Why I’m Quitting Keto - A Post For Myself

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I’ve been eating more carbs lately, and having a couple of carb-laden dinners every week, but still going back into ketosis most of the time. I continue to eat in an 8-hour time frame, which means I can eat a pear after dinner and be back in ketosis before my next meal. I enjoy not feeling deprived, but still having the benefits of a low-carb diet. I haven’t gained any weight in the 3 weeks I’ve been eating this way, and I’ve only had a couple of times where I feel bad cravings. You can have it all, especially if you’re a healthy weight already. Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water!

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Me too. I guess we are just curious scientific sorts :face_with_monocle:


I understand completely, I am near ready to quit as well, it is so expensive and my body is not liking all the fat. *I know there is a medical condition regarding the processing of fats, which for some people are difficult physically. For your epilepsy, I am hoping you can gain access to medical marijuana, it has helped my friend, who has narcolepsy, and has helped others I know with similar issues as well as pain problems, good luck

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In what way? We’re finding it cheaper.

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Oh Thank God!
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It’s more expensive for us. We made a point of not eating full on “meat meals” every day before whereas we do now. HWC is $5 a carton or more. We use it rarely but almond and coconut flour is expensive, avocados can cost up to $2 each. My plan does call for leafy greens and I enjoy them - more expensive than before. We don’t souvide so meat is expensive. Good beef is $8 - $10 a lb. Fish is $10 - $12 a lb or more. We’re not “remnant meat eaters”. Talk of chicken skin and organs by the lb grosses me out. A relatively inexpensive loaf of bread lasted a week and provided bad-for-me breakfasts and lunches.

So, I guess it depends on how you eat. I love our WOE most of the time now - but certainly not cheaper than before.

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The best price I saw on them today was $5/2 :frowning:

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Dang - and you’re in summer, right?

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Yeah :slight_smile: Soon enough they’ll be $4-5 each…


Good luck with whatever you do, but try to keep an open mind about it later. It’s very common for people starting out to view this as restrictive, but in reality we loose a lot less than a “normal” dieter that eat’s “healthy”. But unfortunately getting to that point typically means learning it all as your restricting yourself more than necessary. Just no way to suck it all in right at the beginning. Although seizure control would also be huge for you there are MANY other health benefits that make this WOE worth it for long term health and just feeling great. Curiosity, were you doing the medical ketogenic diet of around 85-95% fat? Or what we do?

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I agree on this. And maybe it’s because I generally just ate less and my husband ate junk food, but we ate super cheap. So paying $15 for a 3lb of bacon, $10 for 60 eggs alone, while that doesn’t sound like much, would have bought a lot of bad for you food. Like canned food is 10/$10 quite often, and bread is $1 a loaf for the cheap stuff. Peanut butter is super cheap in bulk, like $6 for 64oz. Frozen pizzas are as cheap as 3-4 bucks. Potatoes - cheap. Rice - cheap. Pasta - cheap. Frozen veggies are also 10/$10, so I did keep getting deals on those. But sugar is cheap. Animals and their maintenance is not. It takes a lot of resources to grow a cow. Not as much to grow wheat, corn, or rice.

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Agreed - eating healthy is more expensive than eating junk. It is an interesting turn of events, at least in the US, that obesity is more prevalent in (some) low income populations. At one time being poor meant being thin and hungry. Now being poor is associated with being overweight.

You do have to make some choices - I think it is worth investing more in my health by eating better. It may cost more day to day for the types of foods I eat, but long term it may save me money compared to the costs of major medical issues avoided.

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And you know what is REALLY expensive? Diabetes.

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Especially when their yields are so high due to heavy spraying of chemicals to control pests and weeds… which of course ends up in the food also.

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Hi Janelle,

I definitely feel for you as I read your reply. It is pretty easy to spend quite a lot of money eating good keto meals. Good quality protein does tend to be expensive.

I used to go through a lot of HWC, mostly in my coffee. I consumed a lot of calories and fat by doing that, too. I switched out the coffee from regular with 20% HWC to blending a TBSP of butter in with 4 cups worth of coffee (normal morning quantity). I still do use a tiny bit of half n half or HWC in the bulletproof coffee but seriously, I think we’re saving $50-$60/mo just from that change.

I’m hoping that this coming year I can do more growing of my own leafy greens. Spinach and turnip greens are pretty popular at our house and I want to do some gardening this coming year. I grew a few things this year but have been working on building the soil in the growing beds so hoping next year will be even better.

I had thought I had a local farm lined up to buy a half of a beef, grass fed, grass finished. They had some personal issues and I’m not sure they’ll have a beef for me. But I’m about to head out west for several months and don’t exactly need it in my freezer at home. So I’m gonna wait till I get back in the spring and see if we can’t find a quarter or half beef. It’s a lot cheaper to buy it that way when you can find it and often you can zone in on the quality you are trying to find by the person growing the cows.

Thinking of getting some chickens next year, too, both for eggs and for meat. I’m a little reluctant though because we have Amish friends only a few miles down the road that are selling us about as good of eggs as they come (the hens really are out on pasture, we see them out every time we’re over there) for $2.50/doz.

I don’t have a good solution to the fish, though we do like it. Good wild caught salmon or tuna, that does NOT say “Product of China” on the label is expensive. (I refuse to buy food from China.) I’m in central TN so deep sea fishing is a long trip. And I’m not so familiar with where some of the better fresh water fishing is in the area. I may explore that further over time.

And when none of that works, we do look for sales at the local stores. A person never knows what will be expiring soon and be on the sale rack. Occasionally, it’ll be something good but unless you’re there when it happens, you don’t generally get the really good stuff. But hey, once in a while… and when it happens, I’m very thankful!

Don’t know if any of that is of interest or not. Just what came to mind when I read your post. Hope you have good luck figuring out how to come by good quality at better prices. I don’t thing good food will ever really be “cheap” but we do the best we can.


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This is not really true. You have to compare apples with apples. If you’re eating 1 pound of steak, for instance, how much wheat, corn, and rice do you need to eat to get the protein and nutrition and calories in that pound of steak? (An infinite amount actually, since wheat, corn, and rice don’t have complete proteins.) They are cheap because they are mass produced and you buy them differently. The problem, too, is that I used to be able to eat 1/2-1 pound of pasta and be freaking STARVING 15 minutes later. If I eat a pound of steak, I’m not hungry for a long time afterwards. Part of the benefit of low carb/keto is that you eat less because you’re not hungry. You have to factor that in, too.

While I agree that crap food is generally cheaper, the actual calculations are more complex.

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Crap food can also be surprisingly expensive, depending on what it is.

I wholeheartedly agree with these remarks. I’ve been eating a ketogenic diet for a little over 20 months now, and I am noticeably less hungry today than I was even 12 months ago, and much less hungry than during my sugar-burning days and my initial weeks eating keto, before my satiety signaling stopped being blocked by high insulin. The new way of eating is definitely more expensive at first, but once the appetite settles down, I believe it works out to slightly less than what the old way of eating cost.

It helps, I guess, that I am generally content with the cheaper cuts of meat, especially since they tend to be fattier, and I don’t worry about grass-fed (I will, however, once I win the lottery, promise!). Another thing that helps is to think of items in terms of cost per portion, rather than cost per pound. If the cheaper cut involves a lot of waste, sometimes the more expensive cut works out to be a better deal. And likewise, in cases where you’re going to use the bone, the cheaper cut can turn into a really great deal.