Why I’m Quitting Keto - A Post For Myself


There is still much you can gain from hanging around and much I am sure we can gain from you being here. Maybe there are elements that you can take with you from keto that will help or tweaking your approach? As others have mentioned, you might find that, with hindsight there were elements that did work and did help. Regardless, there is more to this community than keto and we are flexible in who we let in and embrace as part of the community. Yes OK nobody is going to be happy if you tell them they have to eat pizza when it clearly does not work for them but if you have found camradery and support here then I urge you not to let go of that. It is your call of course but please do not feel you need to exile yourself simply because you have found that keto is not the perfect fit right now.


I put on my strict nanny hat @matt and put the offender on the naughty step :smiley:

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Hi Cindy,

I don’t have my wife’s recipe in front of me at the moment, but I think it’s pretty similar to this one:


Not all that difficult but takes a few minutes to get it done.

A friend of ours in New Orleans made creamed spinach for potluck many times for the after church thing. She also added a hint of cajun seasonings, which I think my wife does, just to add a little “zing”. :slight_smile:

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I can do that…I think I have everything to fix it later this evening. Have to check the frozen spinach…yum!


Two spices that I think work really well with spinach (depending on what you are serving it with) are nutmeg and cumin. Yum. I have always adored spinach.

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I’ve found that the bin is an excellent spinach recipe. Simple yet effective.


Oops sorry Teri, that initial reply of mine was to that other person with their massive hijacking troll. I was in the middle of writing you a nicer reply but I got dragged …

In your case you seem totally sincere and honest, my reply was very different (nice).

I was going to say many of us are not on keto because we want to lose weight. In my case the “global industrial diet” was all but killing me on the spot. For years I had HDL, LDL and triglyceride figures which were totally off the chart. I mean way off the chart. I was trying to “eat well”, “avoid fat” - I didn’t realise that advice came from the fox telling the chickens what was good for them.

Recently my vision started to play up, the next step on that road is blindness! Ouch. I like being able to see. The leading cause of blindness is diabetes, often people get no warning signs whatsoever by the time it’s discovered it’s too late.

My energy supply during the day was up and down and up and down and my mental acuity went along with it. Then I’d come home from work and pretty well just crash out on my bed, no energy left.

I was what would be called pre-diabetic or suffering from metabolic syndrome.

So my quest was to live (well), I could not care less about weight loss.

Pizza, ha ha, every pizza joint within 10 miles knows me on a first name basis, I kid you not. Nobody loved pizza more than I. But I also like being able to see and have energy to be truly alive.

I’ve also learned you can be burning ketones and explore very interesting food. Back in the day real food tasted great until they removed the fat out of it and replaced it with high fructose corn syrup … so it’s not as if we’re helplessly clinging to some unsubstantiated dogma, we have the power of F) on our side. F) for fat and F) for flavour. My new favourite is fried bacon and egg then dropped into a bowl of avocado, feta cheese with salmon or sardines. I also love steam veggies with butter on top.

One day I might try to make a keto friendly pizza, the base is the biggest issue, but to be honest there are so many other foods I’m now eating I don’t miss pizza at all.

My grand parents had the perfect flour for pizza, they grew the wheat and milled it to make flour, bread made with that flour was simply awesome. Meantime the industrial version of “flour” throws away the good bits (it becomes feed for stock) and keeps what’s left. No thanks.

Anyway thanks for indeed been honest and sincere with us, I wish you well. I don’t think any of us can have it all though, no matter which path you take there are always hazards to avoid and boundaries. But I’m certainly thrilled to have found keto, I’m not struggling one bit to be eating real food and it’s not as if I have zero carbs. I just get them from buttered up vegetables (the secret of restaurants). Hmm yum.

Best wishes.

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Hey Todd,

I actually did hear a Rabbi give a rather convincing argument that the forbidden fruit was the fig, which was the only fruit with an actual name in the story, and also the tree from which the leaves were supposed to have been taken from to try to cover the transgressors.

Probably kinda speculative but at least mildly amusing to me.

Anyway, we can still find macros for figs. Yup, pretty high carb.



Oh no! Now I has a sad… :disappointed:


I have found that the amount and types of food I can eat on Keto far exceeds what I ate on a low fat diet. I actually enjoy my dinner now just because I can eat cheese, Brie, eggs, ham, steak, avocado, etc. The high fat part of Keto means I’m too full to even think of dessert and can easily go 21 hours until my next meal. In the past I would have tiny little meals or a couple of bites of my sons hamburger as a meal. I never feel hungry now…so much easier. I’m just so mad that I didn’t know about Keto 10 years ago. This low fat, low calorie dieting was killing me. My 20 year old son (who is thin) went to the dr last week and had blood work done. The report said he had elevated HDL and that he should go on a low fat diet. Doctors I say while throwing up my hands!!!

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I hear ya loud and clear on that one.

It’s actually been a bit of a struggle for me to let go of the past. My parents were a part of a religious group that meant growing up, it was a lot like the McDougall diet for most of the time, meat being demonized. I know they were only doing what they thought was the best for us. Their intentions were wonderful.

The problem is, at 50+, I’m seeing how I could have avoided some health problems had I not been saddled with the “vegetarian is good, vegan is better” mindset for so many years. Maybe for some, it is. It wasn’t for me. And I’m also convinced that it wasn’t for mom, either. I was there, and a primary care giver, over about the last year of her life. I wonder many times about whether she’d have had a better outcome, or even still be here, if we could have gone keto together. But then as stubborn as she was, she wouldn’t have anyway, I know that.

So there is some baggage that comes along in my mind that I’ve had to let go of. It’s easy to say, harder to actually do.


Your wife found bones in the spinach as well!? :smiley:

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The dumpster diving must be awesome in @juice 's neighbourhood!


“To some extent, I’d say that life is a struggle. For many people around the world, it’s far more of a routine struggle than what most of us on this forum encounter. I also think that to an extent, we are made to struggle - that it’s good for us. I’ve had a lucky, relatively privileged life and what means the most are the few times that I’ve really been pressed, when I’ve overcome some really hard resistance. Sometimes, the struggle itself has to be enough, because we don’t always ‘win.’ The work, the competition, the learning - we still have those.”

Well said @OldDoug, well said!

All - I’ve not read this whole thread, but that quote is GOLD. Good health from the inside out IS gold.

Stay gold! (a phrase said in the 1967 novel "The Outsiders " by S. E. Hinton, which was made into a film decades ago, starring Matt Dillon, Ralph Macchio, Patrick Swayze, and others).

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I think part of the problem is the disinterest the masses have. There are few people available to teach an alternative. I too believed I was a careful shopper and careful consumer. Keto has taught me I knew nothing. It was truly a case of the blind leading the blind.

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It’s about priorities. If you want to appease your tatse buds and stay on medication for the rest of your days, then enjoy your crackers and Morena sugar. Ever notice how such few people die of old age than of some illness? Ever heard you are what you eat? Be that sugar and cracker and embrace the illness and medications that go a long with it. I mean that in the nicest most positive way. Good luck on your journey Teri.


This is Keto for me-

Minor inconveniences now to avoid major inconveniences in the future.


Pony-boy… Read the book in school. One of the first I remembered well too. :slight_smile: … Movie wasn’t bad either. But was never a Matt Dillon fan. (no particular reason?)

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Sorry, I’m a cheater. My baby is arriving from college tomorrow. We are going to indulge in thai food. One meal is not going to make a difference.


Totally agree there. Recently had a cheat meal with homemeade Italian foods. Prepared for the worse but it actually got me over a stall and helped me resume losing weight. So no complaints here.