You don't win friends with salad


(Geoffrey) #2

I’m down with it.


I have heard about similar things but they were way more layers… Starting with some bird. But there were a description of something that had many birds and it seemed impossible to put a bird into just a bit bigger one but I never tried anything like this :smiley:

(Bob M) #4

How would you cook that? Seems like the inside wouldn’t be cooked when the outside was dry.

(Edith) #5

Low and slow?

(KM) #6

Turdukin. chicken inside a duck inside a turkey. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Geoffrey) #7

Yep, it’s a Cajun thang. I’ve eaten them before and they are tasty.

(Bob M) #8

@VirginiaEdie Low and slow makes sense, I’m just having trouble figuring out into what you’d put that thing to get to low and slow.

(Geoffrey) #9

A massive smoker.

(KM) #10

A pit.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #11

The usual thing is to build a fire in a pit, wrap the animal in muslin, place a layer of stones over the coals, lower the animal into the pit, and bury it for twenty-four hours. Or you can build a big open “pit” above ground and turn the animal on a spit. Staying up all night turning the spit works for some people, but burying the meat with the coals allows getting a good night’s snooze.


If I don’t feel I am being roasted too and I can do it (my poor arms probably would fall off at some point, at least it would feel so), I am ready, just give me good company, maybe some nice music and enough quality booze. But I would fall asleep then. Oh well. There is company, let’s split the work and everyone will be happy.
Then the morning comes and I can’t eat until mid-afternoon at least… Or noon if I hadn’t eaten since long. Sleep then, I wake up late and the meat cooled down, ready to eat! There shouldn’t be too many people with too big appetites around.

It would be a fun day and night in the right circumstances (mostly quality of company).