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Ok…Here’s some more info on me. I am “severe” insomniac. It started with menopause and never left. When I say sever…I mean severe. I was hospitalized for sleep deprivation. I was hallucinating, paranoid, couldn’t walk… it was awful. we have been though countless meds, nothing worked. So, you can see that sleep is a huge major issue for me! I finally found something that lets me sleep for a good five hours a night! It’s an old drug called "Trazidone. If I tahe an herbal concoction I have at 8, then a PM Aleve, and then the Trazidone with 7 ounces of Merlot…I will sleep for 5 hours. DO NOT START PREACHING AT ME, AS I KNOW. As stated, sleep is extremely important to me. I’ve never been a drinker at all. This works and i feel energized and can get things done now as much as my hips and legs will let me. My questions is, will this 7 ounces of Merlot, curtail my progress?

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Check out this and this.

Also, ethanol does not ‘kick you out of keto’ as some mistakenly claim. But in the presence of ethanol your liver goes to work metabolizing the ethanol to the exclusion of everything else until it’s gone. At that point, the metabolism carries on from wherever it left off. It does this because ethanol is the simplest and most easily burned fuel, not because it’s toxic as some mistakenly claim. Ethanol is toxic in sufficient quantities over sufficient time, but that’s a different issue.

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Thank you

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You’re welcome. I hope your ‘night cap’ concoction continues to work for you. I certainly would not worry about 7oz of Merlot every evening.

If you feel like conducting a little experiment, however… Buy some Keto Stix, aka ‘pee sticks’. Test your urine prior to commencing your evening procedure. This is to establish your ‘baseline’. Then test your urine again immediately upon awakening in the morning. If the morning test shows the same colour as the evening test, it’s likely that the ethanol has been pretty much completely metabolized overnight. If the morning test shows a darker colour, test hourly until the colour returns to baseline. That’s how long it takes for the ethanol to metabolize completely. I’m guessing the ethanol will metabolize out within 6-8 hours.

The basic assumption of this test is that while the liver proceeds to metabolize ethanol to the exclusion of all else, you will excrete ketones (specifically acetoacetate) in higher than baseline amounts which should show up on the Keto Stix. This assumption has yet to be demonstrated valid, so don’t get too excited if your test doesn’t show anything or even shows the reverse. But you’re a good opportunity to run this test.

Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I don’t have a solution for you, but can totally understand your situation. Between probable menopause and stress I coudn’t sleep either. I’d be falling asleep on the couch, go to bed and be wide awake, or I’d fall asleep easily enough, but then wake up at 1130 or midnight or 2 and then lie there the entire rest of the night not being able to sleep. It’s soooooo frustrating. Many days I’d go to work on 2 hours or less of sleep and pull a 9-hour shift on my feet running from end of the shop to the other serving customers with a smile. It’s awesome when your regular customers start asking what’s wrong because “you look like hell, girl.” Not! LOL. Trazodone also helped me, but sadly not all the time. A couple of glasses of 2-fingers of whisky also helped sometimes…by 2 fingers, I, of course, mean my pinky and pointer lol, so probably about 6 ounces total, yikes. I managed to remove the stress like cutting out a tumour, i.e. I quit my job and that helped the most. I still have some nights that are troublesome (I’m 50 so the whole menopause thing), but it’s a lot better. Anyway, as I said, I don’t really have a solution for you, but wanted to stress that you are not alone in your battle with the elusive bliss that is sleep. Good luck to you.

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I’m not stressed…nothing bad going on. This has been going on for over 10 years, until, as I posted, I ended up in the ER and hospitalized for sleep deprivation. The concoction I’m currently taking lets me sleep. I’ve tried counseling, and every med there is…that’s why we started trying old medications.

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It might actually be beneficial, in some respects. For instance, one theory is that this will lower your blood sugar after drinking and in the morning. (An aside: I’ve tried testing this, but because my blood sugar goes down from about noon to midnight every day, and I only drink at night, I can’t tell if the decrease in blood sugar is due to my normal pattern or the alcohol.)

If you’re concerned at all about your liver (though this does not seem like a lot of alcohol, but you are taking drugs at the same time), get enough choline (eggs are a good source) and saturated fat (cream, coconut oil/milk). Both are supposedly protective/helpful to the liver. Selenium might help too. Milk thistle might also help.

I will sometimes drink a “white russian”, which has higher carbs in it, but comes with a nice shot of saturated fat (cream).