ZC and Protein

(Genevieve Biggs) #1

Here are some important things to consider if you are eating ZC and concerned about protein.

(Paul Mabry) #2

I think a large percentage of people, maybe as high as 70% can eat all the protein they like, be healthy and reach their ideal weight as long as they do not eat carbohydrates. I have become convinced after 2 years of ZC myself and being a member of 4 different Facebook groups that at least 20-30% of people will not be able to reach their ideal weight unless they limit their protein intake. It was primarily this issue that made me start my Facebook Group “Zero Carb Doc” to share my own success and the fact that I have shared this idea with 8 other ZCers who have all restarted their weight loss after limiting protein. Here’s my blog post. http://borntoeatmeat.com/?p=409

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #3

Hey @DocZero Paul! Nice to see you here. I know of what you speak. Even though I am still insulin resistant (reversed T2DM a few years ago on keto), I do not seem to have an issue with eating protein beyond my basic requirements.
I consider myself lucky, considering all the other derangement my poor body has.
I’ve done a few nutty things on keto. My most recent? Eating only steak for 30 days.


Check it out. Lol

(Genevieve Biggs) #4

Dr. Paul, I appreciate that lowering protein helps people to lose weight. I eat ZC for healing first, and weightloss second. I’ll gladly deal with any stall or weight gain if I’m feeling better. Frankly I don’t do well limiting protein, and I think that the 30%, as you put it, who need to lower protein for weightloss, are suffering for the sake of said weightloss. I lost weight being vegan–doesn’t make it healthy. Weightloss does not necessarily mean optimal health. I will choose health over weightloss every day.

Every diet can promise calculations for weightloss success. Only ZC says “Eat meat. Drink water. Your health will improve. Period.” None of the studies done on carnivorous populations, nor the life of Owsley Stanley say anything about limiting protein. I’ll take the experience of those eating ZC as a lifestyle over the short-term success of those limiting protein.

(Paul Mabry) #5

I’m a scientist. I go by the data I have. As to whether people who don’t lose the weight they want to and choose to limit protein to reach their weight loss goal are hurting their health the only way to tell for sure would be to do controlled clinical trials which have not and likely never will be done. So we just have to study all the information we do have come up with a theory and test it. I have been restricting protein on a very high fat diet for 15 months I have had absolutely no hunger pains, I’ve never had more energy or better health. I know of 8 others, one for a year who have decided to follow my plan none have had problems either with hunger or health problems. This is anecdotal evidence but the moderators at ZIOH and ZCH also have only anecdotal evidence and yes they have “more experience” but I am not convinced after following both of these sites for 2 years and seeing what people report, that they have drawn the correct conclusions and my own personal results and those of my friends suggest to me that my theory is better. So until what I observe contradicts what I expect from my theory I will continue to promote it letting people know that it is only a theory and I cannot scientifically prove or disprove it and explaining my reasons. Also many of the people the ZIOH and ZCH moderators talked about that had health issues on low protein diets did not restrict protein the same way I do at a fairly high level and with added fat. I also believe people should know there are option and be given all the information supporting these options and be allowed to make their own choices.

My Facebook group is an open forum, feel free to voice your opinions there any time. I assure you the only response from me will be to explain the science that has led me to my own conclusions and the results I have seen from it. There will be no personal attacks as I have suffered lately on the other 2 sites.

(Genevieve Biggs) #6

Thank you for your opinion. I will continue to follow the prudence of those at ZIOH and ZCH.


As a ZCer who intentionally eats an average of 1.5g protein per lb of LBW and has lost 13
lbs and 3 sizes doing so while maintaining even better health than I had when doing traditional ZC, I can be confident that I fall in the 20-30% who fares better on limiting protein. When I did traditional ZC I gained a lot of weight, had pain in the soles of my feet, and felt hungry all the time. Not so on a moderate protein version of ZC.

(Doug) #8

Mel, how much more protein do you think you were averaging, before you started shooting for 1.5g per pound of LBW?

(Paul Mabry) #9

That’s awesome Mel. January 2018 will mark 2 years protein restriction and intermittent fasting for me and also about a year and half at goal weight with great health and vigor. I just signed up for this 3 day “Tennis Boot Camp” in Tucson that I am going to do with my son who lives in Tucson. I’ll be playing a lot of tennis including singles and drills in the Tucson heat and I’m 67 years young. I’m so proud that my son is also low carb and attend low Carb USA in San Diego with me this year. Here’s a picture of us with Ivor Cummins, the Fat Emperor. Who by the way thinks Zero Carb is a very good diet.


@OldDoug I was eating an average of 175g per day of protein and a similar or higher amount of fat on traditional ZC.