Would exercise lower your protein levels?

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I’m wondering this because I’m about to eat a higher protein meal (it’s never knocked me out of ketosis) but it made me wonder if working out would mitigate any anti-ketogenic effects of a high protein meal. I can’t find info on this.


What type of workout are you doing? Anything that significantly depletes your muscle glycogen will allow any excess blood glucose a place to be stored, or “sinked”. An increase in insulin may not be your friend in the long term, depending or your insulin status.

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VWell, I wasn’t asking in order to actually try it. I was just wondering if it’s metabolically possible to do this. I guess, working through this logically, one of these may happen:

A) I’d burn off my glycogen stores first, then fat. I’d probably never get to the protein.

B) …unless I ate excess protein, in which case ithe excess would be stored as glucose and/or urinated out?


You should have basically zero liver glycogen stores in order to make ketosis possible. Muscle glycogen and fat will be used simultaneously for exercise, in amounts that vary with the type and intensity of the exercise. You’d have to work really long and hard to use all available fat and get much protein burn for energy. Even then, you’d use up whatever is readily available before catabolizing muscle. Also, a few grams of BCAA’s during exercise will provide a safety buffer for protein use.

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Thank you, Carol.