1 year in my keto story

(Jill F.) #1

So 1 year, 365 days ago I was so sick of being tired. So tired of my joints hurting, struggling to get up off the floor, no energy, I felt so much older than 44 years old. My in laws started keto and were literally melting in front of us. They encouraged us to try, and I never thought I would make it. Take a peek for some inspiration and hope that you can do this too.

Left Dec 2019 Right Dec 2018

Jan 2019

Left Dec 2018, Right Dec 2019
Dec 2019

Left June 2019, Right Jan 2019

Cruise Fall 2017

Cruise 2019

Cruise 2017

Cruise Fall 2019

I wish all of you success in this new year! I hit my goal weight of 150 after doing keto for 6 months and have maintained 40 pounds lost for 6 months (minus these darn holiday 4 I gained). It is a lifestyle change not a diet. .my cholesterol is down 50 points, my joints feel better, I have energy, I eat far less than I used to. I still have work to do and new goals for 2020, but I wanted to share my progress with my keto family! KCKO

(Raj Seth) #2


(Susan) #3

You look marvelous, Jill. Such an inspiration to the rest of us, and you are absolutely glowing. You look younger, healthier, and radiant =).


Wonderful smiling pictures~! Thanks for sharing.
Great success! So happy for you feeling so fine!