WIKI: Kiwi Keto Resources

(Martin Danner) #1

Local Stores

  • Baraka Food - Iraqi, Kurdish grocer (map)
  • North Shore Meat Centre - halal meats (map)
  • Takapuna Sunday Market (facebook)
  • Bin Inn - whole foods and specialty groceries (website)
  • Kilo – online whole foods, by the kilo (website)
  • Butcher Jacks – inexpensive pork belly, beef cheeks (map)
  • Why Knot – great deals on reduces to clear items (map)
  • Hemp Farm – protein powder (website)
  • Bostock - organic free range chicken (website)
  • Eat Real Simple - LCHF meals ready made & delivered (website)
  • Hendersons Fine Foods - chemical free bacon (website) (map)



  • Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and Diet Dictocrats (Amazon)
  • Tim Noakes (Amazon)
  • Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual (Amazon)
  • Transformational Weight Loss (Amazon)(website)

Meetup Groups

Ketone Testers

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Tauranga/Mount Maunganui Meetup

@martin could you please add this to your wiki if my link doesn’t cut it?! Cheers

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(Zeb) #4

Thanks for putting together this resource list!

Can you add Fred’s Fine Foods in the North Shore to the list? They are doing keto themselves and their biltong is completely sugar free.

(Jason Cordier) #5

Thanks Martin.

(Chris) #6

I have a resource of collected keto recipes that I can share. It’s a Trello board and I have made it public.

Feel free to check it out and add to your list if acceptable.