Your dogs - let's see them



Thanks Marianne, we really hope it does too. :slight_smile: :crossed_fingers:

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Oh no Dave, I was so happy Shelby was getting better, this is just awful. Everything crossed Kito gets better with the new diet. Sending hugs to you, V and all the pups.


Thank you, Ellen. Much appreciated. :slight_smile:


Gosh darn it! So sad to hear this, hoping for the best recovery and outcome possible (or even never before seen!), what a huggable pup :purple_heart:

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I’m so sorry Dave, fingers crossed that the diet works :cry:


Thanks @BeStill and @beccs … We actually just got back from his second fluid injection and he’s doing good. Tore up his food when we got home. As I told them, appetite is definitely still in tact. :slight_smile:

He actually wanted more, but this is where we need to make sure to keep him to the diet specifics, especially since it’s a low protein diet, which can easily be over done which wouldn’t be good for him.

Thanks again


Here is that Low Protein/High Fat - Kidney Care Recipe I mentioned that our Vet’s office gave us for Kito. … I sincerely hope that no one here ever needs it, but if so, I hope it’s indeed useful.

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K-9 Fenrir

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Someone ate too many scraps at thanksgiving dinner :sleeping:


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Here is Bob the frenchie…he is one awesome pup

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Nothing more beautiful than a shepherd. Love them.

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Here’s Bambi (Bambi the Baby).

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That is one satisfied dog!


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Hers a lap dog.

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So much love!



Posted this in my thread, but wanted to update here too since I posted back when Shelby had her last ACL surgery. … So quick update on Shelby (Also known as ‘Tank’ as of late) :laughing: … Apparently, she’s more fitting to our nick-name of Big Girl, since out of the 14 lbs. her brother Keto lost recently with his diagnosis of Kidney Failure, Shelby apparently found 13 of them herself! :flushed: She now weighs 87 lbs.! (But she’s had a lot of down time during and recouping from her surgeries, so this is understandable. … But she’s getting around pretty good nowadays and will be walked much more after Winter’s over. We plan to have her moving around much more & getting in more exercise come Spring when the weather gets better. - Other then that, she’s doing fine.

Here’s a few images of her with V loving up on her while waiting in the Vet’s office…

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look at that face!!! so sweet. She is a tank…a pretty tank! Glad to hear she is doing better