest in terms of his lessons learned about the complexities of fresh food restaurants, etc :wink: https://proteinpower.com/drmike/2010/04/04/dining-out-and-bad-fats/

(Empress of the Unexpected) #51

If I had the money I would venture into the Bay Area. But in the course of just eating out in Los Angeles, never had any problems with asking for substitutions.

(Paul Melzer) #52

Regina, have you eaten at Primal Kitchen? I’d really appreciate knowing that a restaurant is sticking to the better fats like butter, coconut, avo, etc., and avoiding canola, soy, etc. And asking for substitutions, in most places, is simply adding an extra burden on the staff (kitchen and wait). Some restaurants don’t mind at all, but I think the majority would rather not. (A well-conceived restaurant will have created their menu based on what they truly believe to be what they want to serve and what tastes best [to them] and asking to change it is like saying, in a way, I think my way is better, or please accommodate my special needs. So simple it will be to look at the full menu and not be thinking of how to reshape it to best fit a healthy “keto” style diet.

(Joe T) #53

Thank you for the article. I have been doing 3 months of due diligence and this is precisely why a focus restaurant is necessary. There is a need for people to eat with Keto Confidence. I study failure religiously and hope to create something unique an innovate that can span the country. And my partner is a top end chef who’s vested into the business… which is key. Hope to share more later but working on a few trademarks, etc and can’t elaborate too much at this time. But, it’s a passion and I’m going to press thru!

(Empress of the Unexpected) #54

Sorry. It did sound like I came off as a pain of a customer. I didn’t mean substitutions, I meant when they ask if I want potatoes or vegetables I take the vegetables. But you make an excellent point about what the food is cooked in. No never have eaten at Primal Kitchen, but now I plan to. Thanks

(Paul Melzer) #55

I’ve not yet eaten there myself, as I live too far inland for an evening dine out…but I too plan to do so. More and more I get where Mark Sisson et al are coming from, and am less strict as I was needing to be to shift my own metabolism. (Their menu and approach embrace Keto but allow for some play (as I imagine our ancestors needed to do as well).) Primal Kitchen restaurants are inviting interested investors in franchising oops, but I’m sure it’s beyond my means to consider opening one, though I think Redlands ( half way between LA and Palm Springs, would be a perfect site for one.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #56

Yes, Redlands would be perfect. I lived there for years and people there take their food very seriously.

(Paul Melzer) #57

Joe, can you give us an idea of where you plan to start this project (which market)?

(Troy) #58

Redlands would be great …please
I can be the first reviewer, if needed😂
Ever So close to me

(Paul Melzer) #59

Anyone know why the Primal Kitchen Restaurants have all closed???

(Doug) #60

Paul, from what I can see, the owning partners were in disagreement about some things - perhaps stemming from or made worse by profit performance that was disappointing. A frequent complaint among customers was high prices and small portions; I’m betting that overall business was too slow.