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Mods I want to start a log where keto peeps can follow along with my training. Feel free to move this to the appropriate topic.

Since so many ppl ask what I do…I wanted to share a protocol I am currently following. ( Below is for intermediate /advanced trainees, not beginners) is a modified form of Germam Volume training with an optional finisher at the end. This session is under 20 min! But if you have to take a longer break…feel free. Shorter, that is fine too! I find that while this is challenging, it does not ramp up my hunger and leaves me feeling refreshed and energized at the end

Be sure to warm up first then proceed to:

3 reps of double kettlebell presses
3 reps of chinups
Rest 30 sec to a min

Repeat for 10 sets total.

After your 10th set rest 1 to 2 minutes and perform 1 min of Double kettlebell Jerks


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This was really nice April. I really appreciated the chat afterwards about what exercise means to you and explaining the context of your workouts.

(Wendy) #3

I wish I was as strong as you! You’ve done the work! I’m pretty much just a walker with a little bit of sprinting (very little). I use to do palates a few years ago. Maybe I’ll start that again. Any thoughts on what a mid 50 year old should be doing for exercise? I’m at goal weight.

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an oldie but goodie. highly rec Andrea Ducane’s DVD -

here is a review

and where to buy-

and even-
this program from Lauren Brooks. Geared towards pregnant women but I even beginners would find this a great start.

where to buy

I have a copy of both and can’t recommend them enough!

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Thanks for the resources

(Ellen ) #6

I could only carry one 10lb kettlebell out of the store. I’m in but am only going to use the one ball…okay? Is this a daily activity?

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I train kettlebells once to twice a week. When I did it by itself (not olympic lifting) I did it 3-4 days a week. If you watch the end of my vid I explain that I don’t do it everyday.

(Ellen ) #8

Sounds good. I’ll start tomorrow. Thanks April. This is going to be fun.

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Week 1, day 2 of my Two movement Workout series!

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Week 2/day 1 is up!

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@April_Harkness staahhhhp. You just make us frumpy old bags feel even frumpier


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Haha…I had someone recently tell me…its easy when you are 20, wait till u are 40…


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@April_Harkness lmao but you look 25, so there’s that :smiley:

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Week 2/day 2!


Cool to see this, April! I love Andrea DuCane and have her Kettlebell Goddess DVD, which is also wonderful.I’m in the middle of the Onnit 6 week Kettlebell course. Pricier than a DVD but I’m really enjoying it.
Thanks for sharing your workouts and tips!

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I did my HKC cert with Andrea Ducane. ALthough I left the hardstyle world for kettlebell sport. I still have much love for hardstyle!