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Yes. I replied with how calories have to do with fat adaptation. That is info to you. I already know what you posted. No offense or anything.

& can still eat minimal carbs under 20 gr and get fat adapted.


So why ask questions you already know the answer for, thats waisting our time.
I guess I could answer: You get enough calories if you eat enough calories?

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I believe the point @Shatz was trying to make was that the amount of calories eaten is irrelevant to the process of fat adaptation. Fat adaptation occurs when muscle cells are spared the burden of having to metabolise great quantities of glucose. The mitochondria can metabolise glucose, but doing so damages them over time. A healthy mitochondrion can metabolise both glucose and fatty acids, but too much glucose makes it sick, though after we stop eating too much glucose (i.e., carbohydrate) it can recover and be healthy again. Metabolising fatty acids keeps a mitochondrion healthy.

But when we stop eating too much glucose (i.e., carbohydrate), it takes all our mitochondria time to heal and to make new baby mitochondria. Until that happens, our muscle cells have trouble. We are not giving them lots of glucose, they don’t really like ketones all that much, and they haven’t yet recovered to the point of being able to metabolise fatty acids as successfully as they’d like, either. Athletes who go keto notice a drop in their endurance until their mitochondria and other pathways in their muscle cells fully recover. At that point, they find that they have returned to their previous level of endurance, and possibly even better. It takes glycogen levels somewhat more time to recover, and explosive power will continue to suffer until it does, but a recent study showed that by the two-year mark, a ketoadapted athlete’s glycogen levels are identical to those of carb-burning athletes.


here is a wonderful link containing tons of zero carb information.
great place for anyone knew who wants information to research.


Putting out info for ZC people.

I know many hate facebook LOL and I am one of those people also in that I use it for 1 reason and 1 reason ONLY…I am on 4 wonderful carnivore sites that are all zero carb, living the lifestyle, tens of thousands and they are living and experiencing it also and we chat the ZC way!

Anyone not on these sites, wants info they are on facebook and join the ZC community of like minded individuals who work and live this plan daily!

Zeroing in on Health
(Charles W and Kelly H are the long term here…been around a long time. great info and how to do this plan as we need to do it!)

Strict Carnivore–Zero Carb Life
(Great site with Rich N. as starting it to show his massive improvements thru ZC)

Zero Carb Health
(ZCH site is a fab of written info about this plan also but their site is wonderful too to talk all things carnivore)

Zero Carb Carnivore UK
(yes they are UK but darn they are all in hardcore carnivores living this lifestyle with tons of fab info and nice community!)

So that is some facebook sites I personally rely on and I find my community very stable, very informative, very ‘living the darn lifestyle’ with experiences we go thru and great chat all about that and the science written on why this lifestyle works and more.

I know, I know, that facebook seems like a scary thing for alot of us, but if WE USE IT for only what we might require, it is a great tool for us carnivores to find our communities!!!

Also you don’t have to join and chat it all out, but if one researches and searches on these sites there is a ton of wealth of info. about carnivore and our personal journeys and science info behind it all…so it has big merit for many of us.

So just putting that out there.


Watch this one…it is wonderful on Joann’s results.

She says she tried Keto, low carb, Paleo, Atkins and climb that Atkins carb ladder and Mediterraian and many others…but Carnviore is her savior for her health and she mentions NONE of the plans she tried ever even equal Carnivore and its benefits. Other diet plans are not and won’t ever be carnivore and what this plan can give to those of us out there that ‘need’ it! :slight_smile:

So great chat here and not too long which is something I always love LOL

Another great carnivore to follow with good info!


bump back up for carnivores to read again if needed.
great info in here guys, always keep learning about our way of life. there are long term people who can truly shed some light on issues thru their own journey. Keep reading the carnivore info. into this new year everyone :slight_smile:


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For those of us preparing to hit the ground running for zero carb in the new year this is an ideal time for a re-read. Thank you Fangs @Fangs


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good older post from Dr Kevin Stock with alot of great info!



putting it here too

fab newbie info BUT FOR US OLDER vets on this plan…nice to remember what not to do LOL Keep it this simple for all of us!!


Meat gets digested by body enzymes easily…the veg don’t :slight_smile:


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Why is it that a picture of a Man with the words Female Hormones, makes me want to smack him? LOL

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I’ve encountered women doctors who knew enough about testosterone that I trusted their expertise. Sure, they didn’t have the equipment themselves, but they’d read the manual pretty thoroughly.

But these days, given how much a ketogenic diet changes the entire hormonal milieu of a human body, I’m not so sure I’d trust very many doctors’ expertise in that context.

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In relation to anything chronic, I treat everything my doctor says with a huge dose of scepticism. My experience is that a lot of the time they don’t know what they are talking about on chronic issues. Now, acute, short term or bacterial stuff, they know, they’re good at that.

I try to absolutely minimise my interface with doctors. Whenever one of them give me a prescription I am researching that pill or potion to death. Most times I am on that pill or potion for the minimum time I can get away with.

Mistrusting of the Medical Establishment after all the lies? Me? Surely not…

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I am John… at least my first 3 weeks on carnivore tells me I am John. I hope I remain John.