Yikes! Truvia Spike!


So, this morning I tested my blood glucose (I’m non-diabetic, I am keto for weight loss and health.) and it was 120! The only thing I did before testing was lick the spoon from my favorite fat-bomb (delicious mousse). That’s it. It was a tiny amount. It took about four hours for my glucose levels to come down to normal. Which, btw, was very stable the last few days @ 99. The only sweetener in my fat bombs is Truvia. It is the spoonable variation, which is a blend of erythritol and stevia. I know their baking blend has sugar in it, but the spoonable does not. It only has erythritol carbs. I will need to do some testing now, to see how the different sweeteners affect me. No, I am not diabetic, but I still cannot allow my glucose to spike like that right? Spikes like that, mean that my insulin is spiking as well, correct? I will be testing this weekend, stevia, erythritol, and stevia/erythritol blend. I will test Truvia by itself too… I am bummed :frowning: I love my mousse.

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Please retest at other times of the day. You may have been experiencing the dawn effect.


Thank you for this! After reading up on the “dawn phenomenon”, this does sound about right. I will do the additional testing as suggested. The good thing is that my blood ketones show me still in ketosis, but not optimal - yet. I appreciate your information, and will continue to monitor.

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What is optimal?

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[quote=“wklambert, post:1, topic:12639”]
Spikes like that, mean that my insulin is spiking as well, correct?
[/quote] Below gives a method for testing sweeteners from which an assumption about insulin behaviour can be drawn. Insulin can be tested via lab blood test.


Test a couple times to make sure thats what is was, not in the AM and realize that a realize a difference of 21 is ignorable and hardly a spike. Keep an eye on it, but don’t over think it.