Working Out and Weightloss Stalls

(Mirissa Joy Beavers) #1

I love working out, but recently read somewhere that it’s not recommended on this woe. It was said that working out stalls any progress. Has anyone else heard this and is there any science to it? I am part of some weightlifting groups on FB and they don’t seem to have any issues. I can’t give up my gym time!

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@Mirissa_Joy That doesn’t sound right to me!! Check out the Excercise threads:

(Mark) #3

I have not found that to be the case and have read strength training is beneficial for insulin resistance, you can go watch a guy named tristian over on YouTube his channel is primal edge health and has a video called does strength suffer on a ketogenic diet,plus others but that one should address your particular question,he lives in ketosis and looks pretty healthy or you could watch some videos by Jason wittrock on YouTube, he is a fitness model and is a believer in keto,he shows you what he eats in a day along with his workouts and says he tried all the six small meals a day nonsense,and believes keto is the most effective and more importantly most sustainable diet to follow,I go by results and both these guys have great results with this type of eating and weightlifting, so I would not be concerned in the least about continuing to lift,especially if you enjoy it,keep calm and lift on

(Mirissa Joy Beavers) #4

Well it didn’t sound right to me neither! I don’t care about how fast I lose weight so that’s fine if it is slower, but I don’t agree with any kind of lifestyle that tries to prevent people from being active.

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HIIt and heavy lifting have always been encouraged.

It is the long distance running I often see discouraged because of the wear and tear on joints. I’ve also read many references to long bouts of cardio being detrimental.

This being said There are many cyclists here doing very well.

(G. Andrew Duthie) #6

I would be interested in knowing where you heard that, as in all of the reading I’ve done over the years about low-carb and keto, I have never heard that advice.

It is certainly conceivable that there are people for whom some kinds of exercise might be counterproductive, but a blanket warning against working out while doing keto? Sounds nuts to me.

What I have heard, which should not be confused with “don’t work out” is that if you do effective resistance exercise, and do it right, you will likely build muscle, and given that muscle weighs more than fat, you may in fact GAIN weight while doing resistance exercise. So if your goal is weight loss, this could end up being somewhat discouraging, if what you rely on for progress is the scale.

The solution to this, of course, is to be prepared for that, and rely on other measures to track progress, such as how your clothes are fitting, and how you feel.

As I’ve noted on other threads on the topic of exercise, I don’t think it makes sense to rely on exercise to drive fat burning or weight loss. Consistent keto eating will help there. Exercise is good for fitness, building muscle, and may help with fat burning once high insulin levels have been addressed.

So yeah, whoever told you not to work out while keto? Not sure they know what they’re talking about. Would definitely want to see some science to support their argument.

(Mirissa Joy Beavers) #7

If I come across where I read that, I’ll definitely post it. I knew in the back of my mind that it was not right, but I have also seen so many people say they do not work out that I thought maybe it was possible. Thanks for your words!