Your dogs - let's see them


(Virginia ) #324

Beautiful fur babies you have, love their names. :slight_smile:


Thank you!! They are such good boys. Can’t take credit for their names though. Our local shelter named them. :slight_smile:

(Sophie) #326

I just love his face! Too adorable! Is he terrier? He has that “look” about him. :kissing_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::dog:

(Sophie) #327

What a sweet couch potato you have! They sure know how to make themselves comfy don’t they? :kissing_heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smile:


Thanks :slight_smile: they really do…we let her sleep on the couch for a few nights in September and she wont let us forget our mistake :joy: We leave the room for 2 seconds and she is already hugging the pillow :wink: But she is old, so we let her enjoy :wink:

(Hillary ) #329

Thank you. He is a chorkie and the light of our life.

(Sophie) #330

I knew it! He has terrier written all over his sweet little face. Owner beware: “Terrors” are brilliant little buggers. They can be more challenging than twin 3yo toddlers! :smile::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::dog:


These are my buddies Patch and Diesel. Patch is ready for Summer.


Tippie ~ a two time return to our local shelter. Can’t understand why. She’s the sweetest.

(⚕ ⚕) #333

Those ears — my heart jumped.

Does Tippie have pit in her? Ours was a pit “rescue” as well. A family was ill-prepared to take her on 9 years ago. She’s also a sweetie, and helped two of my children get over their fear of dogs.


Yes, Tippie is a Pit mix. That’s awesome about your kids!

(Elizabeth Ikerd) #335

Tsavo, my South African Boerboel

(Boots on? Balls to the wall? Good start.) #336



Monday was ruff…
If anyone ever asks, my dog lives like a queen :wink:


My wife saved this for me, since it rings so true for me! :smile:

Times three I might add…

But these ‘Alarm Clocks’ were just too cute, especially when they were little. … Here’s the younger two at just a couple weeks old. - Kito and Khaleesi…

And their older sister, Shelby, who we got 18 months before. (Same Parents)…

And things changed so fast… :smile: …They follow me around everywhere I go and always have.

There’s pretty much one of the three laying on me, with me, etc. at almost all times when I’m home. :slight_smile:

(The amazing autoimmune 🦄) #339

My girl wakes us up bright and early everyday. She thinks it’s her duty to get us up and not sleep past 5:30. She talks us awake. :smile:


Awesome doggies :slight_smile:
I would love to have a Husky, but I can’t fit him into our lifestyle…a labrador is more “me” :slight_smile:


Thanks. :slight_smile: - They’re Husky/Shepard mix. - My Wife’s cousin owned the Mother, Father & Grandfather to these guys. But he unfortunately passed a few years back, when they were just a couple years old.

(Janelle) #342

That early thing - French Bulldogs. Or at least mine for the 12 years I’ve had her now. I think I’ve slept until 6am a handful of times unless I was on vacation and a pet sitter was dealing with that!


Yep, sounds about right. We’re usually surprised when they don’t wake us. And the other end of that is they run to the bedroom as soon as they think I’m going to bed! :smile: It’s funny when I’m just going in to use the restroom, so they all pile on the bed, and then follow me back out when I’m done. :smile: