Yellow Mealworm OK'd by EU Food Safety Agency

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #1


Macros (per 100 grams):

  • Energy (kcal) 510
  • Protein (g) 54.1
  • Fat (g) 29.4
  • Carbohydrate (g) 5.9


Don’t be fooled. Bugs are just a stepping stone to state mandated veganism.

(Vic) #3

I eat them freeze dried.

They taste like pop corn.

Another viriant is buffalo worms, they taste like bacon.

Crickets and grasshoppers are also nice.

Im pretty shure it will not turn vegan any time soon :grin:
If it all becomes more mainstream I’ll be happy, it rare and expensive now.

(bulkbiker) #4

Where do the carbs come from I wonder… ?

(Vic) #5

Shugar is 0%
They also have some fiber

Im out now, will order some new and post a pic of the label.

(Jack Bennett) #6

You can get cricket protein from truenutrition. I haven’t tried it yet … I stick with whey, the tried-and-true.

(Jane) #7

I guess because it is certified for human consumption? I buy 10-lbs of dried mealworms for the chickens for $54. Ten lbs is a HUGE bag!

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #8

Yowza! Ten LBs:


They call locusts “sky prawns” because of how they taste…

(Robin) #10

OH MY HEAD! I can’t believe ya’ll are just calmly discussing this! Just the word Mealworms makes me gag. Pictures of them make me gag BIGGER!

(Susan) #11

The recipe for cupcakes in the article calls for ground up dried ones. I would try that with almond flour and some sweetener for sure.

(Central Florida Bob ) #12

Those look like the Gagh we used to eat on the Cro’noS, the Klingon home world. Except smaller. And way too high in carbs. 6 grams of carb per 100 grams of of worms? What’s the point?

You may return to being serious. :wink:

(As close as I can get to something Star Trek-related)

(Jane) #13

Feeds my hens for months! Then they poop out my (rare) breakfast or dinner. Win-win.

(Jane) #14

As a supplement - they get layer crumbles from the feed store as their regular diet. But I supplement with scratch (cracked corn and seeds), mealworms, yogurt, tomatoes and spinach getting a bit “off” but not bad yet.

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #15

My pet rats always go wild for mealworms. There is a company that sells them in cans, still moist. The product is intended for lizards, but rats enjoy them, too. I bought a big bag of dried mealworms once, but never again! The smell really bothered me, and it just filled up the apartment I was living in at the time. I doubt I could eat them, though my rats found them delicious.

You can also grow your own mealworms, I understand. They eventually grow up into some kind of bug. The bugs lay eggs, which hatch, and the cycle continues (cue “Lion King” music . . . :grin:).

(UsedToBeT2D) #16

I like my “top of the food chain” approach.


Western culture’s widespread insect taboo is a strange thing. 2+ billion people worldwide eat insects regularly and intentionally. . . now, because I said “intentionally”, that’s not including the bug remains inevitably left over in other foods we consume. In that case, pretty much everyone on the planet has probably eaten insects at some point.

Ever eaten honey, know how it’s made? Nectar regurgitation of a honey bee.

Heard of botok tawon? Steamed bee larvae.

Deep fried crickets are common in Thailand. So are crickets, grasshoppers, cockroaches, beetles, worms and ant eggs.
Ever heard of casu martzu? It’s a Sardinian cheese filled with maggots.

I could go on and on.

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #18

In for a penny in for a pound.


I am sure they aren’t that similar to me but I don’t care, I wanna try them all! :smiley:
I have already read crickets are really tasty :slight_smile:

So I patiently wait for them be more available and at some point, cheaper too. But I will try a little amount of expensive stuff when I can without extra hassle, I surely won’t order only them from somewhere.

Yes. Wouldn’t go anywhere near it… MY cheese shouldn’t have maggots. (“Choosier” people doesn’t even eat cheese, I am not among them but I must draw the line somewhere.)

Mealworms would take some time (if I am not in the mood, maybe even multiple minutes) but crickets? Any time, immediately - if they are made for human consumption and ready to eat.


2:58. . . that mealworm burger, that’s neat! I wonder how it would satiate compared to a regular pure beef burger.

3:08. . . toss them in some oil, salt and liquid smoke and you’d have yourself some instant worm bacon. BWT, bacon worm, tomato :wink: