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showing her carnivore casserole

Now back in the day when I started I could eat this LOL
but now, all that cheese and cream cheese would FLY thru my guts…but darn a little taste wouldn’t hurt and anyone who can handle this type of dish now, dig in big time!!


another great one, I so love her dedication to our carnivore plan! Lucky someone like her TOOK on the time needed to promote!

WE ARE POWER out there!


Good read. Long time carnivore. Just sharing thoughts on what goes down for many…she gained like 20 lbs the first few months and tells it like it is on what your expectations are…again, good read.



BJ LEONE - [15 AUGUST 2016


My reply to someone who specifically asked me about what to do as they have just completed 30 days ZC, but find themselves struggling and thinking of quitting, simply because they have not lost weight - and, in their words, that was their driving incentive for doing ZC in the first place…

It may be something others here are interested in reading, especially if they are new and struggling with facing some of those same mental struggles:

I think you’ll be selling your body short if you give up.

Here are my thoughts as to why, and possibly some ideas on how to get past the obstacles you may be creating in your own thinking if you find yourself wanting to quit because you don’t yet look or feel the way you think you should:

First, I want to say that I am so sorry you are going through this, and I truly do understand the frustration and the feelings of despondence that can sometimes arise along the way, about things not ‘changing’ as quickly as (or precisely how), you would want them to.

But I guess all I can do to try to help you, is to encourage you again to perhaps try to step back and see things from a slightly different perspective:

To try to detach from all the emotional investment you seem to have built up and the expectations and focus you’ve thus placed on specific ‘results’ you are attached to; so much so that you may be thus getting caught up in overly scrutinising every moment, based on those overriding and visually obscuring desires…

When you can take that step back and assess things more clearly, you will see so much that you otherwise miss when you are so focused instead on certain expectations which you are waiting and hoping for whereby you are thus setting yourself up to almost guarantee that you will be always less than satisfied with how your body is responding.

The truth is your body is doing wonderful things, all working to help you and to heal you…

And it seems, sadly, that this is going unacknowledged and unappreciated.

This will cause you heartache and will ultimately cause you to give up, if you cannot find it in yourself to change the way you see what is really happening here.

Your body is finally being fed properly.

You are eating around 2 pounds of meat per day…and yet, your body is, wonderfully so and no doubt unlike with any other diet, not storing it all as fat!

How many other diets have you ever been on where you could eat so much food without continuing to gain fat? What other way of eating has ever allowed you the freedom to actually satisfy your hunger, for that matter?

Let alone freed you from the relentless agony of cravings which sabotage you on a regular basis?

These alone are huge…and yet, when we are fixated on some specific ‘result’, we fail to see the marvel and blessings right in front of us.

We all do this to some degree, so please don’t think this is said to criticise or judge you!

Sometimes, I must say, it does surprise me when I hear so many comments about “just do it for 30 days”, as though 30 days is all it takes for miracles to happen for people with a history of carb-damage.

Sure some people do get huge and very dramatic changes for the better in just 30 days.

But really, for many others, I can’t help but feel that that type of short-term goal fixation just sets them up for massive disappointment, if their expectations of how much their body can do in a mere 30 days seems to be set at what appears (to me at least), to be a totally unrealistic standard.

I can most assuredly tell you that, had I expected miracles within 30 days, I would never have been able to remain ZC long enough for my body to take the time it needed to truly transform me.

I got my ‘miracles’ sure, but hell, we’re talking months and years, for me, for everything to be rebalanced and healed properly. At the end of my first 30 days, I was still a mess.

You have to understand where you are coming from and be grateful, above all else, for all that your body is truly still doing for you.

It really is working FOR you, not against you, but if you keep refusing to appreciate all it is working on for you, you’ll never get past the fixations on what you “Want - now, dammit!”, lol , and you’ll never be able to hold on for long enough to get the longer-term REAL changes.

Which are the only ones, incidentally, which mean anything at all.

The only obvious ‘positives’ that I could see and had to show for my first 30 days, was merely the awareness that I had finally found something that allowed me to properly nourish my body.

Nothing more. Nothing like what I had heard and seen others had managed to gain and experience.

My body was still a mess. Meaning, that the only ‘benefit’ I could so far ‘see’, was that I could finally eat without the same degree of agony and distress that eating used to cause me.

Was I healed? No, of course not…I still felt awful most of the time, and I had gained well over 10 pounds (I gained a total of around 22 pounds in the first few months) and, even though I was thin, it felt just awful, so it was certainly not something that ‘felt good’.

I felt crappy most of the time and the weight I gained seemed and felt like fat deposits and certainly looked like fat deposits, so it felt very uncomfortable indeed.

But that is obviously what my body needed to do in order to build up the resources to allow it to begin to do all the healing that it could not otherwise do without it.

So, I focused instead on knowing that at least I was finally able to get real nutrition into me…and then, for the rest, I just had to find a way to accept that my situation was what it was, and thus just step aside and leave my body alone to do what it needed and to take however long it needed, to do it.

If I had allowed myself to get too worked up over the weight-gain and the fact that I still felt crappy and was not ‘seeing’ certain changes as quickly as my mind was screaming to see them, then I would have quit right there and then.

But, as others have mentioned…quit and go back to what, exactly?

The terrible state that eating plants had led me to?

There comes a point where you can no longer kid yourself and you simply have to accept that there are no real ‘shortcuts’.

Those are a lie, false promises, nothing more. Because they create no lasting true changes. They just set your body up for even more damaged internal conditions.

Eventually I did end up naturally losing those initial fatty deposits which my body had gained, and my body began to replace all the muscle I had lost too, after so many years of poor nutrition and crazy diets.

Internally, my organs and tissues possibly needed to go through that stage in order to be ‘balanced’ enough to take on the complex tasks needed to facilitate the repair and rebuilding of tissues, organs and bones etc, too…

To focus on ZC as something you demand specific things from, especially so quickly, whilst ignoring where you are possibly coming from in terms of what your previous metabolic issues were, is to really just commit to giving yourself a ticket out of ZC, before you’ve even really given your body a chance to do what it needs to, so that those deeper benefits can materialise in such a way that you can see them all begin to be expressed as more obvious changes.

Too many people are actually not seeing this difference clearly.

They don’t realise that the whole ‘give it 30 days’ thing, is sometimes actually just a way of giving them a way of quitting before they even really get going …

Why? Usually because subconsciously they simply don’t want to have to make any of the deeper changes to their perspective, or to their priorities, or their mental fixations and desires to have it all go according to some set preconceived plan.

If you are so determined to have it go according to the mental script you have set in your mind, then you must understand that you are giving yourself an excuse to quit, because really you don’t value what ZC can do for you; you just want to be thin, or whatever it is you are fixated on seeing results in.

Again, that’s not a criticism!

Hell, most of us go through it, at least to some degree, and it is just one of the challenges along the way which we all must navigate our way through.

So believe me you are not alone, and I know that I, for one, sure had a heck of a time with my own personal issues of this sort involving my own particular emotionally invested desires, when they didn’t play out in the way or at the speed at which I wanted them to.

So at least for some people, it may be time to step back and do some self-reflection and see where you are at in terms of your desires and expectations…

And from there, try to decide what is truly important, in the bigger picture, to you.

If all you want is to lose weight, and nothing else will console you, then, in all honesty, you’re better off doing something else.

This will become obvious after a while to anyone who comes upon ZC as we practise it here. Because you will not rapidly lose weight on ZC as we advocate it be done, unless it is actually healthy for your body to indeed do so.

Some people do drop weight very rapidly on ZC because their body is able to handle that. But, for most of us, it simply means that ZC is NOT the fastest way to lose weight.

Which is perfectly logical and exactly as it should be and indeed how we would expect it to work too. Because it actually works to heal the underlying conditions, rather than losing weight from a state of forced chronic restriction as other diets do; which is a stressful state instead of healthy one.

Losing weight too quickly is not an ideal internal milieu in the majority of cases. Thus on ZC your body will only release weight within certain parameters and at times and in a manner when/where it is not unhealthy to do so.

The difference with ZC is that what you lose tends to be as a result of the fact that a deeper internal imbalance or hormonal issue is finally being resolved.

On other diets, you may lose weight faster, but the effect usually cannot be maintained in the vast majority of cases. The weight loss is merely a transient and often thus a more chaos-inducing influence on the longer term state of the internal hormonal homeostasis, via its effects upon metabolic systems et al.

Thus weight lost via those chronic catabolic diets, unlike ZC, can be said to be harmful; and in the long term especially, not helpful in achieving real lasting success.

Again, this is also why all those diets we ever did in the past simply added to our internal metabolic dysfunction and chaos in the end. This is why it is even known and mentioned in the conventional world, that ‘diets’, in the long run, indeed only set you up to slowly end up fatter than ever.

In truth it is because they never really cause ‘healthy’ weight loss if they only add to the internal damage in the long run.

What good will it do you to quit ZC so you can ‘speed-up’ weight-loss, when in 6 months or so from now you’ll more than likely find yourself even worse off, and in the grips of that vicious diet-cycle and filled with cravings again and never truly being able to satisfy your hunger - and thus end up possibly even worse off than before?

Only you can ultimately decide where you will focus your attention, however. And how much effort you are willing to put into overcoming those mental challenges and emotional attachments.

We all find them rising up to loom in front of us at some point - and that is when we must choose how we actually decide to see them and act upon them, when we are confronted by these self-created obstacles.

The ZC journey cannot be travelled unless you are, to a certain extent at the very least, willing to actually step back from any and all distorted thinking patterns and faulty perspectives that are based on social and cultural vanities.

Not to sound harsh, but that is essentially what they are, these metal desires that trip us up so often…vanities, based on nothing more than oppressive ‘ideals’, bound up in cultural and gender power issues. Which are really then just the reflections of our distorted cultural hangups that have been bred into us from birth.

The benefits of ZC are very real. But if your focus is too grimly determined to one thing only, then it is the easiest thing in the world to fail to see the benefits before you.

The question is, will you be willing to see them…

Or will you see only that which you still feel you don’t have and thus allow yourself to be swamped and overcome by that which you assume is your body ‘working against you’ and/or it seemingly conspiring to not give you what you want?

I can only hope to suggest that you try to let go of those excessive desire-based motives.

Only then can you really begin to see the bigger picture and only then will you really understand how incredible the things going on inside your own body are:

And how, if you just shift your view and focus a little, your whole mindset will change and you will begin to appreciate just what you have truly gained, along the way, no matter where you are at in your journey. xx



From CW :slight_smile:
always a great read


bit of help thru longer term vet.

great read!


The basics.

one thing I never agree with and this is me personally is no one ‘requires’ grass fed meat. Just eat meat and great seafood and fish and fowl and just enjoy your chow but this gives some basics for newbies coming into plan.

(Sama Hoole) #159

Yep, the people preaching grass-fed meat tend to have a few products to sell to you. Practically all beef is at least 70% grass by lifespan.


So agree. There is small issues some love GF vs conventional store bought and they ‘might do better’ but for most of us, yea good old meat and cutting those veg/ick out of our systems give us so much improved health!



I am NOT a salt addict :slight_smile: I love he reminds me of this LOL


How Many Walnuts Can You Consume In A Day?

There is no scientific consensus on the ideal dosage of walnuts. But an ounce of the nuts (7 whole walnuts) a day should do. You can make them a part of your diet and not overindulge.

So we see this from the article: allergies, gut issues, bloating, big D, pain and they rob your body, large kcal intake for small amt of food and easily overeaten for weight gain vs. ‘all that great giving’ they are recorded to give to you :slight_smile:

------refer to phytic acid as an anti-nutrient, because it blocks the absorption of certain minerals into the body. Low iron is a big issue if too much phytic acid.


I loved them. I would eat easily 8 oz from a 16 oz bag. I could inhale them and I PAID dearly. I knew every time it would be ‘a long bathroom issue’ for me but darn I loved them right? OMG what an idiot I was back in the old days :wink:

just thinking of walnuts and how so many ‘love their wonderful benefits’ but rarely ever look at the rotten side of nuts and seeds. Believe me there are more negatives vs any positives to me, again, personal opinion on it too but the negative side weighs heavier in the positives in reviews I’ve seen on this evil culprit…yes evil culprit cause walnuts caused me alot of grief thru my life. A few minutes of bliss eating them, alot of trouble after that was never worth it.

just a personal chat on it for me and how I am the happiest person in the world never eating another walnut again in my life…leave it to the squirrels who make a better meal for me than the walnuts HA


big dairy truth from Dr Berry! and why it is ‘suspect’ on the carnivore menu for many but can be enjoyed in ‘the correct’ way on zero carb lifestyle.

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #165

This is one of the best sendups of the idea that nitrates cause cancer—but only if you get them from meat! :rofl:


Diet soda and all so is evil say I! Me! I say that LOL and anyone drinking soda should know this is the most useless product on the planet, along with cereal…and yes this is MY SUPER personal view on it LOL


I can’t quite wrap my head around someone thinking Diet Soda is a meat product. Carnivore WOE, by definition, is animal-based food. Diet Soda IS NOT an animal-based food.

I don’t consider it food, but no matter how I look at it, animal-based it is not!

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #168

Actually, I think the article said if soda came from meat, it would be okay on a carnivore diet, but since it doesn’t, then . . . .

And come to think of it, all the non-sugar sweeteners on the market derive from plants, except for one, the name of which I can’t remember, that is derived from coal tar.

(Vic) #169

So. From plants :smile:

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #170



great simple read on how to approach carnivore and what to expect a bit when starting!