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I can only speak on Akita’s, since I owned one before. Her AKC name was (LaBrandy-Lady-Bear - “Brandy” for short) but not sure about the Great Pyrenees. (But believe I’ve read nothing but good things about that breed though?) - But Akita’s are indeed known to be quite protective, courageous as well as Loyal, but are indeed also known to be aggressive toward other animals in general. (Especially dogs of the same sex) - They actually recommend Akita’s are best raised alone, with no other pets. :slightly_frowning_face:

But with that being said… I personally believe that any pup can be raised to be gentle and good with others, regardless of their Breed. (Yes, there are and will be exceptions & sometimes their personalities are going to be just that, theirs. - But that is my honest opinion, and I have owned a load of animals, & not just pups.) I personally feel that their upbringing and how they are raised, has a lot more to do with how they turn out opposed to their general Breed. (I’ve never bought into that, though I do understand when it’s said some Breeds are known to typically have temperaments leaning one way or the other, I still think each has the ability to be either. :slight_smile: I have seen both spectrum’s, where Breeds known to be extremely aggressive, are some of the most gentle. And vise-versa, Breed’s known to be great with people and pets, be some of the most aggressive, pain in the ass fur-balls I’ve seen. :confused:

Well, not sure how helpful all that might have been to ya? But you might be surprised, all the pups I’ve known to be raised with Cats, all did well with them. (Especially when the cats were in place first) And they were just as protective of them as they would be a sibling. … Hope to get to see this big ole’ pup if you choose to bring him into the family. :slight_smile:

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I thought maybe he did something naughty and was hiding.


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We have a mixed breed (Ginger, in my avatar). She is our sweetheart but can be a little piss pot. I don’t trust her with children and get nervous when adults come over. We also have a french bulldog who loves everyone and everything.

I know for me, whenever we get another dog, we will search for a breed that has a reputation for being friendly and even tempered. I don’t want to have to worry about how they might act around people, children, or other animals. Too stressful. Also, for us, no more puppies. They are exhausting and too much energy for this old gal. Bambi, our frenchie, was three when we got her (retired breeder). All she does is sleep and cuddle - perfect for us. Adult dogs can be wonderful. If you rescue, they can tell you the dog’s personality to suit what you are looking for.

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I have a border collie springer spaniel (very hyper, very much a herder) he does fine as I have had him since he was 6 weeks old. I have three cats and he plays with them at times but mostly lets them be. I think as long as your socializing them with the cats a lot they tend to mostly do fine. If you do decide to do another breed to be cautionary i would still start with a puppy to acclimate the puppy and the cats. I’ve always had good luck with dogs and cats and have had a lot of breeds.


Kheilan getting ready for Halloween…

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No she’s been there ever since I filled her food bin up. It’s been days :laughing:

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I had a Pyr, wonderful breed. very aloof yet sweet. Regal is the perfect word for them. Very unlikely for a pyr to bother another animal in anyway. As far as that breed is concerned you are good. But as you are getting a mix I don’t know how helpful that is. good luck

I still remember her eyes sparkling when the first snow of the season fell and how she always came when I opened the fridge to get cheese out. Just when I was getting the cheese. Oh and when she shed her coat it was like it had snowed inside the house.

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Is he a vampire?



Goblin dog… or Mastiff… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Gentle giant.


Stinky fart goblin…:stuck_out_tongue:

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Pyrenees are usually wonderful, akita’s can be aggressive but usually in a protect the pack way rather than attacking anything way, but if you raise any dog from a young age the training is the most important part, any dog can be aggressive if raised that way, but even “aggressive” breeds don’t have have to be if not trained for it. A friend has a akita husky cross, he’s lovely so long as you don’t make any threatening moves toward her (pack leader) or her kids (pack young), and that will earn a proper growl unless you actually try to hurt them, he knows the difference between kids screaming in play or not.
Let us know what you decide, and plenty of pics if you do get him/her.

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Damn, just want to smoosh & hug.


My coworker’s dog, summoning the power of the mighty kibble… he flicks one from his bowl, reverses, lies on the floor, stares at it and attacks it after a few seconds :joy:


Posted this in personal thread tonight, but thought to share it here, since those who frequent this thread might not see my other one. And since I’ve posted about all my Pups in here. - But Shelby is doing better and better nowadays, which is great. But seems my Male Pup Kito, is now having some issues…

Well, took off a couple hours early today so we could take my Male pup, Kito to the Vet to be checked out, since he seemed to be loosing even more weight. - After a few hours there and running some test, we ended up getting some pretty shitty news. … He had his yearly check up back in July, where he had actually lost 9 lbs. from the previous year. And this year V has really stayed on top of brushing out all the dogs during the day, to try and keep the shedding down. So he already looked smaller with less fur, but he still seemed to be getting smaller in general, and some of this appeared to be muscle mass loss. Mostly noticeable in the hips/hind-leg area … As of tonight, he had lost an additional 5 lbs. since July…

Turns out that he isn’t doing that well at all, but that he actually has Kidney Failure. And this is why he’s been loosing weight. - There is no cure for this, so now we can only try to maintain him with a new Diet, Liquids, etc. and hope for the best. So I can’t say at this point how this will all play out? They say some dogs do well when changed over to a low-protein, high Fat diet, but that’s not to say he won’t continue getting worse? Only time will tell, and we can only do everything we can for him in the meantime. So for the next 5 days or so, we will be taking him back up to the Vet, where they will be injecting a liter of fluids under his skin, as they did tonight. This is because his levels were quite high, and they need to try and get these numbers down. But in the meantime, we have already started setting up the new diet with the can foods they supplied and the recipe they gave us that is used to address Kidney care for Dogs.

He’s never minded going to the Vet, actually even seemed to enjoy the trips since he was a pup. (Plus everyone there has always been nuts about him, (as well as his sisters, but they really love this guy) so he probably loves the attention as well) But tonight was a bit long for him in that small room, and you can tell he wanted to get out of there. - Besides jumping up and laying with me in a chair, he does at times jump up on me while standing, but not often. But did so quite a few times tonight. Then he would lay down facing the door, waiting for us to head back home. He’s resting well presently…


Oh Dave, I’m so sorry you have to go through this :frowning:

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I’m sorry to learn of your Kito’s troubles. There appears to be some very good kidney specific low protein dog food available now.

We had very good luck with very low protein food for my cat. Sheila outlived her kidney failure diagnosis by more than three years and died at 17 from an unrelated cause.

Sending a bunch of good wishes Kito’s way.

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Dave, Oh no. I have the diet helps. So Sorry.


Thanks everyone, we are hoping the Diet helps him too, as well as the fluid injections under his skin he will be getting for the next week. Re-testing of blood work will be done next Wednesday or so to see if his numbers are better. :crossed_fingers:

@MavisArthur Yes, they do indeed have some good Kidney Specific Dog foods available, which we hope will indeed help him. He ate what we gave him last night with no issues at all. (So appetite is still normal apparently by the way he tore into it. :slight_smile: So don’t believe this will be an issue for him) This also includes the homemade recipe the provided, for a low protein/high Fat diet specific for this. (We actually already did similar to this, since we make them stuff like this all the time) We will just make sure he only gets this, and not any regular dog food. His Sisters of course will have to change up some too, to help with all this, namely not having their food out at all times. But of course they will still get something anytime he does, not wanting any of them to think the other is getting something they are not. But they all great dogs and go together quite well, so this shouldn’t be an issue, just a little more tedious for us as far as scheduling stuff and keeping on top of it all. :slight_smile: … Thanks again folks.

I don’t have it here with me at work, but will also probably post the Low Protein/High Fat Recipe they provided us in case it’s useful to anyone else. As I said, it’s similar to what we give them from time to time anyway and they’ve always loved it. :slight_smile:

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Oh, that poor sweetheart. He is so beautiful. I am so sorry for you. I hope his new diet will be the solution you hope for.