You should eat more carbs

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According to MyFitnessPal publishers who approved of this article;

If you do not eat at least 225–320 grams of carbohydrates per day you will be stupid, “brain fog”, emotionally needy ", weak “crummy workouts”, stink “bad breath”, and be in pain “digestion issues”.

So if you don’t want to be stupid, emotionally needy, weak, stinky, and in pain, you should eat a lot more wheat and sugar. And then you can continue to use MFP to try to lose weight.

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Funny! I have a lot less brain fog without carbohydrate. Not to mention having many fewer digestion issues. :grin:


omgosh you know I had to click this thread :scream_cat:

copied from your fitness pal post:

Carbs are our primary fuel source and provide us with the energy we need just to do daily activities and live,” says Appel. “They’re also our brain’s primary fuel source, and without ample carbohydrates, it can’t function optimally.” (According to Appel, the brain relies on carbs for about 90% of its energy.)

THIS KILLS ME CAUSE I firmly believe our bodies were ketone burn first, long long long ago when we crawled out of the swamp…but then agriculture took over and ‘the experts’ MADE glucose become our ‘known energy fuel’ and without it we are doomed.

omg! :skull_and_crossbones:

Actually kevin that article is scary as heck cause so many will read and follow and fail and not gain great health truly…ugh.

but it is what it is out there, but some of us know better :wink:


Yeah because I will be smart and strong while feeling miserable on the highest level of sugar poisoning. (My body probably could go back to high-carb somehow but it wasn’t ideal back then, it would be worse now.)

I tried various levels of carbs and the picture is extremely clear. Extreme low-carb is the best for me.

Plus, science :slight_smile:

Many people would overeat at 225g carbs anyway. I massively overate there.

Wheat and sugar? I didn’t look at the article, did they talked about those? Don’t tell me WHAT to eat to have a specific macro. I did high-carb using mostly vegetable carbs before on paleo (one day but it wasn’t very special). Okay, veggies has sugar but still.

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Yep all those “essential” carbs…

From the author’s bio

“A self-proclaimed veggie-lover and nature-seeker”

vegan I bet!

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Omg, :grimacing:

Not stinky, weak, not emotionally needy. No bad breath, no painfull farts.

I have none of these things So…

I eat way to much carbs :exploding_head::grin:


Ohhhh, there is the agenda!!! You caught it :slight_smile:


:rofl: LOL!! So funny.

Also very sad, too. The addicted fight hard to keep their addiction and poison themselves.

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Funny, here I thought it was carb-withdrawal that caused all of those things?

Similarly, the problem with quitting an addiction to heroin is that you experience brain fog, emotional needs, crummy workouts, bad breath, general pain, and digestive issues.

As such, one should never quit injecting heroin. :roll_eyes:


I am reading the article now…

Brain: Yep, I surely became brain-dead after 120 hours without any carbs long ago. But if I am dead, I can avoid all the carbs I want, I am lucky. Normal people aren’t that lucky - unless they know the very well-know fact that carbs aren’t essential. It’s no secret, it’s everywhere, it’s easy to see, evolution, fasting, science… I saw it on a vegan blog too for heaven’s sake…

IF someone works well more carbs, don’t force it low? I totally agree. I am not among them according to my body. If I eat carbs, that’s for joy or whatever, not because I need it. So leave me alone.
But they do as I don’t have any of the 5 problems. Zero fiber actually works wonderfully (the same as little or much or very much, my body is stubborn at that). But I ate much fiber on my original keto as my high total carbs didn’t interfere with my ketosis so I never cared about that. I don’t know about a higher-plant keto with little fiber, I never did that but I don’t remember stories about ketoers who neglected their fiber and had problems so it can’t be very common…?
Even if someone has constipation, it may be the result of zillion other things.

And well. Lack of carbs GUARANTEES trouble? No, it doesn’t. Many people who do it right don’t have trouble. Are they ignoring both science and lots of experience here? Focusing some bad keto or just their thinking disconnected from reality?

And nope, not everyone gets satiated if they eat much fiber. Fiber does exactly nothing to my satiation, for example. But carbs make me hungry (at least plant carbs but it’s impossible to test).
I know these nice lil ideas about satiation (more fiber, bigger volume, slower carbs, more protein, more and smaller meals…) and they all work nicely for many people… And totally fail for many of us. It’s very very individual. I saw people who only could eat little enough to lose (it’s needed for us normal beings) if they ate sugary fruits. I need carnivore for the same. And some people get satiated based on calories alone (probably not exactly but it’s true on a not insane woe that they actually can do).
If people would just get satiated with volume and fiber to the extent some people imagine, they easily would slim down using huge salads (with some protein in/with it, of course) without more suffering than what eating huge salads can cause… Yep, some of us eat for other reasons than hunger but some people are determined enough to give up those and it’s still not necessarily easy.

What is nature-seeker? I am probably that unless it’s something illogical and I am an ex but huge veggie lover (it stopped quite a few years after I went keto and I totally blame the charming carnivores on this forum. thank you guys :D). I ate them for joy and I had other reasons like we practically always cooked vegetarian food, not for nutrients or something. Though they probably helped until I added meat, now I so don’t need them, in the contrary.

BUT if someone needs them, fine. Just don’t spout bullshit. Even pretty okay things said as general truth are very wrong and even potentially dangerous.

And grains are VERY overrated IMO. I mean, of course they are hailed in this world but it’s still too excessive. Once I almost broke a vegan when I told them I don’t eat grains. They are sacred in the vegan or certain HCLF health conscious (they truly try to do it right, maybe they don’t know it right but they don’t eat crap for joy not caring about their health… and it surely works for some) circles, it seems. And I can’t imagine why. Tradition? But cereal isn’t even a long-term one like bread. But it may be log enough for the currently living folks… Oh well. I can’t and don’t need to understand everything.

It happens, no wonder. A strong addiction tends to preserve itself. Some of us can separate our thinking from our desires/compulsions, some feels better not to…? I don’t know, I am the separator type, mostly. I may ignore my smarter voice here and then but I do fight for the right cause and I prefers harsh truths over pretty lies.
But of course, it’s not so simple. Ketoers are very biased and blind too, quite often. Keto isn’t for everyone and we may need very different styles even on keto. I don’t consider carbs necessarily bad, they clearly works very well for many. And even if low-carb would be better for some of them and they would need to sacrifice too much to gain very very little, it’s a bad deal.
(I personally want the best, healthiest woe for me, I am a good enough hedonist to enjoy the hell out of it - it takes time and training but I can do it. Maybe I leave some tiny extras but only if my body easily handle them. My health is my number one priority as it should. I am baffled why so many people seemingly don’t care about it. I understand not everyone is willing to be as extreme as I am - not like I consider my lazy on/off thing extreme at all but it’s still very extreme for most people - but some steps into the right direction…? No? No, it’s all about short term joy and convenience and compulsions are fine, let’s eat whatever we see and fancy, no matter what. Not smart and not hedonistic. A real hedonist want to enjoy life in the distant future too.)

I noticed that drastically differently eating groups often say the exact same things about their woe. I guess if you cherry pick your infos well enough, you can do it…

You have a point with the heroin metaphor :slight_smile: If the bad things only happen in the beginning, who knows if it’s due to the new woe or the last one? My body responded to very low-carb keto drastically differently after high-carb and after low-carb. A very drastic change is often not pleasant. Run or lift (not even very carefully but nothing extreme) after being super sedentary for long…

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Be like an Egyptian…


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Look on the bright side: It just means more bacon for the rest of us! :bacon::bacon:

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Just more anti-keto / anti-low-carb evangelism. The usual scary stuff…

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Has anyone actually experienced the 5 Signs?

  1. Fatique and brain fog
  2. Moodiness
  3. Crummy workouts
  4. Bad breath
  5. Digestion issues

I have not! Since starting keto: Overall fatique and ‘brain fog’ (whatever that means) have not changed. I am no more nor less ‘moody’ than prior to keto. I’m generally an ‘upbeat’ person and that has not changed. Although I don’t ‘workout’ at the gym, my overall physical exertions are neither worse nor better. I do not have bad breath! All the digestive issues I had prior to keto have gone away.

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Yes, all of them. When I was eating a high-carbohydrate diet.

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It’s been too long for me. I started too long ago.

I do think I (still) can get digestion issues. For instance, eating too much of the wrong fat. I can’t eat all hot dogs, for example. Instead, I have to “dilute” them with other meats or chili (all meat chili, no beans, of course). But other than this, most of digestive issues come from plants.

I had way more of all of these when on high carb, even Pritikin (very low fat).


Ya, unfortunately that’s not a quote, that’s you picking things said and gluing them together to sound the way you wasted it to sound. The article was more or less right, it’s clearly not going to base something like that from a keto prospective. She said those things were a sign of you needing more, not a result of you not eating 225-320g and for the majority of the carb powered population that would be correct.

I’ll never understand the mindset of people thinking this stuff is written for the ultra minority of people doing keto and not the overwhelming majority of those that aren’t. The majority doesn’t cater to the minority. C’mon.

To add to that… MFP sucks.

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Hmm, I got the impression this was the foundational principle of much of today’s popular culture? :wink:


It seems the bodies of the majority isn’t so very happy with their woe, though.
I don’t say keto is good for most people, I don’t know that (only that the opinion keto is the best for everyone is very biased and wrong) but overdoing carbs harmed me even when I had no idea low-carb is an option.

And it doesn’t matter who is the target. Too many articles talk about carbs being awesome and much fat being bad while it’s simply not true at all.