Why I’m Quitting Keto - A Post For Myself


Caraway seeds are lovely with cabbage :slight_smile:

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I haven’t really been full keto since before thanksgiving (getting back strict in a couple days), but when I was, keto was MUCH less expensive than my previous WOE. I ate 6-8 times a day previously (and almost that much currently). On keto I eat once or twice a day, if that.

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If you’re prone to develop eating disorders, Keto can make it much worse.

For some people eating disorders work out fine, but for those people it’s usually a tradeoff they will happily make in exchange for improvements in neurological disorders or diabetes.

Problems with Keto:

  1. eliminating too many foods from your diet, making some people completely paranoid about eating
  • this isn’t a big problem if you cook your own food, but many of us need to eat out during workdays and restaurants are not Keto friendly
  • note that everybody should eliminate grains and foods high in sugar, however for people that are fairly healthy, eliminating starches like potatoes and rice or fruits such as bananas is a big problem
  1. keeping track of macros is not doable long term
  • you can develop an intuition about what to eat to keep carbs low, however
  • proteins too can pull people out of ketosis and if being in ketosis is your goal, then proteins need to be tracked too and
  • you definitely can’t develop an intuition about the micro-nutrients we need and besides the usual, like sodium, magnesium and potassium, many people can also develop deficiencies in iodine, zinc, vitamins (C, D3, K2, B-5, B1, B2, B6, B12, biotin, etc.)

I gave up on Keto because I ended up with serious micro-nutrient deficiencies. This isn’t necessarily a problem for a “well formulated” Keto diet, with medical supervision, etc, but it’s what can happen when you eliminate foods from your diet without adding back other foods in order to compensate for the nutrients that you’re losing. It can be a tough balancing act.

I didn’t gain weight once I switched to keto

Unfortunately any healthy diet will prevent you from gaining weight fast. This is because when you’re eating more calories, your body will simply burn more calories. And the diet also makes it hard to overeat because your satiety signals work well for healthy foods.

The way that people gain weight is:

  1. by eating foods very high in glucose, or high in fructose or poly-unsaturated fats, which become toxic in high quantities and screw up the metabolism
  2. by eating highly palatable foods that prevent the body’s satiety signals from working and we’re talking of highly processed foods here — e.g. no matter how full you get from stake, you always have room for a cookie

The healthy way to gain weight is to increase muscle mass. And if Keto does that for you, then it’s a good thing. Note however that we don’t know how well Keto works for building muscle mass:

  • if you read the experiences of people here, you’ll see several testimonials of Keto increasing muscle mass, however
  • many health professionals, some of which are in the Paleo community, claim that with Ketosis people can lose muscle mass

So I guess it depends on the implementation and the individual.

Maybe I’m lucky. Maybe I can eat whatever and not gain weight.

You are lucky, but it doesn’t necessarily last long. Many people are thin in their twenties and then become fat in their forties or fifties. So trying to eat more healthy foods can’t hurt.

That said many people might be able to get the benefits of Keto without getting into ketosis, just low carb and with an emphasis on healthy food. It might not work for neurological disorders though, because for those it’s important to fuel the brain with ketones afaik.

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Oh wow, we have boneless leg of lamb at our Costcos in Texas. I bet you could find lamb at middle eastern markets in parts of So Cal. Google to see if there are any in your area. I grew up there (Los Angeles) and even back in the 70s and 80s you could find just about anything there because of all the immigrants living in the area.

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I’ve been working on getting my girlfriend on keto. She’s into loosing some weight but is struggling with the diet.

I made an awesome frittata with lots of Italian spices and a topping of an Italian salsa with oregano green onions and fresh tomatoes and some dry garlic. She said wow this tastes like pizza but better!

You can still make food with the flavors you love and satisfy some of those cravings for things that you’re not eating anymore. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Should I alert the pretentious wankers here who get off on typing errors?


So much this. I’ve never actually like “Italian food” in the past(a), but I love our cabbage lasagna and really like the fathead pizza. #gofigure

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I don’t get it???

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Oh, there’s a whole thread here somewhere with people feeling superior about themselves because every so often someone double-types an “o” turning “lose” into “loose,” (which obviously isn’t flagged as a spelling error as it’s a real word), and they really piss me off so I whack them when the opportunity arises :slight_smile:

But I only took the opportunity to kick them because I was posting to agree with your other food points :metal::metal::metal::metal::metal:

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Do you have Grocery Outlet there? I shop there and they always have ground lamb at $6 lb. in packs. Often have boneless legs and shanks as well. You might just need to ask at a grocery meat department, they may have it frozen if it’s not a big seller but I have never had a problem getting lamb in California. However I live in Santa Cruz not So Cal.

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I read over my post a few times and didn’t catch it! :ok_hand:

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I was a journalist for a long time, and the brain’s ability to read what we meant to write rather than what we actually wrote is both amazing and a complete PITA :slight_smile:

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English is a PITA, just ask any ESL person! Languages like Indonesian are a snap compared to English. At least they use phonetic spelling so you can pronounce written words even if it’s the first time you’ve seen it.

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Or non-ESL person :slight_smile:

Languages like Indonesian are a snap compared to English. At least they use phonetic spelling so you can pronounce written words even if it’s the first time you’ve seen it.

It makes sense. let’s move English to that system!

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In America, it was my plan to implement the metric system secretly while our government is shut down. Hasn’t caught on yet.

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You’ve still got a while, it seems :slight_smile:

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It really was started by Sears to make us all buy two socket sets.

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Ah, the old socket-buying-conspiracy, eh? Haven’t heard that one for a while!

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MEIHEM IN CE KLASRUM by Dolton Edwards

BECAUSE WE ARE STILL BEARING SOME OF THE SCARS OF OUR BRIEF SKIRMISH with II-B English, it is natural that we should be enchanted by Mr. George Bernard Shaw’s current campaign for a simplified alphabet.

Obviously, as Mr. Shaw points out, English spelling is in much need of a general overhauling and streamlining. However, our own resistance to any changes requiring a large expenditure of mental effort in the near future would cause us to view with some apprehension the possibility of some day receiving a morning paper printed in—to us—Greek.

Our own plan would achieve the same end as the legislation proposed by Mr. Shaw, but in a less shocking manner, as it consists merely of an acceleration of the normal processes by which the language is continually modernized.

As a catalytic agent, we would suggest that a National Easy Language Week be proclaimed, which the President would inaugurate, outlining some short cut to concentrate on during the week, and to be adopted during the ensuing year. All school children would be given a holiday, the lost time being the equivalent of that gained by the spelling short cut.

In 1946, for example, we would urge the elimination of the soft c, for which we would substitute “s.” Sertainly, such an improvement would be selebrated in all sivic-minded sircles as being suffisiently worth the trouble, and students in all sities in the land would be reseptive toward any change eliminating the nesessity of learning the differense between the two letters.

In 1947, sinse only the hard “c” would be left, it would be possible to substitute “k” for it, both letters being pronounsed identikally. Imagine how greatly only two years of this prosess would klarify the konfusion in the minds of students. Already we would have eliminated an entire letter from the alphabet. Typewriters and linotypes, kould all be built with one less letter, and all the manpower and materials previously devoted to making “c’s” kould be turned toward raising the national standard of living.

In the fase of so many notable improvements, it is easy to foresee that by 1948, “National Easy Language Week” would be a pronounsed sukses. All skhool tshildren would be looking forward with konsiderable exsitement to the holiday, and in a blaze of national publisity it would be announsed that the double konsonant “ph” no longer existed, and that the sound would henseforth be written “f” in all words, This would make sutsh words as “fonograf” twenty persent shorter in print.

By 1949, public interest in a fonetik alfabet kan be expekted to have inkreased to the point where a more radikal step forward kan be taken without fear of undue kritisism. We would therefore urge the elimination, at that time, of al unesesary double leters, whitsh, although quite harmles, have always ben a nuisanse in the language and a desided deterent to akurate speling. Try it yourself in the next leter you write, and se if both writing and reading are not fasilitated.

With so mutsh progres already made, it might be posible in 1950 to delve further into the posibilities of fonetik speling. After due konsideration of the reseption aforded the previous steps, it should be expedient by this time to spel al difthongs fonetikaly. Most students do not realize that the long “i” and “y,” as in “time” and “by,” are aktualy the difthong “ai,” as it is writen in “aisle” and that the long “a” in “fate,” is in reality the difthong “ei” as in “rein.” Although perhaps not imediately aparent, the saving in taime and efort wil be tremendous when we leiter elimineite the sailent “e,” as meide posible bai this last tsheinge.

For, as is wel known, the horible mes of "e’s’ apearing in our writen language is kaused prinsipaly bai the present nesesity of indikeiting whether a vowel is long or short. Therefore, in 1951 we kould simply elimineit al sailent “e’s,” and kontinu to read and wrait merily along as though we wer in an atomik ag of edukation.

In 1951 we would urg a greit step forward. Sins bai this taim it would have ben four years sins anywun had usd the leter “c,” we would sugest that the “National Easy Languag Wek” for 1951 be devoted to substitution of “c” for “Th.” To be sur it would be som taim befor peopl would bekom akustomd to reading ceir newspapers and buks wic sutsh sentenses in cem as "Ceodor caught he had cre cousand cistls crust crough ce cik of his cumb.’’

In ce seim maner, bai meiking eatsh leter hav its own sound and cat sound only, we kould shorten ce language stil mor. In 1952 we would elimineit ce “y”; cen in 1953 we kould us ce leter to indikeit ce “sh” sound, cerbai klarifaiing words laik yugar and yur, as wel as redusing bai wun mor leter al words laik “yut,” “yore” and so forc. Cink, cen, of al ce benefits to be geind bai ce distinktion whitsh wil cen be meid between words laik:

  • ocean now writen oyean
  • machine " " mayin
  • racial " " reiyial

Al sutsh divers weis of wraiting wun sound would no longer exist. and whenever wun kaim akros a “y” sound he would know exaktli what to wrait.

Kontinuing cis proses, iear after iear, we would eventuali hav a reali sensibl writen langug. By 1975, wi ventyur tu sei, cer wud bi no mor uv ces teribli trublsum difikultis, wic no tu leters usd to indikeit ce seim nois, and laikwais no tu noises riten wic ce seim leter. Even Mr. Yaw, wi beliv, wud be hapi in ce noleg cat his drims fainili keim tru.