Works in progress - unrevised transcripts


Using this as a place to store interim transcriptions. They have not been proofread, so buyer beware. :wink:


Episode 1 - Getting started. Keto Flu. episode1.pdf (234.1 KB)

Episode 3 - Insulin episode3.pdf (126.1 KB)

Episode 4 - The Big Fat Show episode4.pdf (63.8 KB)

Episode 6 - Protein episode6.pdf (135.5 KB)

Episode 11 - Newbies - episode11.pdf (159.7 KB)

Episode 18 - Markers of Disease with Ivor Cummins episode18.pdf (153.2 KB)

Episode 13 - Ketones. episode13ketones.pdf (242.5 KB)

(Cathy Schroder) #3

Thanks to whoever is doing all this work to transcribe them - I’ve been able to go back and check a couple of things very easily!

(Kieny Poppen) #4

Wow, this is wonderful, thank you!

(Adam L) #5

Awesome, thank you

(Maria) #6

Thank you so much for transcriptions!! They are so helpful and a great reference.

(David) #7

Who is doing the transcripts? I’ve got an idea for an app to make it easier.


@Daisy and I are coordinating them. We have a system for creating speech to text but it stumbles on @richard 's accent. A lot.

What’s your idea?


yeah what’s the idea. @carolT holds her end up well but I am sure slow.

(David) #10

To be fair, I stumble on Richard’s accent a bit, too, sometimes :wink:

That might work quite well actually.

I was going to write an app that would play the mp3, and then stop playing as long as you were typing. Then restart 2 or 3 seconds backwards and continue until you start typing again. That way you wouldn’t need to keep stopping the player then putting your hands back on the keyboard and remember what was said.

I was just thinking about how I am when I’m typing up notes or short transcripts of podcasts I’ve been listening to.


that sounds useful for Carol’s part yes. What do you think @carolT?


I have shortcut keys to deal with playing the audio. And I slow it down without changing pitch, also. Carl actually requires minimal intervention, like punctuation, but I do have to correct a lot of Richard-isms. It can be quite hilarious at times to see what a jumble of words the software comes up with.

But thanks for the idea. :slight_smile:

(David) #13

I can imagine. You just need to watch the news with subtitles on, and see what humans make of some phrases.

(David) #14

What do you slow it down with?


There’s transcription playback software that does some cool stuff, but I do a “change tempo” using Audacity before running it through speech to text.

(Cathy Schroder) #16

What? Richard has an accent?? No he doesn’t. Carl on the other hand…


Added ep 13, Ketones to list above.

(David) #18

What is the other software you use, other than Audacity?


I was using a trial version of Express Scribe, which has cool hotkey customization but the demo timed out on me.
Without that, I just control Windows Media Player using keyboard play/pause buttons.

Also, the YouTube channel for the podcasts makes it easy to download the transcript text, but you have to do some search and replace to get rid of the timestamps etc. I think maybe that’s the easiest starting point as far as accuracy of translation.

(David) #20

Oooh! You can download the YouTube transcripts? That’s cool. I wasn’t aware of that.

I’m sure regex or Notepad++ will help get rid of them easily.

I’ll give that a go. Cheers.