Why do I feel SO much better?


Hi! Brand new here. It was suggested I try keto by a nurse about 2 weeks ago, so I thought WTH, and did it. 3 days in, had a carb night, but since then I have been staying around 30 - 40 a day. I exercise ALOT, and am not doing this for weight loss. But I cannot believe how much better my brain :brain: feels! And I am sleeping so much better too. Way less anxious thoughts during the day.

Has this happened to other people?

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Welcome to the forum!

Has this happened to other people? Yup. :wink:


It’s nuts!! (Literally) How do more people not know about this?!?!


Welcome. Yes, some of us transitioned without so much as a hiccup. Others had a more difficult time at first, but eventually got there. I think it depends a lot on what and how severe the prior damage caused by eating SAD for years or decades. Or genes maybe.


There’s no money in healthy people and/or carbs are addicting. Especially in sedentary people.


Yes! That happened to me back in 2018 and no turning back! Best change I’ve ever made in my life. Except I am closer to 10 carbs a day now.

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In the absence of dietary glucose (also known as carbohydrate), the liver makes ketones to feed the brain. Ketones also have a number of profound hormonal and epigenetic effects on the body. So your sense of well-being is founded in the biological effects of a well-formulated ketogenic diet.

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Don’t tell EVERYone … bacon prices will skyrocket even further. :roll_eyes:


Not to me.

I’m happy for you!


YES and another yes along with tons of other benefits :slight_smile:

ya stopped polluting your body with what they market ‘as food’ out there. off the chemical slurry sludge of processed food.
clean eating, clean life, clean brain :slight_smile:

so happy for you doing so well!

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Yes! I’ve been on clean keto for over three years and everything feels better - and I lost weight!

Good for you!


Yes, this is normal.

It didn’t happen to me but I was already on low-carb since years and my brain already felt okay on high-carb (very nutritious but waaaaaaaaaay too much carbs to my individual body), never expected or wished it to get better and it never did.
On other areas, yes, going low-carb felt a bit better (it couldn’t feel much better as I felt very well and healthy on high-carb and I still don’t have much energy, I probably never will. it’s not so bad and probably changing other factors - even harder than changing my woe - could help eventually).
But 30-40g was just like 80g to me except I got fat adaptation and that was cool :slight_smile:
Going way later later (especially with plant carbs) gave me another boost, still the same brain and not much better energy levels but it helped mentally and I always feel a bit better physically if I lower my carbs.
But some people feels worse if they go even lower. So do whatever floats your boat :slight_smile: And listen to your body, it may want something different later. My woe definitely evolved and I couldn’t have done it in one go…