Zevia - For Kids Just Released

(Troy) #1

18 and over

Well, it’s a choice at least :slightly_smiling_face:

The Orange Cream looks tasty actually
Add some coconut milk, almond Milk
Freeze in ice cube trays or popsicle molds
Got yourself an Orange Dream Machine/Creamsicle
Just sayin🤣


(Windmill Tilter) #2

I guess it’s better than a Star Wars™ themed diabetes kit, so there’s that. Robert Iger has bills to pay too I suppose… :yum:

(Polly) #3


(Murphy Kismet) #4

Hmm… many thoughts.

On one hand, yay for sugar-free soda for kids. On the other hand, what the hell is disney doing on that label. WHY do they have to combine something somewhat better than SAD with such a nefarious corporation?? Why can’t it be sold by its own merits, instead of appealing to the shallow instant-gratification demands of a tantrum-throwing 7-year old?

On a third hand, why not water?