10 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Going Keto


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@daddyoh Thank you

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Wow! This is just so helpful. Thank you

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Welcome to the forum, Lisa =).

If you have any questions, please make a post and ask away =).

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Welcome! This place is a virtual fount of useful information.

(Elaine) #110

Thank you for this I’m just starting this new way of eating as we are on lockdown in England due to Coronavirus it seems a good time. I’m in control of shopping and cooking and my husband can’t have his frequent 2 pints of lager and plates of chips after golf! He will still want his bottle of red wine most evenings and chunks of cheddar cheese though!

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He should consider switching to Whiskey. Much lower impact.

Or Gin. A nice Gin &Tonic with diet Tonic Water would be a good choice right now. Or several.

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Or IMPO, the even bigger downside, that grass fed beef does not have the marbling, tenderness, or flavor, of the cr@p fed beef… Which I prefer :wink:

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Very good post. I agree with “at least as much of it” as I have about any other thing ever written about the Keto WOE :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not sure if it has been that much more expensive for me, as 1) I buy the cheapest beef I can find, and 2) I prepare most of my own food now, and almost never eat anything from a fast food place (and when I used to, I never ate from the value meals… I got all the most expensive stuff)

Oh, and while I agree a person could probably do Keto by themself, I’m sure glad my GF does Keto to :slightly_smiling_face: Makes things SO much easier.

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Nothing wrong with chunks of cheddar… perfectly keto…

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Well breakfast and lunch have gone well :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for the science. I found it easy to become a devout zealot of a new protocol when I was younger, stuck to something and never wavered, it made me sad and then I didnt stick to it, so I got more mellow as I aged. I got my DNA checked for health and fitness and it strongly advised LCHF, so at 61 I decided this was science and not a passing whim. I am in ketosis for nearly 2 months and feel good because of it- check it daily using ketostix and get the dark pink colour to prove it. I have a great aunt who twice a year feeds us. She is 90. She cooks huge old fashioned London sunday lunches. After 1 year without seeing her in lockdown I am just going to go and eat whatever she gives us. She will not be around for ever and her gift to me will not ruin my life if its only once every 6 months. I may say no to the trifle but the rest I will be grateful for because she loves us and I can be back in ketosis within a week and she will not feel I am not appreciating her time and effort. Mark


Great thread as first read. Someone mentioned a “suggested app”. Sorry, I missed that. Any pointers please.

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I started listening to the 2 Keto Dudes podcast a few weeks ago and heard their anniversary episode today. I got on here ASAP to find this post! Thank you so much @ketokate for sharing your understanding and perspective with those of us just getting started.

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If you have a Walmart supercenter near you they carry grass fed beef now