Why I’m Quitting Keto - A Post For Myself

(Jessica) #307

Sigh this is my fate. Every so often I Google for info again because the info keeps evolving. I’m only allergic to beef. I can eat pork, venison, etc. I have wondered if I could eat bison, or a European breed of cow but my last reaction was scary enough to keep me from trying. Keto would definitely be a lot more interesting with beef!

(Pier) #308

Unless it’s raw milk. It doesn’t smell off if left out for a few days (especially in a warm place like the top of the fridge). Then you can separate the curds and whey and make your own yummy soft cheese. Though, when I was still living where I could get raw milk, I used kefir starter in the milk and sometimes had kefir, sometimes kefir cheese. It’s a bit milder than plain fermented raw milk.

I would never leave pasteurized milk out for any length of time. It will definitely go off. When I used to use milk, I always smelled it. At the slightest hint of offness, I poured it out.

(Omar) #309

some kind of McCarthyism

We can lose some valuable opinions when we wear the keto dogma jacket

(Jennibc) #310

I have a friend who is allergic to red meat and she grew up in Texas. I wonder if that’s how she developed such an allergy.

(Jessica) #311

Almost certainly. I think a red meat allergy is otherwise really rare. They are really just said to study it. It hasn’t been well understood and I think came about because of people being allergic to a cancer drug with alpha-gal in it. They realized all of the allergies were concentrated on the South.