Why I’m Quitting Keto - A Post For Myself

(Omar) #309

some kind of McCarthyism

We can lose some valuable opinions when we wear the keto dogma jacket

(Jennibc) #310

I have a friend who is allergic to red meat and she grew up in Texas. I wonder if that’s how she developed such an allergy.

(Jessica) #311

Almost certainly. I think a red meat allergy is otherwise really rare. They are really just said to study it. It hasn’t been well understood and I think came about because of people being allergic to a cancer drug with alpha-gal in it. They realized all of the allergies were concentrated on the South.

(Suzanne Gerrard) #312

I love Thai food and have only been on 3 occasions
in the past 6 weeks (10 months keto)
I choose a stir fried meal and request that they add no palm
sugar, no sweet chilli sauce and no Ketchup Manis.
I tell them I have an allergy. The food still tastes slightly sweet
and I wonder if they do sneak in a tiny bit or if it is the
natural sweetness of the fresh vegetables. No post meal side
effects noticed.

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Because snarky, self-absorbed people can never get enough attention? Good question.

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It was a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode.

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Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra - when the walls fell - lol

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That’s funny you posted so quickly. I removed my post once I realized it was so much later than the post to which I was replying. :grinning:

So, I just put it back.

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You’re right, Edie. :slightly_smiling_face: Somewhere over the years I had created a parallel universe with a second episode with the same theme, back in the days of the original series. I can still “see” WIlliam Shatner talking to Dathon (the alien Captain) on the planet’s surface…

I went through all the plot descriptions on Wikipedia for every show in the original series, just to be sure. A ‘memory’ I’ve had for decades vanished.

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Ohh, that’s how it works, does it? I sure don’t feel superior.

(Trudy Cash) #319

Hi am new here I am enjoying keto with intermittent fasting began keto slowly March 2018. Even when I didn’t have it all figured out we my husband and I were learning and dropping off carbs from our eating kind of gradual as we were learning David and I tested our sugar too David’s sugars were being up as high as 325 and by August he was hanging around 80 all the time without meds. He never took the metformin like they wanted him to. Our fasting and having 20 carbs or less perday was working. Being off donuts and pies and cookies. Having pepperonis instead was working for us. David and I are not diabetic anymore
My son Jon is benefiting too from our life diet change. He is vaccine injured autistic and the greens and good fats help heal the brain he is more alert eating this way and is satisfied by our meals
Tonight we had ground beef , summer squash, zucchini, cauliflower,onion, garlic, asparagus, seasoned with chili powder, red pepper, garlic powder, tumeric, ginger, salt, and pepper and greens were stirfries in 2 tablespoons of lard. Had our coffee with heavy whipping cream and butter, cinnamon, cloves ,and vanilla
We were all satisfied
This is our one keto meal of the day


I’m really pleased that the change of diet is helping your son but I want to disagree with 2 points:

  1. your son us autistic but he is not ‘vaccine injured autistic’. It is now well established that the single research paper about the link between vaccination and autism was incorrect. It has never been possible for others to replicate the results and there are lots of other pieces of research that totally refute the link.


  1. his brain isn’t ‘healed’ of his autism. The keto diet has lots of anecdotal and scientific evidence that mental clarity is one of the benefits. This is no different for people with autism, OCD, depression or any other neurological disorder. Healing implies that the body is ‘fixed’ and no longer has the health issue. While staying on keto may well help him, the underlying autism us still there.


Autism isn’t created by vaccines and it isn’t curable. Continuing to perpetrate these lies is not helpful for you, your son, or anyone else with autism, including both my sons.

(Michael - Don't expect miracles and you won't be disappointed.) #321

LOL. Sorry I’m late to this party. This was a dozen lines over the gunwale with big red nightcrawlers on the hooks.

(Kirk Wolak) #322

I know this is a bit old, but let me mention Paleo Medicina claims 100% when you go full PKD (Paleo-Keto Diet: Their definition. No dairy, No nuts, MUST consume organs meats, all natural, no bacon, no processed meats, no artificial sweeteners. If your great great grandpa couldn’t have it, you cant!)

I am doing it to test my leaky gut (an after test, I bought multiple kits). I have to tell you how strict they are and WHY it matters… Dr. Clemens does not want you taking vitamins! (Rare exception for D3 and K2)… But she said to look at them. So I did.

Holy crap, some of them contain RICE FLOUR and other flours… Other things…

Now, you ask… How much does that matter? (BTW, you can eat what you want without gaining weight. Ahhh… But genetically, maybe the excess sugars attack your brain first. I have lost close friends to MS and wish they were here to try PKD).

Maybe they attack your weakest threshold? Meaning my father gets arthritis, I get edema. Both inflammation.

So, can that TINY amount matter? Yes, I recently ACCIDENTALLY consumed a LITTLE bit of BUTTER… I had a migraine the next day. That little bit. It takes a TINY amount of a substance that opens your leaky gut to cause you problems. Or to shoot a message up your Vagus Nerve, which they know this is related.

And her experience in the clinic. When they run into trouble, they eliminate more things, until the identify the culprit. This is years of experience.

Her biggest problem is compliance.

So, I don’t know for certain, but for 150 Euro, I would take their leaky gut test. If you have leaky gut, learn about them.


If you KNEW that your seizures were diet related, and a super strict diet would cure you without meds… COULD YOU DO IT? Could you give up pasta and bread, and grains, and chocolate and fat bombs? I find MOST people cannot and will not. They would rather suffer or deal to have the comfort of foods they seem to enjoy. And that’s their choice…

You raise a great question… Should you stick with a diet that does not work for you? NO! If it does not make you healthier, then NO!

Atkins, HGC, IF, South Beach, Mediterranean, Carb Addicts, Jenny Craig ALL FAILED to bring me better health. I’d lose a little weight, and stall, health issues did not really improve.

UNTIL Carnivore and IF. Even then, I can’t use anything but salt and pepper, and NOT all kinds of salt or pepper! No PEPPERS…

But, once I found (a combination of 4-5 approaches), I got my health back. I lost weight EASILY for the first time in my life. I lost ALL cravings. I promised myself pizza every quarter. The REAL shit, not the fake stuff, if I could make it. (But imagine being ALLERGIC to Bread, Egg, Dairy, and Tomatoes. So much so, that too much would cause my psoriasis to break open and bleed! Now imagine WANTING to eat PIZZA because it was comforting!). That’s where I was 10+ months ago. Even 9 or 8…

Now… You could not PAY me to eat real ice cream, and if I have real pizza, it will be a slice or LESS. It will probably be the cheese and pepperoni. But I did not even have it on my birthday. I enjoyed a STEAK! (and a dessert), and gained 8lbs, and felt like crap for 3-4 days!

But on Atkins (eating Eggs and Dairy every day), if you would have offered me $10K to get off of it, and never come back, YOU would NOT have had to check up on me! LOL. I was miserable. (But I also never gave up artificial sweeteners and diet soda).

Point… Give up on THIS FLAVOR (KETO) certainly. But DON’T stop looking for that magic combination that might work for you. Find out what it is. Find out if FASTING helps you, or can you have a seizure as long as you have toxins in your colon? (My case)

Good luck regardless… I hope you find your answer, but I am willing to bet it is food. And I would bet 28 days on meat, salt and water (or PKD) would let you know one way or the other… Best elimination diet EVER!

(hottie turned hag) #323

I actually have a good pal for whom this is also true.
He is a 56y/o male, 5’11" and around 150lbs. Skinny as a rail. He has severe ADHD and has all his life but only diagnosed in 2012. He is a brilliant programmer and his mind moves at a scary rate of speed as does his body; he is truly hyper and hard to be around for long periods of time because his hyperness makes me anxious.

He’s a bit of a hypochondriac so visits his doc regularly and has frequent labs so we know his endo panel is WNL, no question. When we first met the first thing I suggested was an endo panel as I suspected he might be hyperthyroid due to his MASSIVE intake/low weight. Nope.

This guy eats pretty much only carbs and sugar galore. I have witnessed him eat an entire 1lb bag of M&Ms mindlessly while programming. He eats Pop Tarts, candy, cookies, Mountain Dew ALL DAY every day :face_with_hand_over_mouth: and stays both skinny and healthy.

He has zero health problems and is physically active, works outdoors on his (many acre) place, works on classic cars (his hobby), hikes many arduous miles (as in travels the world to go on difficult hikes, not exaggerating). He is a physical marvel.

My point being these folks do somehow exist! They are surely outliers though!

(Bacon is the new bacon) #324

Another possibility is that he was unconsciously eating a version of the Kempner rice diet, which is extremely low in fat. It works, although a lot of people who benefit from it have extreme difficulty sticking with it.

(hottie turned hag) #325

@PaulL i cannot imagine a steady diet of PopTarts, soda, candy, cookies, ice cream, the occasional burger/chicken nugget, can be considered a version of that lmao :clown_face:
He has eaten this way his entire life! He should be in horrid condition. He truly baffles me (and his doc).
He’s been seeing the same doc for decades; the guy finally stopped trying to get him to change his diet and said something to the effect of “well it’s obviously working for you so don’t change anything”. I know it defies logic and bugs me for that reason.

(Bacon is the new bacon) #326

The key is that fat intake has to be extremely low.

The discussion of Kempner and his diet begins at 5m:00s.

(hottie turned hag) #327

@PaulL gotcha but not applicable. He eats chocolate galore and ice cream. Like a half gallon in a day; I have seen this.

He is a mutant or something. :zombie:

I’ve not known anyone (and I have known and worked with truly brilliant folks) whose mind moves as swiftly as his does and he stays in constant motion except when in a zone, programming. His speech is so fast he trips over his words. He really is a p annoying friend (and can’t get girls either, no surprise there) but is such a stellar human being I stay pals but must limit interaction.

My only theory is he must burn it all due to his functioning in a red zone 24h/day (he has insomnia too).

(Bacon is the new bacon) #328

Yikes! Good luck to him, then.