10 day fasting recount

(Carpe salata!) #1

After Christmas and the COVID shutdown, I had drifted way out of keto. I’ve done water fasting before max 7 days and thought I would try 10.
The idea sat there a few weeks until I saw an appropriate time to start. I had dinner Tuesday, thence only water (and some salt). I did a ‘Vitamin C flush’ on day 3 and over the fast had a cup of tea and a cappuccino for social reasons.
On day 10 I started to get some shoulder and upper arm weakness and a little bit of blurry vision. The body must know what the plan is because up to then I was feeling 100% and full of energy. I do need early nights when fasting or I feel tired. But I didn’t feel cold like I did last time.
Over the fast mainly toward the end, I did a lot of recipe surfing. I found about fermenting and pickling. I had seen someone saying that after fasting it’s good to take some kimchee for the microbiome. I didn’t know what kimchee was, and thought kombucha was for nutters. So on day4 I set up some cucumbers and also cabbage to ferment. So pickles and sauerkraut. It came out great on day 11.
As it turned out, I didn’t feel much like eating Friday night so left it to Saturday making it really about 10.3/4 days.
I tried making some mayo which turned out fine.
I broke the fast with ~50g nuts, and some pickles. Soon after, some celery, capsicum and cucumber with liverwurst and mayo dip. A 0-carb beer and a black coffee.
So the outcomes were;

  • lost maybe 8kg
  • learned lots of new food tips
  • got myself into pickling
  • clothes fitting much better :wink:
  • overall feeling much better
  • prefer black coffee to cappuccino
  • feel energised to do keto OMAD

(Susan) #2

That is great, Peter. Congratulations and welcome back to the forum and to the rest of your continuing Keto journey =).

(Carpe salata!) #3

Thanks Susan.
So far so good. Dinner today was bacon wrapped zucchini.
Wrap bacon around a zucchini spear
(Zucchini quartered longways)
Bake 220C for 35 mins
I served it with some homemade mayo and a sprig of dill NICE

Then a satay chicken stir fry.

(Susan) #4

Yummy, that sounds delicious I will have to try that =).