Why I’m Quitting Keto - A Post For Myself

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And then again, some of us are like, WTF?

(Of course, in my case, it’s because you generally don’t need the tildes to know that I’m being sarcastic.)

(Now known as "DR JUICE" - it's just that easy! JUICE DC (Doctor of Comedy)) #268

And if you’re really out there, you can use TWO tildes!


Yeah but what if you want to go beyond just ~being sarcastic~ and straight up want to ~MoCk sOmEoNeS tOnE oF vOiCe~?

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that’s just too much work. that’s when I call :slight_smile:

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Some of that looked kind of like Indonesian. But it’s still English I’m afraid. Mor kompleks tho

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Then let me go into old grouch mode and say that sounds like people being too lazy to give enough information.


Sounds very interesting.


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Ugh! the idea of any meat left in the fridge longer than 3 days makes me squirm! This year at Christmas…my Mom thought ut was okay to eat chicken that had been in the fridge for 6 days after being cooked! And whats worse…she thought it was okay to throw into the freezer​:hushed::nauseated_face:


Hmm, our fridge somehow got set to 7C (don’t know why it even allows that setting it should be <5C), anyway I ate some left of salmon salad … BAD. It had gone off. Food poisoning drama for 2 or 3 weeks.

The problem was salmon either smells like fish or it smells like fish. No warnings.

Chicken has the same problem, good chicken or bad chicken, same smell, no warnings.

If it was lamb, beef or pork which give off “bad odours” and hints “hey this meat has seen better days” then maybe but fish and chicken I would definitely toss! It ain’t worth it.

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At any temp over 0° C, it is no longer a “freezer.” I suspect you meant -5° C. Or perhaps you even meant -15°, since my fridge is supposed to be set at 3° C in the cooler box, and -18° C in the freezer compartment.


I’m talking about the non-freezer part, which you’re calling “cooler box” and I call “fridge” (as opposed to freezer. I guess that’s a US vs AU thing). Anyway yours is set to 3C which is good in my language but mine was +7C.

The problem with 7C was things didn’t always go bad, nothing was obvious, just signs of weirdness here and there.

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Oops! Time to go to bed, methinks! I looked at your “fridge” and read “freezer”. You didn’t change it on me, did you? Not fair, messing with the easily confused! :blush::grin:

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No edit indicator, but good try :slight_smile:


No worries. Take care.

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well…my husband is a Meat Manager for a Butcher Shop and he said you can tell a little bit between the difference between “off” chicken and okay chicken.

He said “off chicken” has a sour smell to it and the meat itself goes mushy/spongy

Salmon… i have no clue?? I think its anyones guess.

I rarely worry about dairy products. Cheese and Eggs can be left on the counter and not turn bad.
Now… milk is questionable. Yogurt is questionable too though i think it can stay out longer simply cause warmed yogurt continues to ferment. At least that is my understanding.

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Chicken going bad gives off a slightly fruity sour smell. Fish just should be eaten up in a day or two. And cooked red meat can be good for over a week if your fridge is properly cold. I worked in restaurants for years and have a good nose for it though. Just finished off prime rib from Christmas Day yesterday and I feel fine this morning, and it was tasty😋


I’m sure he knows a millions times more than me and it’s good to know at least someone can tell, I’ll try that out next time …

But if the chicken is cooked and in some dish with lots of sauces and stuff I wonder if all this still applies.

(Maybe if you know what to look for you would).


Does this apply to raw, cooked or both?

(Stylee) #285

Both but raw chicken is worse because of the blood. When you open an older pack of raw meat like beef steak it might have an off smell, I always rinse it off first and dry it and smell it again. But never for ground meats. Often the liquid is going bad but a steak will still be fine. They age beef sometimes for 6 months (hanging and dry of course) and sometimes it will even get mold on it. Top end steak houses do this all the time and you pay a lot for it. The age improves the flavor and they just trim the mold off! But blood goes bad quickly.

But like I said I have a good nose for it and some don’t detect an off smell like I do. My dad can’t smell worth a nickel and will put milk on the edge on his cereal and doesn’t detect anything!