Why I bought the Bazoodles

(James Walters) #1

Yes, I paid the 40 bucks and bought the Bazoodles recipe early (not the 100 bucks though, that’s crazy). I’ve been thinking about why I decided to do that for weeks now as it’s quite out if character for me.

***note for nervous moderators: I will absolutely NOT be revealing any part of the recipe.

It all started while I was listening to the two keto dudes podcast on my way down from hiking 3 miles up a canyon through 2 feet of snow. I was so tired. It was the most difficult hike I’d ever attempted but with the help of the spikes on my shoes, poles in my hands, and backpack full of water I made it. This was a grueling task that I would not have had the slightest chance of completing a year ago. Back then I was 60lbs heavier and had zero energy. A few months into keto (even with my horrible cheating habit) I’ve got so much energy that I had to take up hiking because I just couldn’t burn off all the energy by going to the gym alone. I quickly discovered that easy hikes wouldn’t cut it. I needed the most physically demanding hikes I could find. That’s how I found myself hiking through Bells canyon while the snow was still thick on the ground. I was slipping, sliding, falling, laughing, (getting passed by more fit hikers), and occasionally focusing on just taking one more step all the way up. Anyhow, I’m on my way down, thinking about how incredible it is that I had the ability to make the hike, and listening to my favorite podcast. Carl is talking about his Bazoodles and I’m thinking, “who would pay 40 bucks to get a recipe a few months early?”

That’s when Carrie started talking. She reminded Carl that there were people out there who had been listening to the podcast for a long time and really felt like Carl had given them a lot. People who’s lives had been perminately changed for the better… people like me. In that moment I realized I had benefited from this lifestyle largely due to people like Carl, Richard, and Carrie giving up their time, talent, and energy to help a silent listener like me.

I realized I needed to start giving back. I needed to help others find this lifestyle. I needed to pay 40 bucks for a noodle recipe.

Thank you “Dudes”. You’ll probably never know how much you helped me… but I will, and so will anyone I’m able to help.

  • James


Nicely said.
I didn’t get the early recipe but paid in advance for the cookbook for the same reasons you express so well above…I am grateful too.

(Richard Morris) #3

Doing the 2 years of the podcast that I did was the only way I could think to pay back prof Tim Noakes and Gary Fettke and Stephen Phinney who put me on the right path.

(James Walters) #4

Thanks Matrika, “Nicely said” is just what I was going for.

(James Walters) #5

Richard, I dont see any podcasting in my future (except watching the live broadcast in SLC on Friday) but a few people at work have been asking what I’m doing. I think it’s time we had a chat.

(Richard Morris) #6

You’d be surprised at how just being successful works, and of course letting people know what you are doing. People from your life will randomly approach you interested in what you are doing and you will have a chance to change their lives. That’s how Carl got into this. I was telling people on FB that I reversed my type 2 diabetes by doing the opposite of what I had been advised … and he wanted to know more.
Within a week his hunger had disappeared for the first time in his memory, and that, to cut a long story short, is how I became a podcaster.

(Hyperbole- best thing in the universe!) #7

This is also why I am an admin. I wanted to give my time to help out. I’m sure the others feel the same way.