Why is SPAM locked?

(Josh Close) #1

I want to talk about SPAM!!!

(Guardian of the bacon) #2

It’s currently unreadable the way the background is configured. I think it unlocks for you after 15 days of membership.


After reading the description a few times I came to the sad realization that it’s not about spam, the food but spam as in promoting keto consumer products. Like MCT Oil, keto meals delivery and supplements.

(Guardian of the bacon) #4

True…the good news is you can talk about spam the food all you want in the food section!


And to that I say, I already have :slight_smile:


There is a secret password to get into to SPAM forum…

No, just kidding…no password. I think they are working on the format…it is not reader friendly.


pswrd:billiunz confirmed!

(Richard Morris) #8

it’s locked so that google can’t see it and anything we put into spam doesn’t get authoritative links.

(Josh Close) #9

So it’s not a place we can just post things to?


Ya, i’m still kind of confused too.

Say i use “Perfect Keto” and want to talk about it, that’s the place for it right? A place for blatant product talk. I think a name change definitely would clear it up. Everyone here loves SPAM the food

(Guardian of the bacon) #11

Perhaps I should try it.

Keep in mind Spam is the trade lingo for unwanted advertising. Perhaps only here would there be a contradiction of terms.

(Josh Close) #12

Doesn’t help when there background was a bunch of cans of spam!