Winter exercise

(AnnaLeeThal) #1

I’m thinking of what kind of outdoor activity I can do this winter to help me enjoy the season. I live in west Michigan, so we have some brutal weather at times (shut up @Brenda).

Anyways, I was thinking snow shoeing or even running. I ran through one winter and I found it quite enjoyable! Does anyone else have a snowy activity that keeps them active during the winter?

(Richard Morris) #2

When i lived in sweden we used to do nordic skiing. But aussie winters are mild so I ride my bike all seasons.

(Brenda Zorn IDM Educator) #3

LMFAO Yeah Yeah suuuure ya do. Pffffft

(Dustin Ewers) #4

I love hiking all year round. (I live in Wisconsin)

I think it’s important to remember that there’s no wrong weather, just wrong clothes.

Winter is also a good time to focus on weight training and other indoor fitness.

(Tom Seest) #5

I’d love to add back in Indoor Swimming when I get the chance. Nearest easy access indoor pool is 15 minutes away.

(Guardian of the bacon) #6

@AnnaLeeMI I hear the “Polar Bear Plunge” can be exhilarating. :sunglasses:

(chris.coote) #7

I’m wimping out. Toasty warm Taekwondo indoors along with my kids…

(AnnaLeeThal) #8

Oh hell no.

(G. Andrew Duthie) #9

My favorite is ultimate frisbee. I play with a bunch of kids from church (my sons both play, so it was a nice opportunity to consistently do something active with them), which keeps me running for a good 1.5-2 hours on most Saturdays.

Sadly, they’re taking a break for Christmas and New Years, and we missed the last 2 weeks due to schedule conflicts, so when we get back in 2017, I will probably have lost a step or two. :frowning:

(Guardian of the bacon) #10

We could do a “MI Meatup” and have the plunge be part of the festivities.

(G. Andrew Duthie) #11

I grew up in MI (between Ann Arbor and Detroit). I think I’ll stay in Northern VA until at least April. :smiley:

(Guardian of the bacon) #12

We went to W VA trail riding last February. They had more snow than we had at home.

(G. Andrew Duthie) #13

You’ll get that in the mountains. We’re at a lower elevation in Northern VA.

We do get snow… Just rarely as cold as MI.

(AnnaLeeThal) #14

You plunge. I’ll stand back observing while sipping Keto coffee.

(Guardian of the bacon) #15

That’s more than my wife would do. She hates cold, she wouldn’t even get out of the car.

Cross country skiing could be fun. There must be ample places over in that area with groomed trails?

(AnnaLeeThal) #16

Yes, I think so. The White Pine trail runs through downtown Rockford about 2 miles away from me, and there are a few other trails I know of. I may have to just price out cross country skis vs snow shoes and see which would be more economical.

(Guardian of the bacon) #17

There are usually CC rentals available…try it fore you buy it. I haven’t skiied in years but the downhill places used to often have CC courses as well.

Snowshoes are probably better choice if you want to go boondocking

(Scott Shillady) #18

For me winter exercise means having to put on sweatpants the 2 days a year it gets too cold. Now working out in the summer is a callenge, I nearly sweat through my shirt walking to the mailbox

(Jenn W) #19

This post has me so excited!!
For one… @AnnaLeeMI we are so close to each other it’s crazy!! I actually work in Rockford!!

Secondly… I want to find myself a winter activity! I was walking the trails at the dam in Rockford on my lunch breaks every day but once the snow hit I stopped. My issue is that with Fibromyalgia lurking in my system once I get cold I’m due for some major suffering. I would love to gear up for winter activities but alas financially it’s not on the horizon.

So I’ll be watching here for ideas till then it’s exercise videos at home.

(Jacquie) #20

Our winters in Nova Scotia aren’t too long which is nice. As long as I’m dressed for the cold, I don’t mind it at all. Having a medium to large size dog (standard poodle) means we’re outdoors a fair bit. We made lots of trails on the property and depending on how much and the type of snow/ice we get (there’s a fair bit of freeze/thaw here), we walk the trails with boots, boots with cleats (for ice) or snowshoes. :slight_smile: