Would you adjust the time?

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So I’ve gotten Tri Tip dialed in for my personal tastes. 135 F for 16 hrs. Bam ! Probably my favorite protein to eat.
But here’s the thing… Most of my Tri Tips have been around 3 lbs. I started one last night that is close to 5 lbs after trimming ! And I left a good amount of fat on it too. Who’s afraid of fat, right ? :slightly_smiling_face:
Anyway, at 50 or 60% heavier / thicker, would you maybe go 18 or 20 hours, even if 16 hrs was perfect for smaller hunks ? Or will it make much difference ?

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I love to sous vide tri tips. I’d never even heard of a tri tip untill hubby brought one home for me to try with my Anova.

It won’t overcook as in rareness, so I woudl say cook it a bit longer than the 3-lbs to make sure it is tender. You can always try it and if it needs more cooking throw it back into the bath.

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I looked up my old posts on trip tips and I only cooked them for 3/4 hours at 135/138. I liked the 135 temp better. I enjoyed the texture - sliced like steak, not falling apart. How was yours?

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I checked the Joule app for tri tip but they don’t even have a selection to choose the thickness or weight. They just say 16 hours.

I would say if it is thicker rather than simply longer, increase the time proportionally. For the steak, beef tenderloin, and pork chop settings, the app adds 60 minutes per additional inch.

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My mostly 3 lb’ers have been as good as it gets at 135 F for 16 hrs :slight_smile: I did one for 20 hrs I think, and it was really good, but almost too tender. So with the one that’s in there right now, I’m thinking 16 or 17 hrs…

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Okay, the results are in :slightly_smiling_face: I pulled it at 18 1/2 hrs. Came out freaking amazing !
I mean honestly, I don’t know what I would change. As good as it gets :slightly_smiling_face:
So along with leftover Brussels from last night, Bam !

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I know you have probaby posted this elsewhere… but what do you use to get that beautiful sear?

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LOVE my Harbor Freight weed burner torch :slightly_smiling_face: It’s really loud and kind of crazy. The manuel said it can reach temps of 3000 F ! And yes, I believe it. The flames are whitish blue, and you can barely see them in daylight, but when it hits your food, and fat / grease starts burning, everything flares up yellow and orange.

I think the biggest mistake people make with these, is trying to keep the flame small and weak, and then it ends up not getting hot enough to burn all the fuel, and that can lead to a fuel taste on the food. I say, crank that baby up ! And if it has to be a little cooler, then just step a couple feet farther away from your food.

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NICE! Wanted one of those for their actual use ANDy steaks but didn’t know HF sold them, I’m grabbing one this weekend! What’s weird though is your steaks look not too much more cooked than mine but I do mine at 123! Gotta double check my temps with another thermometer