Worried...Should I be?


The more science I read or hear about makes me wonder even more how I can believe any of it. It seems that articles and studies can be based solely on what the author/scientist wants the outcome to be or whose money is driving the research. Anyone else feel like me that they don’t know what to believe anymore?

Not that I necessarily need science. I know that keto is the WOE for me by what my body tells me, but it’s scary.

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Yes there’s a lot of dubious science articles out there. Sometimes it’s the press release spinning the study to their own agenda. Sometimes it’s an agenda driven study bought and paid for by an industry or corporation with a vested interest in the “right” results.

Digging deeper into a study, sometimes you can find obvious errors in how it’s being spun. Other times the topic is so complicated and technical that it takes all day just to figure out the acronyms! :joy:

Here’s a summary of some of the tricks of the trade, so to speak:


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You’re right, I feel it too. I feel great on keto and great on carnivore, but not knowing what the long term effects will be is a little scary.

I’m 29 and only go to the doctor if I feel like I’m on my deathbed, which is MAYBE 1x/year, if that. So, I worry about going in anytime soon for bloodwork and getting freaky results back. Last time I went was in December only to get an authorization to see a bariatric surgeon. I changed my mind after getting the auth, and started keto in January, almost 70 lbs ago. Long story short, I fear being told that what i’m doing is dangerous despite feeling and looking better than I have since I was a teenager.

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Most of the studies that condemn fat, cholesterol, salt or LCHF are sponsored by industries that are trying to protect their profits. You have to be careful reading articles that cite studies that say this or that. More often than not, the studies are biased and have a predetermined goal and will maniupulate, exaggerate and/or ignore data to dress up their intended message.

The stories of real people who changed their lives and in many cases, saved their lives, is pretty convincing to me. These people have no motive to lie and it’s the doctors that guide them, give lectures and write books who have attracted and kept my attention and faith.





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Whatever you read it’s easy to find something that states the opposite. One thing we do all agree on I think here is that what the government says is a heathy diet is a lie. And the SAD is the worst dietary scenario. That leaves you with higher carbs or higher fat. I choose the healthy fat since that doesn’t cause diabetes, organ destruction, autoimmune disorders and cancer, that we do know. All you can do is educate yourself and choose a path. I am getting healthier in every respect so I’m staying keto. A couple of my doctors told me that they should be doing it too.



The PLOS One analysis paper found that only 48.7 percent of 156 studies reported by newspapers were confirmed by a subsequent meta-review.* The percentage dropped to 34 when the researchers focused on initial studies only.


No wonder we see so many bad conclusions in the media.

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I’m of the opinion that we absolutely know that the standard American diet is bad for us. We’re sicker than ever. I don’t need a scientific study to talk me in or out of trying something different. Will eating this much protein and fat be bad for me in thirty years? I don’t know. But I do, for sure know that eating highly processed foods full of sugar and chemicals will. I could also get hit by a bus tomorrow. There are no guarantees. :blush:


Except the books by Gary Taubes, Nina Teicholz, Jason Fung, Tim Noakes… etc. are very well researched and sourced. Go look at the bibliography and footnotes. Go run down the sources yourself if you are worried. I have checked out and corroborated a lot of it because I care to do it and I have an academic background.

The argument that because someone can always say the opposite and therefore we can’t know what is true is not only sophistical, but a logical fallacy. The science, as far as I’m concerned, is becoming quite clear about how the metabolism, diabetes, and obesity works, esp. if you read those authors. Tim Noakes was tried for crimes in South Africa for speaking the truth and vindicated after the court considered thousands of pages of evidence for LCHF diet and heard from witnesses from all over the world who supported him.

Noakes used to be a low fat / exercise advocate, but totally changed his mind on the premises of the science.

If you haven’t done the research yet, then you should be worried. Go inform yourselves and stop worrying… at the very least read Taubes’ “Good Calorie, Bad Calorie.” It’s dense but you can do it in a couple of days of reading.

(Full Metal Keto) #9

I am not disputing any of these keto and fasting gurus. I have the utmost respect for them. My comment just suggested that you could take any enlightened paper or article that any of them wrote and find dozens of opposing arguments against them. It’s up to us to sift it out and go with what our gut tells us. :cowboy_hat_face:


I’m actually listening to Gary Taubes audiobook right now since that seems to work the best for me. I can listen to it while I’m working. Have also listened to Big Fat Surprise and The Obesity Code in the last few weeks. I think the worst part of my worry comes from the fact that my under 50 years old husband had to get a stent put in last year and thinks he needs to follow the doctor’s low cholesterol, low salt, low fat, low calorie diet. He had previously done keto and is now convinced that is what caused his heart attack. I was interested to find out that he had mentioned that to his cardiologist and he said he didn’t believe that would be the cause. So then why is he pushing the above mentioned diet?

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I thought 50% reliable sounded high…

(Hyperbole- it’s the best thing in the universe! ) #12

Perhaps because the cardiologist is afraid of getting sued for not following government mandated nutrition guidelines. I’d put more stock in him saying keto wasn’t the problem than in the diet he legally recommend.

(KCKO, KCFO) #13

Worrying will hurt your weight loss efforts, so don’t do that. Just read the books as advised above.
KCKO and you’ll do just fine.

(Charlotte) #14

I stopped reading studies a long time ago for that reason. I will pick them back up once I reach my goal and switch to maintenance. I focus on myself instead of studies. My bloodwork is great, I lose 8-10 lbs a month, I feel healthy, I look better every day, and most of all I feel happier and less stressed. The proof is in the pudding for me.

(Susan) #15

I am no scientist (at all!!) but I know that Keto is working for me. I have my Fat bombs for treats when I need a sweet (and they are delicious). I have no temptation anymore to eat non Keto sweets, I still love the smell of bread when grocery shopping, but this doesn’t make me cheat! I feel a lot healthier, even if I have only lost 33 pounds so far, and have a longgg way to go (100 pounds or more…) but I am so happy I found this forum, as you are all so amazing, kind and understand my struggles, and I feel really welcome and feel that it will now be easier for me with the support of all you great people =).

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I can’t wait for Dr Ken Berry book to be an audible version. He said he’s working on it!