Why women need to fast differently than men

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She addressed a lot of stuff I don’t hear men addressing.

Personally, I have to fast verrrrrry carefully. My system is incredibly sensitive and any two stressors combined tend to feed on one another to become an exponential level of suck. For instance, going to bed fasted while in ketosis after a challenging day means I’m not. Going. To. Sleep. I’m going to lay there and stare at my eyelids for hours and hours while my body screams for sleep because fasting messes with my serotonin levels, big time.

No, I’m not going to pop drugs or herbs. Yes, I’ve controlled for food allergies, I have none. No, I’m not going to have my blood drawn yet again only to endure another “I can’t help you if you insist upon pursuing this dangerous keto nonsense” speech. Yes, I’ve tried meditation, but this isn’t a thinking thing, it’s a systemic chemical thing. Also, I teach meditation and directed thought focus, so… No, exercise isn’t the solution, it’s actually one of the aforementioned aspects that make for a challenging day, to my sensitive body, anyway. Yes, I’ve been keto and carnivore long enough to know what’s what. Four years oughta do it.

I’ll figure it out, eventually.

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A good T-shirt slogan: “Live dangerously—eat keto!”

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They even got one for Pride Week.

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I hate to admit it, but even on keto, that stuff that comes out of my rear end isn’t nearly as pretty as that, lol!

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And that’s one we all agree to take your word on!

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I’m the absolute opposite as I sleep way better fasted, whether the day has been stressful or not. Ideally I prefer not to eat after 1pm but can push it to 3pm, however 6pm onwards and I know my sleep is screwed for the night whether I’ve eaten just eggs or a big meal, even just a small amount of cheese.


I can’t sleep (well) when I am hungry. Being fasted without hunger is fine, I just very rarely can pull that off. But it happened several times in my life, no problem.
I sleep wonderfully after a big OMAD sized meal though :smiley: I may feel a bit odd the next morning lately though.

I would think fasting is individual, whatever gender one has but I can imagine there are some general thing true for the majority of people.
It’s simple for me: I fast until it’s comfortable and eat when I have a valid urge, more like need to do so. Sometimes I can do it longer, usually I can’t…
After a challenging day I usually don’t care so much and am not in the mood to push, to use a tad more effort than comes naturally. So it can affect my fast a bit but it’s surely true for both gender. Stronger for hedonists, probably. I never ever try hard when I fast or follow a woe but in a better mood and mental state I can push a bit more… If I am SUPER down, I lose my appetite so much (mine doesn’t stop at zero, it goes into deep negatives) that eating is impossible but hunger still have chances to eventually change that. So it’s not that simple.

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I can’t unread this.


I tell ya what comes out of my rear is a unicorn rainbow and happily wanted poop vs. what I was before :unicorn::unicorn:

it might be brown but it is an elusive unicorn I could not achieve off this great eating plan I am on :poop::poop:

poop shows alot, might not be rainblow in color, but darn if that brown color we have don’t show up as unicorn rainbow from what alot of us were dealing with :ghost::ghost:

ghost poop is the best darn thing on the planet to my butt :face_with_monocle::rofl: too funny!!