World globe location map for keto foods

(Vesa McD) #1

Sometimes people travel. Keto people travel.

It’s sometimes difficult finding good keto food on the cheap in your own area, let alone while in the go. From the store, or restaurant, or wherever. Does anyone know of (or want to code), an app that would show where to buy keto foods locally.

Basically something like a google map with pictures of food items (when zoomed in onto a store, for example) and local recipes, as well as local restaurants that have keto options. You could scope out places where you’re travelling ahead of time, try new local restaurants, or pick a place where to travel to based on their amount, quality, and variety of keto options. It would also help others locally find foods to buy: the what and where (think of @Brenda’s shopping cart trivia guessing game with only keto options). Ideas?

(Jennie) #2

I have no skills at the computer angle of this, but I DO know my own town.
If we had enough people to compile data where they live, is it possible to create a website where people enter that data? Then it would be available to people looking…?
Love your idea!

(Guardian of the bacon) #3

I’ve not really had an issue. Nearly every town has a Pub that makes a good burger. I don’t know as I would trust any restaurant casserole or saucy type dish. A chunk of meat is pretty safe.

(Vesa McD) #4

Well, maybe that’s the difference between your location and mine.

There is a large grocery store near where I live that has almost zero keto options. They have bacon, and eggs, but you’d need to cook it. The meat is only bologna style, and the highest fat percent of other meat is 3% in those (I wish I was kidding). They do have vegetables though.

If travelling, these stores could get difficult because you might not have your own car or time to get (or search for) food to eat. I need to drive for a minimum of 15 minutes to a really large grocery store for keto foods. That’s probably why I see this as a problem.

(Guardian of the bacon) #5

I had no intent of belittling your needs where you live, sorry if it came across that way.:disappointed_relieved:
I have to drive 30 miles to a grocery store.

I’m sure access is different in each country. I cover a lot of territory with my work and have never had an issue anywhere i’ve been here in the states. Even at a local gas station I can get a pack of almonds and a hunk of jerky with cheese.

(Cheryl Meyers) #6

Sounds good for travelers. If you use Yelp, you can search Keto and see what has been tagged with that.

(Vesa McD) #7

Heh. No worries. I’m Canadian, but I’ve also lived in the USA. Currently living in Finland where the low-fat dogma is strong. I am naturally an “idea man” or inventor type, so I’m often finding problems and solutions to those problems before others even know it’s a problem.

I’ve been to Russia, and lived in Greece, and can tell you that even reading the food label in another language could be difficult (trying to avoid grains, beans, etc). I’m just thinking of local regional type foods that are unavailable in other locations.

Good luck finding a bacon staple food in a strongly muslim country, for example. These are just some of my thoughts, no need to take them seriously.

PS. For example, I would need to go on a 24 hour day cruise to Estonia (or get a special visa to visit Russia), just to get the closest bag of pork rinds that doesn’t have onion powder or msg.

The struggle is real, lol. Actually I eat quite well, but it has taken far too long to learn from where, and how. I even have our Christmas ham sous vide cooking as we speak (I can thank @richard and @carl for this).

(suzanna) #8

I travel a lot too and do find it challenging just to stay gluten free. I took a solo road trip recently and had a small ice chest with cream, nuts, butter, cheese and lunchmeat that I took into every home and hotel room I visited. But traveling without a car will be challenging especially since I travel very very light. (One tiny backpack has seen me through up to 5 weeks of international travel)
An app I could check for keto friendly foods in every town I’m in would be awesome! I always google gluten free restaurants and read feedback from patrons avoiding wheat. That helps, I’m sure keto friendly google search wouldn’t give me as much info

(suzanna) #9

Fasting is another great tool of travel!

(Mediterranean Magic! Show me yer...) #10

Bit closer to your request, we could make a shared Google map and add pins with options. This could be to cities, or even specific restaurants and shops. I have a few of these for example, for Malta and Berlin.