1 week in with keto, + eye doctor


(Chris) #1

I’m 5 lbs down from last week, when I’ve been strict about keto!
Last year, I learned that I have glaucoma. I learned about it after there was damage to my left optic nerve; that eye has a blind spot just above my central focus. Even though my right eye (so far) is normal, it was terrifying and devastating. Like diabetes, it runs in my family. My dad has it and his vision is pretty good. I take three drops a day. This year my eye pressure were good, but at today’s follow-up, they had crept up to 20 mmHg in the affected eye, so we’re going to try laser surgery in a few months. No evidence of retinopathy so far, which is good.

This is what’s hard for me: you can’t get back vision you’ve lost once it’s gone. My eye doc thinks I have an excellent chance at preserving my vision (and I am super-adherent to my eye drops), but it’s hard not to think about what I lost. Likewise, I think back to the past 20 years, to regrets about my appearance and inability to feel good in my own body, that I’ll never get back.

So what’s the point of hanging on? As cliche as it is, I’m really going to work on letting go–of food that’s toxic, of literal weight, of sugars that have me metabolically unhealthy. I read a study that showed a positive correlation between obesity and eye (interocular pressure), but even if lowering blood glucose and weight somehow doesn’t lower my IOP, I’m even more resolved to stick to this. As someone who tends to accentuate the negative, I’m going to work on focusing on what I can do instead of dwelling in the past.

(Robin) #2

Smart… it’s all connected. So sorry you are dealing with vision issues. That would be devastating. But you are going to do 100% of what you can to save the rest. It’s worth it and so are you. You got this.:vulcan_salute:

(Laurie) #3

Yes, it can be sad to realize what we’ve lost and can never get back. I’m going through some of that myself. Accepting it does get easier.

Meanwhile, it sounds like you’re doing the right things. Good going on the 5 pounds this week!

(Butter Withaspoon) #4

That’s very hard Chris, I hope your health goes well from now on. Vision is so VERY precious. And I should get a glaucoma test too

(Jessie Baney) #5

I was recently diagnosed with glaucoma, and to be honest, I am very anxious and scared of possible blindness. Even tho I know the chances are small, I am still scared, and the annoying fear is present constantly. The damage to the optic nerve is minimal, and i’ve begun drops as prescribed by my doctor. I also take marigold extract for my eyes. I would like to know if you changed your lifestyle to improve your eyes health and delay the negative effects. I’ll be using the medication properly and continuing to see the doctor every 6 months as recommended.

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #6

As well you should be. However, if you are disciplined about taking the drops the ophthalmologist prescribed, you ought to be fine.

A ketogenic diet might even be a helpful adjuvant therapy, in that it has been known to lower some people’s intraocular pressure. It might work that way for you, too. And it certainly will not make the glaucoma any worse.

(Robin) #7

So sorry to hear that! Stay strong, be healthy in every other way. If you are here for keto help, we got you!