Why I’m Quitting Keto - A Post For Myself

(Eric) #205

HaHaHa - This is the best part of this thread. Thanks MiKetoAF

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Funny, when I think about it, I find my previous SAD diet revolting.

Funny how that works.

(Janelle) #207

Having some 90 second bread isn’t SAD and it’s not revolting (to us anyway). The coconut flour we dredged some shrimp in last night was mighty tasty as well. The very rare fat head pizza sure sucks too.

(Stephanie Criner) #208

Do you. I do me. Other people do them. Done deal. All good. Happy life!

(Brian) #209

Yeah, it is. I remember a few times when I was gonna have a really good treat, something I wasn’t supposed to be eating since going keto, something I used to love… and then when I tasted it… :frowning: that wonderful taste I had so looked forward to… never happened. My tastes changed.

Fortunately, I’ve gotten some new favorites from the keto world. :slight_smile:

(You can’t really tempt me much with a cupcake or doughnut anymore. But a nice, tender, juicy, well seasoned hamburger… keep the doughnut, pass the cheddar, we’re building a masterpiece!)

(Doug) #210

Quite true. My employer gives us money for meals “on the road,” but I could just pocket it. Though TR is literally right across the street from the hotel we were staying in, I could have walked across Walmart’s parking lot just as well - it’s there too.

We were working on old electrical transformers, 1955 models, and it was a nasty job - hard, awkward, cold, sometimes rainy. We’d get done in the afternoon or evening, and nobody felt like doing anything but sitting down at the bar…

Cheap keto: got a big boneless pork loin this morning, $1.48 per lb. Will probably make a roast and a bunch of beautiful chops from it. The whole thing = $12.

(Robin) #211

Why even post this negativity then? Three months is not long enough to give this WOE a chance. I have no cravings for pizza, as I make my own, I have no cravings for chocolate or sugary it’s as I make my own fat bombs, cookies, breads, etc. Sorry you didn t give it more of a chance, but, hey, whatever.

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Because honesty is often a good thing, it’s promoted a good discussion, and it’s given you the opportunity to feel superior. Not sure what more you want from a thread.

(Take time to stop and eat the bacon!) #213

Hey, it works for me! :grin::bacon:

(Brian) #214

That actually sounds interesting to me. LOL!! But I know it’s kinda off topic.

(Regina) #215

I know this is somewhat out of order, but I would say keto is slightly more expensive for me. Because, for one thing, I eat meat at every meal now. And my husband and I haven’t really gotten the shopping coordinated. We buy tons of meat, keep changing our minds on what goes in the freezer, and what gets eaten in the next two days - then he goes off and eats out, leaving me with more meat than I can eat. We had a steak-fest the past few days - I had to throw out some hamburger that had been in the fridge about five days - ouch!!

(Brian) #216

Regina, it’s been similar here at times, too. But we rarely have anything go to waste. Stuff that expires soon either gets eaten or frozen.

But we’ve ended up with a good bit of stuff in the freezer, too. And other than specific things bought for a specific meal (like the hunk of beef I bought to make a corned beef out of for New Year’s Day, it’s marinating as we speak), we’ve abstained from most meat purchases as we have a good stock in the freezer already. We figured we really should eat through some of that before buying more. Now if I happen to find something deeply discounted, I’ll certainly consider it. But with the stock on hand, it’ll have to be a really good deal.

(Regina) #217

Yeah, that’s the part we don’t have down pat! :rofl::rofl: Years ago I had a separate freezer - that wouldn’t be a bad idea to consider. I may just be way to sensitive to “eat by” dates. Growing up I remember hamburger in the fridge for a week, and I’m still alive! Today I read to eat by day two. Am I being paranoid?

(Brian) #218

I dunno. My wife is more sensitive to that little date than I am and if it’s even close, it’ll go into the freezer even if I had intended to use it like that day or the next. (It’s happened more often than you’d think.)

I love finding deals, though. Went to Kroger one Sunday afternoon on a whim and found 2 packages that were expiring, one that day, one the next. 1 pound of ground beef, 1 pound of ground lamb. Each was marked $0.99. Dang, I wish I could find some more deals like that. Immediately came home and made some of the best meatballs (used both the beef and lamb, mixed together) I’ve ever had. A little homemade marinara sauce, some parm and some mozz… Wow! Had company over thinking there would be leftovers. Um, no. Licked that platter clean! (Same thing happened with a chuck roast that had been in the sous vide for 2 days. Was planning on steak & eggs with the leftovers the next day. They licked the platter clean on that one, too! Never did get my steak & eggs the next day.)

It may not be cheap, but we eat well. :slight_smile:

(Regina) #219

The butcher says day three is the LAST. And don’t even get me started on the fact that they take food away from people in isolation wards after 20 minutes because the bacteria starts growing. On the other hand, my husband will make black beans, leave them out overnight, and he is still alive. I once found someone had put butter in the pantry. :scream: Since learned from the forums that butter can be left out. Who knew? Same with eggs that haven’t had their coating washed off.

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(Regina) #220

I would kill for ground lamb. Those meatballs sound awesome. I’m in So Cal, so no Kroger’s, though I understand they own Food for Less. All we get here is ground turkey.

(Brian) #221

I wouldn’t have expected that. I figured that So Cal would have everything a person could ever want. (I’ve been to all but just a handful of the US states and California is one I haven’t been to. Closest is Arizona, around the Phoenix area.)

I hope to be able to experiment some more with lamb. What I had was really good, and had it once since. But never got to venture into chops or steaks. It’s typically more expensive than even the organic ground beef around here so it’s rare to find a bargain.

(Regina) #222

We can only find chops at Costco - from New Zealand. Each about three inches square!

(Diane) #223

Yep. Love adding nutmeg to creamed spinach and creamed cabbage.

(Whole Lotta Rosie The Riveter ) #224

Agree on the spinach but have yet to try it with cabbage! It’s now on the list :slight_smile: