Why I’m Quitting Keto - A Post For Myself

(Daisy) #143

I support you in whatever choice you make. I have enjoyed your posts here (really enjoyed the pecan macadamia nut butter recipe, tried it last night!) and would encourage you to stay either way. The one thing I would comment on is the above quote. You say you’ve been healthy on the sad with no reason to question your food choices, but you openly admit to a severe eating disorder. Granted, you claim keto hasn’t helped you a lot with that, but I think we can all agree that it’s not healthy. I myself have battled Binge eating disorder, Bulimia and a severe sugar addiction. Although I’m definitely not cured, when I am strict keto (I’m not currently, but will be getting back strict after Christmas), it does help me tremendously.

I’ve also seen your post about how much healthier you felt you’ve been since going keto (cold/flu/metabolism). Again, I’m not trying to talk you out of quitting. I want you to do what’s best for you. But perhaps as you mentioned earlier, maybe just not being as strict keto, might work well for you. Just remember the benefits and do what works best for you. Maybe more lazy keto/paleo based may benefit you. It’s up to you to figure it out. I wish you all the best!!!

(Jennibc) #144

I was up for a memorial in Seattle a few months ago. We met some friends at Thai restaurant because we have crappy Thai food here in central TX and it had been so long. I’d been to that same restaurant a year and half earlier when I was up there for another memorial service but hadn’t cut sugar out yet. I figured I’d just eat the meats and curries without rice or rice noodles. I found the food so sickening sweet, I couldn’t eat it for a full meal. I ended up just having a few bites. I only cut out sugar last March, but boy have my taste buds changed.

As far s a single meal, it might not make a difference in the long run, but I’ll tell you, I can put on almost four pounds from a single meal and then it’s about a week, sometimes even longer, before I see the water and additional weight gone. Also, I tend to feel ‘blech’ the next day. But your mileage may vary. I have decided that single meal better be REALLY worth it!

(Mark Rhodes) #145

My wife needs to supplement with MCT oil to control hers. She needs to maintain >1.6 mmol most of the time. Her memory improved and her Bi-polar evaporated. She no longer has depression without some kind of trigger.

I write this not to convince you but others who might read this, to give other aspects of keto a try. 3 months is NOTHING in the face of decades of improper nutrition.

(Teri) #146

I do intend to see if I feel worse once stopping, and if so, I will immediately start back. I don’t want to feel like crap. No one does. And if keto was the reason, and it wasn’t the added exercise or another outside change that coincided with my diet change (lower stress as I was going through some personal issues right before keto), then I’ll know. And of course if keto did seem to be helping me, I’ll have no problem acknowledging that and I’ll be right back on it. But I do want to be happy and 100% sure in my choices, and if I’m not currently, I can’t commit to a diet that needs my full commitment. So maybe you’re right, maybe lazy keto, or something similar would work better. I’m going to give it a couple of weeks. See if there are any weight or energy changes. I track my run times so I’ll see if those change as well. If they start dropping off I’ll see my lack of energy in the numbers. I kinda hope I do see a bad change. I’d love to have something push me to do keto. I know it’s the best thing healthwise. I just don’t know if I have the willpower currently.

(Bob M) #147

You got that right. I find myself still improving after 5 years of low carb/keto. The damage done by low fat and SAD over 30+ years takes a while to overcome.

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HDL or LDL? Even idiot doctors who believe in the theory that cholesterol causes heart disease usually aren’t concerned with HDL.

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In other words, “Whatever floats your bloat!”

(Okay, okay. I’ll see myself out, no need to get rough . . . :slight_smile: )

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Interested in the link between ssris and weight gain as I have put on lots of weight since starting them. Did weight gain stop after coming off them?

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Just keep flagging his posts. If other people agree with you and flag them too, they will eventually be deleted by the system, and the admins will eventually delete him.


Obviously an idiot doctor then. We’ll take no notice. :blush:

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Having survived this thread, I just want to say, as a devout Christian, that I too hate people who drag God into everything. Despite the evidence of many Christians (some of whom happen to be related to me, alas!) it is in fact possible to believe in God and also have a brain. It does seem to be increasinly rare, but it is possible . . . :bacon::bacon:

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To be fair, I know many people of various religions that are very devout but don’t push it, but “some” of this thread def got out of hand.

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Apparently God made trolls, along with everyone else, lol! :grin:

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comes back to 125 new posts
WTH just happened here?! Tl;dr?

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This did make me laugh like hell:


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Then I guess the troll shouldn’t have been banned. :wink: Or maybe we should have EATEN the troll since it was made by God. lololol

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A troll popped in saying that, since God created all foods, it’s not right to selectively eliminate whole groups of foods from a diet… Or something like that. Then it just went downhill from there. NOT by the people on this forum, but by the troll just continuing to argue nonsense.

(Jennibc) #160

It did! But sadly, it did not come off on its own, liked I’d hoped it would. I had to tweak my way of eating to the point where I ended up here. But 100 down, 20 to go!

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Yeah, I put on a heap when I was on them a couple of years ago. It stayed until I started keto a few months ago.

I’m back on a different type now, and don’t SEEM to be suffering the same ill-effects, but there’s a lot going on at the moment, and so pinpointing causes for things is difficult.

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From my understanding trolls aren’t keto… 100% SAD. But I know there is a cauliflower recipe out there somewhere…