Why won't we tell diabetics the truth: an article from an RD

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Seriously irks me. The reason that they are in this boat is due to carbohydrates.

It’s honestly all about the money. The government funds the over production of carbohydrates, and the FDA supports it and inturn tells us to eat 8 servings a day or whatever the jargon is. It is no surprise people become insulin resistant.

On top of this, the money is about the drugs. Let’s give them insulin to combat the high blood sugar, and let’s give them statins to deal with their high lipid levels. When really why are we continuing to put glucose into a body that can’t handle it on its own. We have high lipid levels due to the fact that our body is trying to process all this glucose and can’t process the lipids.

It all irks me. The answer isn’t add medicine, it’s remove the carbs to prevent the high blood sugar.