Will keto gnocchi melt in chicken soup?


With temps in the teens these past few days, I’m craving soup! Chicken stock is ready, bones will surrender enough meat, add some celery, onion, and maybe 1/2 carrot… but no noodles? No rice? No dumplings!

Before you say it -YES I know about all the amazing things cauliflower can become and I already considered zoodles. I’m searching for a certain texture, here…

So here’s my idea but I’m afraid it won’t work and will ruin the soup completely so I’m asking if anyone’s tried this before or at least made the gnocchi from mozzarella and yolks and can make an educated guess…will they melt into goop in hot soup?


Have you considered Stracciatella Soup (Italian egg drop soup)?

Very easy to make. For each serving (person) mix one egg with three tablespoons of grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese (Parmesan cheese). Salt and pepper to taste. Drop in hot broth, and it will form a delicious egg drop.

You can also add meatballs, spinach, fresh parsley, more ground parmesan, kale,…etc.


Interesting idea…my stepmother was Greek and usd yolks to thicken and cream her stocks but I’ve never really liked egg drop soup in Chinese restaurants so I’m hesitant to try it, at least in this soup. The meatballs and spinach, however, look amazing!


With the addition of meatballs and spinach (or kale or other green leafy), the soup then becomes called “Italian Wedding Soup”. You can google several versions of the recipe.


OMG I love Italian wedding soup! I used to Iredell it when we’d go out for dinner instead of salad or even minestrone! Can’t wait to try it. Do you do the egg drop with the meatballs and spinach?
Thank you!


Something else to consider…the Chinese version of egg drop soup is that the egg mixture does not contain Parmesan. It’s just eggs. Flavour profile is different. Broth thickened with starch, so the egg drop is fine and floats suspended in a gelatinous like broth. Different taste and mouth feel.

The Greek version, called avgolemono, also different profile, too. Has a creamy texture and also contains squeezed lemon juice…very different flavour profile and mouth feel.


You can add or omit the egg drop. I prefer with it.

Every Italian family has “their own family’s recipe”. No rules.

Have fun and experiment. :slight_smile:


Yes! I remember the lemon! In fact, I always add lemon to chicken soups now.


I see. Well, if you do attempt the Stracciatella soup, you will note that it has a very cheesy Parmesan taste…sort of like the crust on a cheesy casserole. Perhaps not good to add lemon…it may compete with the cheese taste…I dunno, just wondering (???)


So I tried it and it worked well! Very dumplingish I tried pan frying before dropping into soup, rolled some like worms that remind me of spaetzle, and just some cubes. I like them all!


I probably would follow your recipe before doctoring it any. I loved a Sicilian once who made amazing dishes with lemon but never wedding soup!


What a great job on the gnocchi!

What was the mozzarella cheese to yolk ratio?


1cup shredded mozzarella and I used 2 yolks cuz I had them but the recipe said 2 cups mozzarella and 3 yolks. I was really happy with the taste and texture and after I took that bowl? They puffed up even more in the soup!
I didn’t like the way frying them changed their flavor, so I would recommend not doing that just till em up and plop em in!