Why I’m Quitting Keto - A Post For Myself

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Hey! Put it back! I was reading it!

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:smile: Me too.

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Sorry, it took so long to input, that the newer posts made me think it was the wrong thread, lol!

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So yes, English is nuts, as are many of those of us who speak it.


Personally I’m a big fan of what us Millennials, and Gen Z after us, have done to the English language via growing up with text speak. Not to mention how we’ve pioneered how to get inflection across in written text on the Internet, leading to many hilarious misunderstandings with the older generations.

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Well yeah, you’ve killed everything else. :smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Just kidding and thinking about all the memes out there…

The lack of voice inflection and body language in text is a huge thing, and more power to you and your generation(s) if you’re making progress on this. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Aye, it’s very interesting, I am fascinated by it all.

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I think without emojis to punctuate there’s still zero progress on this. We’re workin on it!

(I speak for the Xennials, Gen-Xers born in 1983 that are also Millennials.

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I think us 1963 peeps are completely lost in terms of being described as a lump sum. You kids are well catered for.

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Well, we had to get something.

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Chris, have to laugh - each generation tends to look down in horror at younger ones, to some extent. And of course human nature is almost entirely unchanging; what goes around comes around; there is nothing new under the sun, etc.

Paraphrasing: “The young people today have little regard for morals, for proper conduct, for the future…” I was reading something written in the time of the ancient Egyptians. :smile:

Tell you what - for a long time I was sort of ‘down’ on younger people, but in the past decade have become quite impressed with those born later than me, with those who came of age around the new millennium, or who will be even later. Good thing - there are some serious challenges out there.

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Yeah, that’s fair :slight_smile:

That’s seriously one of the reasons I never wanted kids.


No there’s progress with inflection on the internet, it’s just a minefield. There’s a difference between “ok”, “ok.”, “OK”, “okay”, and especially “k” and you can start a war not knowing which one to use in the right situation. But a lot of inflection is just picked up naturally. Like when I ~type like this~ people from my Gen and younger will know I’m being sarcastic.

And memes are next level communication. If I post this image:


If you know what it means, it can get a feeling across without words perfectly. If you don’t, however, it’s just Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra. I love learning about how language is evolving because of this.

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Oh yeah, I was thinking that SO HARD.


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Thread be driftin’ like:

But some threads are okay with that, and I daresay this one got to that point in the dim and distant past.

There’s no better group of people than those on this forum.

I hear you, Juice. Didn’t get married until I was 41 years old. My wife - 2+ years younger - was about 50/50 on having kids. I was roughly 80/20 against. She’s been a high school teacher for 10+ years now, ‘has’ like 150 kids each year, and we have 21 nieces and nephews. It’s worked out well. Of course there is nothing like having kids of your own; and of course there’s nothing like not having kids.

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yes I’m out of likes again. stupid software

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Even some of us old ****s born in the 1950s are with you, KC. :slightly_smiling_face:

Language is a living thing, and it’s indeed fascinating. Darmok and Jalad - had the young Ashley Judd in it. :heart:

There was an earlier episode, with Shatner as Capt. Kirk, where they encountered a race that talked all in allegory or some damn thing like that - couldn’t find it just now…


True, since everything depends on context that can cross generational lines. But I have noticed that older and younger generations generally text differently. There’s that story about a Millennial who texted her grandma “I won a major award” and the grandma texted back “That’s great for you…” And by the way we text, how else is that supposed to be interpreted than passive aggressively?

Not even getting into the “no problem” vs “you’re welcome” miscommunication, which causes wars both verbally and textually.

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Why The Face?

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It’s a new dimension of communication. And one fraught with peril regardless of age or experience! Perspectives of different generations intrigue me, in part because despite the differences, human nature remains somewhat consistent.