Would Love Recipes for Cooking Fatty Meats!


So, I am back on Carnivore after about a 9 months break. (A stressful period of my life led to going back on “comfort foods,” and I had a hard time getting back. But here I am!)

I know the best way for me to stick to this WOE is to have lots of yummy meat in the fridge already cooked, and am finding myself craving fatty meats. But one of the problems I had the last go round is I didn’t really know much about cooking meat - or even about cuts of meat. I never learned that growing up.

So I have been having fantasies about cooking fatty brisket, or some fatty pork cuts (I don’t even know what these would be as I know very little about pork!)

So I would love to hear your favorite cuts of fatty or semi-fatty meat, and how you prefer to cook them. Bonus points if it’s not too complicated! I have a slow cooker and oven but not a grill.

Thanks in advance!

(May the blessing of bacon be always with you) #2

My favourite cut of pork is called a picnic in the U.S. It’s the shoulder joint, usually with the bone in, and it’s inexpensive but tasty.

Put it in a roasting pan with the fat side up. Preheat the oven to 425°F/220°C, put the roast in, and immediately turn the oven down to 350/175. Roast for 20-25 mins./lb. or about 44 min./kg. Remove from the oven, let rest for about 10 mins., and slice. Make gravy from the pan juices.


I can relate. And I doubt I ever will learn cooking meat, no matter how many carnivore days I will have. As I don’t NEED it.

I do two things with fatty meat (it’s pork or fowl though, I imagine chewy beef needs more work but I personally just put it into the pressure cooker and let it do the work):

  1. I roast it.
  2. I fry it.
    Meat, salt, pan, heat and time.

If it’s fowl, I always roast it.

I LOVE simplicity (even if I can’t eat really, really simple. but my individual dishes tend to be simple).

Of course, there are stews too but I don’t need them nowadays or just very rarely… And soups (water, meat, salt, heat and time).

My favorite is pork chuck roast :slight_smile: I cut my meat into smaller pieces (a pound each will do), put them into an oven pan, add salt and roast it for 2 hours on 180-200 Celsius - but it’s my mini oven, the time surely can be different.
I actually turn it twice but only need to be careful with the water content of the juice beneath. Sometimes it automatically becomes perfect but if the meat is little, it needs added water. I like when it’s not a watery thing in the end (it jellies nicely but still) but some thicker awesomeness for the last leaner parts - but it burns super easily when I go for it… Oh well, the meat is still nice.
The salt content is important too, I don’t want my thick thing below becoming WAY too salty. Some too saltiness is fine as I only eat it with some unsalted part from the inside or similarly unsalted egg things I tend to consume regularly… But there is a limit. But it’s individual. I am usually fine with 1g salt per a pound of pork :slight_smile: Lately I use less and rather salt it later if I need it.

Super fatty meat becomes my lard and cracklings-like treat in one go in a pan. I do that with 70/30 pork, usually using the fattiest parts only. The leftover makes a nice roast.


That sounds good! And yeah, I am eating a lot of bacon too!


Pork belly is a real favourite of mine. I generally buy the slices and they’re super cheap.

Cook them in the oven on a low temp for a long time so the fat goes melty and crusty at the same time… divine : )


That sounds lovely! Do you get it prepackaged at the grocery store, or is it something you have to ask a butcher for? I’ve never done the butcher thing - that is all a new world to me.


I buy those prepackaged at the supermarket here : )