YEAST! Game Changer


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Any context about how it changes the game?

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A picture’s worth a thousand words, but which thousand?

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Yep I have baked with it, and without it

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Depends we’re all individuals. Not everything is for everyone. I love baking with it, it comes out tasting as close to the bakery and one can get. It’s worth 2000 words for me :grin:

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to bait

to lure 


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I’m not suggesting yeast is a problem…

Do you eat a lot of baked goods?

I’m fortunate that I never really cared for bread, cookies and cakes even before I went low carb, but I realize a lot of people have trouble giving up the things that lead to a lot of health issues, and brought them to the point where they think going " keto " would be a good thing.

Sugar is addictive, and the addiction is driven by the sweetness.
Who eats bread that isn’t ‘sweet’ tasting?
Sometimes (often ) trying to hold onto the behavior that leads to our demise can really get in the way of success with healing.

There are a lot of " Keto " sites out there that make a big deal out of their Keto friendly desserts and treats. They are definitely trying to lure people to their site where they are trying to sell information.
Forgive the cliché, but it would seem they want us to have our cake and eat it too…
I notice they usually bury the nutrition information and serving size in a ton of other information and click-adds.

According to the pretzel recipe 1 serving is one pretzel, without giving a particular weight…

It is 320 calories with 6 net carbs… That is a substantial carb load if one is trying to limit carbs to 20 a day. For me, it would almost serve as a meal, and leave me hungry.

At a site like the Diet Dr. They tell you right at the top what the nutrition information is…

Diet Dr. Bagels

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I eat one meal a day, and around 7pm I absolutely have something sweet. Like a 3 carb delicious cinnamon roll with orange glaze. Like my picture.
Sometimes I don’t want to finish the entire thing, but yes that’s what I do at least five days a week.
I have seven meals in one week and probably around 5-3 carbs snacks or less, a week.
I’ve done it since I started four years ago with my extreme weight loss.
I only eat once a day around 24-30 carbs a day with a 3 carb snack.

I just dropped back down that low a little over a month ago, however I’ve always only ate one meal and one snack a day.
There are days I don’t even want it, there are days I do. As long as it’s very low carb I never deny myself it.

It’s why I always have something good baked. I never ever buy anything low carb in the store except a pint of low carb icecream once I a while.
Everything I eat is made by me and not processed.
I very rarely if ever crave outside that time period after I feed.
So it’s not an addiction just something I enjoy.

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Sounds like me and beer… ( IPA )

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Interesting to see yeast being touted as keto-friendly. When I joined the forums in 2017, there were a lot of people trying to get yeast-free to fight candidiasis. Apparently the yeast die-off was a fairly gruesome experience.


If someone is healthy and just want low-carb, yeast is fine.
Gluten is similar: many people avoid it but many keto breads have it.
For a IIFYM ketoer everything is okay on keto I guess (except the carby items they can’t eat in moderation. and they may have a personal blacklist for reasons but the reason isn’t that it’s “not keto”).

I only used yeast for my breads. Only the wheat ones were like bread. The keto one with gluten had a nice texture and not good taste (though it can be improved with lots of spice. I personally dislike the flavor of gluten).
It’s easier and better to eat eggs instead of bread :smiley: It never disappoints :smiley: But we are different so we need different things for the same role. And some roles are simply missing.
“Sweet baked goods” is non-existent in my keto for various reasons.

Even so, those pretzel are very good-looking in the picture :smiley:


Give me a couple weeks with those and I’d be about 30lbs heavier again… but they look f’ing amazing!


Makes them rise

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One net carb per packet. It’s amazing. I’ve been using it for a long time. Just didn’t know how. It’s a learning process.
I don’t even know what that is… Canditis? (wrong spelling :rofl:) if anyone has a zero tolerance for yeast… They shouldn’t go near it on keto or not.
I never have, and everyone I feed knows what is used in my ingredients. It’s totally organic. They line up. It’s wonderful

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One net carb. If you eat anything you buy like keto bread etc you’re eating yeast. I love baked low carb sweets in moderation. It’s one of the biggest reasons I love keto.
Lots of people I know just nixed sweets because they admit they do not know how to work with xantham gum, almond flour, coconut flour etc… It’s a lot of work to learn, and it’s very expensive.
However I very much enjoy learning, and experimenting.
I’ve become good enough to sell my products.
People wanna purchase my items.
I love it. I made an orange cake the other day with orange icing and orange zest. Can’t use the orange itself for obvious reasons.
The orange color turned out beautiful.
A woman at work said I’d buy this cake for 30 dollars for my friends and family who do low carbs.

I simply love cooking and baking keto.
You have too.
The processed crap is RIDICULOUS to buy. One dozen cookies are 12-15 dollars.
Most don’t come close to mine anyway.

Dream of staring a processed free keto baked goods food truck

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Thank you…
There are no words. It really is an incredible thing. You just have to know how to do it and use it. Took me about a solid year of learning and failing. I have to tweak some of the recipes that get 2 million hits because I know from experience their way won’t work. Because I’ve done it myself.
Not big things little… Like sifting dry ingredients. Never in the recipe… However to sift or not to sift is what creates that fluffy bread taste and feel.

It is absolutely amazing, but gotta be prepared to fail. A lot.

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I have made the pretzel bread (roll them thicker )adding basil, oregano, and cracked pepper… After I form them and let them double rise, I put fresh Parmesan cheese on top and bake… and cut it in half for turkey bacon swiss, ham cheese avocado sandwiches. Chicken salad etc… With arugula they are really amazing.
People don’t even know.
I believe the carb count for each one was around 7 Max. I make a Dijon mustard dressing. Heaven


I don’t buy anything with yeast, only yeast itself but I only bake wheat bread with it.
I buy simple ingredients since a decade and I prefer homemade baked goods anyway, I’ve been baking our bread since 20 years (I didn’t like the store-bought options back then. now it’s even way easier and quicker to bake a bread than buying some). I didn’t bake on high-carb except gingerbread, I learned it on low-carb.

I used to eat a lot of cake on keto but those were normal cakes, not bread type things with yeast. It can do without expensive stuff and the result is tasty but it took a lot of time indeed. I miss baking if I don’t do it for weeks so I keep baking but those are usually simple things. I prefer simplicity now.
Baking is complicated already even if I just mix a few things and bake it, I need to figure out recipes too, my kind of simple is boiling eggs and roasting pork :smiley: So baking is just a little hobby I only do when I desire it :slight_smile:
I can’t make very pretty things though. Except with yeast and gluten as it raises and becomes smooth and nice. I love baking bread, it’s quite rewarding. I used to make it in interesting shapes too, I should start again…

People like my stuff too but I am not on your level :slight_smile: And I am lazy to put my recipes anywhere too. They are optimized to my family’s taste (and my laziness. understandable laziness as if I see something must to be done for a good result, I do it. if I am not in the mood for baking, I rarely bake) and even if I don’t eat them, the other family members will, it’s enough.