Your suggestions for my 1st Ever Butcher Shop Visit?

(ketohealthclub) #1

I’m going to a butcher shop. I’ve never been much of a meat eater, but since turning to keto in October, I’m getting more used to it. I’ve been limiting myself to bacon, chicken, sausage and salmon. What should I try from the butcher shop?

(Guardian of the bacon) #2

So many choices. Depends a lot on your budget. Ribeyes are about my favorite steak. You can pick up bones for making broth. Suet and or tallow to render for cooking fats. Fresh offal is a healthy if not yucky choice. Slow cooked roasts can provide for many meals worth of meat.

(ketohealthclub) #3

Oh- great ideas. Thank you!

(AnnaLeeThal) #4

Get bacon, whole chicken, and tallow or lard. Those are my favorite things.

(ketohealthclub) #5

I have heard bacon is better from the butcher. Thank you!


I would recommend that you talk with the butcher. Ask him or her what’s new this week, or what looks good this week. Or ask them if they have a special order of something coming in the near future. Your best move is to get to know your butcher, and have them get to know you. That’s when the magic starts to happen!

(flyferretschef) #7

Ground beef. Unless your local grocery store has its own real meat department, where they genuinely grind their own throughout the day, the butcher shop’s ground meat will probably be the best and freshest you’ll ever taste. :smile: Was a tremendous treat in my young adult years, to splurge on meat-market hamburger.

(matt ) #8

First time in I suggest you just talk to the butcher and let them guide you. Tell them you are not afraid of fat and that you would even be interested in the fat that they remove and possibly throw away. You will be fast friends.

(Scott Shillady) #9

Two words, pork belly

(ketohealthclub) #10

Well I did find a local butcher. They had lots of stuff from marrow bones (grass fed) to goat cubes! I’ll be returning there.

(David Pegg) #11

Did you buy anything yet? I would recommend slow cooking cuts like pork shoulder. Much more forgiving if you make a mistake!!