Youtube First Week of Workouts Self Correct yourself

(Vladaar Malane) #1

Good Afternoon,

I completed week one of my rings workout, and my videographer, my kids were able to record at least 1 set of each exercise. So I got it on youtube as week one. I recommend all who workout should do the same even if it’s not public, being able to watch yourself and see when your not doing perfect form is very beneficial for improvements. Also the motivation of seeing yourself progress over the weeks and months. It’s super easy to upload to YouTube or vimeo. Whichever you prefer. I am using a Vedit Video Cutter and Merger ap on my phone for merging separate videos into one.

Without further ado, this my youtube channel. Please feel free to like and subscribe, make fun of, or critique if I am screwing things up. I’m not perfect and am happy to learn from those who know better