Why I’m Quitting Keto - A Post For Myself

(Janelle) #184

Thanks - unless we both lose our decent office jobs, we’re fine and spending the money is definitely better than diabetes. We also have Costco here, which helps a lot. It’s hard for those not as fortunate as we are, I’m sure.

On the HWC - maybe because I’m on Page 4, I pour the cream into a measuring spoon and measure out the allowed 2tbsp - not kidding. That’s my cream for the day. “Eyeballing it” is what gets you in trouble - lol.

(Bob M) #185

I use a lot of cheap cuts. I like beef liver, beef heart, beef kidneys, etc. All of those are some of the cheapest cuts available. It doesn’t have to be steak.

I’m also making an effort to figure out how to cook some of the cheaper cuts of beef. Some of those that have to be braised or roasted for a while. It takes time to do this, though.

(Mike W.) #186

Should I ship you some?

(Omar) #187

my daughter has epilepsy and unfortunately keto did not reduce frequency or severity

(Mike W.) #188

I’m sorry to hear that. Was she close to zero carb?

(Brian) #189

You’re doing a lot better than me. When I used all I wanted, I would have a coffee mug that held about 2 full cups that I’d put something on the order of 1/4 to 1/3 of a CUP of whipping cream into. That was definitely too much. Oh, I enjoyed it thoroughly. But it was really too much. I’m not ready to ditch all dairy or anything, but just making a change to bulletproof coffee and leaving behind the HWC for my coffee was, I think, a good thing for my health. (And my wallet.)

(Omar) #190


I do not think she was in the neighborhood of zero carb.

But according to her she was on keto and she lost quite a lot of weight.

(Brian) #191

It definitely can be a challenge for some cuts. I’ve had a few sirloin cuts that required a full 2 to 3 days in the sous vide to get them out of shoe leather territory. But it eventually gets there.

(Doug) #192

Yesterday made 12 days in a row at Texas Roadhouse for me, and I’d had enough ribeyes and prime ribs for a while, so I got a sirloin. Asked for medium and got it, a nicely-done steak, but noticeably tougher.

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(Janelle) #194

Now that will make keto expensive.

(Brian) #195

I usually go for medium rare to medium. But I’ve got issues with being able to chew well so if it’s really tough, it’s pretty close to inedible unless I use my knife to do my chewing for me. Hope to get that fixed one day but for now, I just do the best I can. (It’s one of the more acute areas where a year or two of vegan really did a number on me that I can’t undo.) I can barely afford a modest lifestyle, can’t afford to make Maserati payments for a dentist. :frowning:

(Edith) #196

I’m sorry to hear that. It would be so nice if diet was the answer to all human health problems. Unfortunately, it isn’t always the answer.

(Teri) #197

Well one thing I’ve found this week, which is why I came back to check this post, is that I’ve noticed more activity. My cycle has a lot to do with the regularity of my absent seizures, but I’ve had at least one a day over the last week (which is roughly how long I’ve been adding carbs back). So I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I’m not considering that it could be related to my quitting keto. There are a lot of factors at play, I guess. It could just be the diet change in general, not the actual diet itself. Any stress on the body will usually cause an increase, at least for me. I even saw an increase for the first few days when I started keto. But I am most certainly looking at the possibility that while keto wasn’t controlling them completely, it may have been helping. The other factor in this means that without a diet my medication isn’t doing it’s job even close to the extent that it was before, because I’ve had more in the last week than I had before keto. But again, that’s probably due to the added stress. I’m a little unsure what to do. I’m considering going back into ketosis until I see my dr, because at least I know that will keep my seizures to a min.

(Edith) #198

I’m putting this out there without knowing anything about epilepsy, meds, etc, but one thing I’ve seen on different threads about various health problems is that keto wasn’t necessarily the answer, but it did help improve symptoms or make the need for medication less. Maybe that is what it does for you?

(Teri) #200

Maybe so. I added a new medication around the same time I started keto. I didn’t decrease any, only added, because I wasn’t completely controlled with my current dosages. So the results of everything are kinda skewed due to the waters being muddied by both the medication and diet changes happening at the same time. So for all I know it could be a negative reaction to the new medication. I’ve never had a medication increase seizures, I’ve only had no reaction, but I’m sure that it’s possible. I’ll probably call my dr Monday (because of course by my luck she isn’t in the office on Fridays) to get a suggestion on what to do. But until then I feel like continuing to stay in ketosis is better than the seizures everyday. Cause they suck. lol. Means I can’t go about my daily routine or trust that I won’t have a convulsive seizure… which is the worst.

(Omar) #201

few months back I went to visit my daughter at a department store where she works.

I was looking at her from a distance where she does not see me.

At this exact moment she had an attack she falls in front my eyes. Just seconds and she stood up again.

I walked from there. Tears still in my eyes every time I remember that scene.

Sorry I do not want people with epilepsy to feel down but I also do not know what to do.

I just wished it is me and not my child.

(Teri) #202

Coming from someone with epilepsy (granted I’ve had it since I was 7, so for going on 28 years), I can tell you that it doesn’t feel debilitating. I am sure my parents and husband feel the same as you, but it’s just another thing to deal with for me. It sucks when it isn’t controlled as well, but I’ve never let it really control my life in a way that prevented me from doing most things.
Like until recently it was controlled, and as long as it is for at least 6 months straight I drive, I worked, I still go running. But I also don’t have convulsive seizures, so I’m lucky in that sense. I don’t currently drive of course, but when I did I have traveled alone, lived alone. I never really thought much about it other than it being this thing I took medication for. So if your daughter can get hers under control (which I hope she can, I really do), then she probably will feel the same. It just becomes an annoying pill you have to remember to take. It doesn’t have to rule your life. It isn’t like diabetes where it damages your organs. And luckily there are tons of medications and options available to control it. From medications, diet, CBD, even as extreme as brain surgery if the part of the brain affected is accessible and that’s an option for the person. Just find a dr you like and trust. Don’t let her settle for a neurologist that will prescribe meds and just go with them. Do some research and fight to get in with the best in your region. That’s what I did and I’m glad because I really love my current dr.

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Almond and coconut flour are hardly necessities. Neither are avocados, but they are at least not used to make fake bakery items…

(Janelle) #204

Of course they’re not. The flours are not even part of the Page 4 plan I’m on but hubby was revolting at the lack of similarities to his previous SAD diet. I do enjoy the avocado and it is allowed/encouraged on my plan - I’m on keto at the “prescription” of my doctor. They have enough nutrients and fat that I personally will keep spending $$$ on them.