Yay... keto in the wild

(chris) #1

I had asked if we could put up a page like this so we can share foods we find as the trend grows. I live in the middle of nowhere Iowa and its hard to get people to think keto when we are in corn country. I have been slowly walking around the grocery store lately and keep finding more and more low carb foods available. I wanted to share what I have found without flooding the rest of the forums. The idea is if you find something new or even questionable you can post it in here and people can give their opinion on the item or to just let people know that there are more options available.

one thing I found the other day is this BBQ sauce that is called Ken Davis 2carb http://www.kendavis-bbq.com/2Carb.php

its not bad either.

(Megan) #2

That looks good! I’ve been frustrated by the lack of low carb bbq sauce in my local store. I’ve been making my own but it’d be nice to have that on hand.


As a fellow Iowa Ketoian, Did you find it on the shelf at Hyvee or Fareway? :slight_smile:

(chris) #4

Hyvee it was just in the regular bbq sauce section.


Just saw this event is happening soon. I am not a fan of beer, wine is my vice of choice, but the bacon does sound interesting. Who knew there was so much love for bacon in Denver???



Could not believe my eyes when I saw this today. From O magazine of all places:


Had an ad for Jimmy John’s pop up, had to have a look, they are doing lettuce wrapped sandwiches now as a regular part of the menu. Keto slowly going main stream here now.